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Short Overview of the product we created during the SoFa course at Fontys University of Applied Sciences.

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EASYConnect Poster

  1. 1.      EASY  SoFa  2010  –  Semester  7   easy.fontysvenlo.org EASY  Connect   It’s all about geomarketing Companies collect a lot of data during the years. Most big databases In  the  So)ware  Factory  module  of  the  Fontys  University   support business processes in the background. They are used to collect and store data for the future. of   Applied   Sciences   a   team   of   Students   creates   a   so)ware  solu;on  for  a  real  business  customer.     The  Job  of  the  EASY  SoFa-­‐Team  2010  was  to  implement   an   plugin   for   the   GfK   RegioGraph   geomarke;ng   tool.   Within   this   project   the   main   task   was   to   implement   an   intelligent   way   to   filter   important   data   (e.g.   customer   addresses)   through   a   full   text   search   out   of   the   huge   During the last years geomarketing, which is a part discipline of EASY   Enterprise.i   Server   database   and   to   import   this   marketing, became more and more famous. Many customers have a data   into   the   RegioGraph   applica;on,   in   order   to   use   it   problem in how to connect business data to geo-positions. Mostly for  detailed  analysis  purposes.   they want to get this information for analysis or research purposes. This   poster   shall   present   you   some   interes;ng   features   There are nice software solutions which can handle geoinformation, of  the  plugin  created  for  the  EASY  So)ware  AG  which  is   display information, calculate areas and distances. One of these software solutions is the RegioGraph Planung application, which is located  in  Muehlheim  a.d.  Ruhr.   distributed by the largest german market research institution GfK. It is difficult to import data of large databases especially if the structure is not standardized. Although it is impossible to do information-mining with the existing toolsets.           Product Features Area Mapping The following diagram shows briefly which steps are made during Point Mapping a simple import process with EASY Connect. As result of this import scenario the user gets to see how many of his customers are Import of geoinformation to show e.g. located at each zip code area. each customer as a single point on the map. This also shows information like customer name or phone number, depending on the selection in the archive. Area Mapping Search in the EASY Enterprise database for a certain zip code and count the number of occurrences. This feature e.g. shows an overview of zip code areas with a large or low number of customers. Layer based search With this feature the user of EASY Connect gains the possibility to search through the EASY Enterprise Server for attributes contained in a RegioGraph Layer. This makes sense e.g. in case of using a RegioGraph zip code layer to search for a certain zip code-city combination. Instead of using a patterns, e.g. a combination of numbers, followed by characters to search for zip code-city combinations, this solution guarantees highly accurate search results.   Team:  Simon  Woker,  Christoph  Gorgs,  Woldemar  Frank,      Fontys  Hogeschool  Techniek  en  Logis;ek  Venlo                              Sebas;an  Korfmacher,  Max  Dobbelstein,  Daniel  Esser