Social Media for Beginners


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Social Media for beginners.

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  • Internet changed everythingThe internet can be very intimidating but you should think of it as a tool for learningLook at it as the largest library in the history of mankind at your fingertipsThe internet allows anyone with an internet connection to learn anywhere, at anytime, anything they want to learnAnd I am sure that is why you are here todayBecause like me you are life long learners!
  • Let’s get into it shall we?Information is today’s new currency.
  • Is defined as the interactionamong people in which they create, share, and exchange information and ideas in virtual communities and networks.
  • Uses from silly to the seriouschange democracy. astronauts sharing from space, people sharing important stuff –Boston bombers, earthquakes, tsunamis cultural phenomena where it raises peoples awareness about a particular subject 5,000 tweets a minute about syfy made fortv movie (celebrities tweeting it)
  • Chris Hadfield uploaded this photo on April 28. He wrote, "Tonight's Finale: Our Moon, tinted blue, made so by the wisp of Earth's atmosphere.“Beautiful 1,000s of people follow him on twitter to see his beautiful images
  • Chris Hadfield uploaded this photo on May 7. He wrote, "A small southern hemisphere cyclone spinning off the African coast.“Effects this image has for scientists, and weather people, for education science for students real authentic learning opportunities, relationships that can be drawn from analyzing image He also answered questions posted to his twitter account from space
  • Chris Hadfield uploaded this photo on April 18. He wrote, "The Nile flowing into the delta at Cairo at night, like a living thing.“Implications and knowledge gain from different prospective Development of regions and what is happening over time?
  • Serious nature of twitterGives you up to the current minute informationDifference between network story vs. twitter story
  • If there is an event happening right now, the best way to get information about it is to get on twitter to find minute by minute information about what is happeningIt can be anything, a movie premiere, a war in another part of the world, or a sporting eventThis is an example of a minute by minute eye witness account of the manhunt for the suspectsFirst image is tweet outside room in WatertownIt is while it is in progress What that means to the communityValuable informationWhy this is different from facebook….facebook is a scrapbook twitter is a current accounting
  • What is a tweet?Short message 140 charactersMost contain a link to the main content- most links are always shortened using a URL service like bitly. They take a long web address and shorten it to as few characters as possibleThey can be private or public
  • What it is:#symbol + word or phrase can be added to end of a tweet (1 or 2 at most)it makes it easier to follow for topic …a way to organize group conversationsWhat can you use it for (purpose)–if you want to see what other people outside of your friends are saying about a subjectHow to use them- All you have to do is click on the hashtag and you’ll be taken to a search listing that shows the most recent postings that include that tag (clickable)Found on other social media platforms
  • 2011 O administration used draw attention to the debate over payroll tax cut$40 workers would lose per paycheck if payroll tax eliminated….sent the COP in retreat on issueHashtags with the most following appear in the trending section of twitter
  • Dashboard-think carProfile sectionWho to follow sectionTimeline –where tweets appearTrending section-most popular topics on twitter;, big news stories, events, people- tv shows, current situation in Egypt/Syria/Boston, conferences-Jimmy Fallon post on Twitter #mydoctorisweird
  • How to get started (before start creating tweets most people start by following people that already tweet) Finding the right accounts to follow --Find tweet that interests you > click on the username >
  • read bio and tweets if you like them > click on following > good way to also see if they are following anyone you are interested in following
  • Retweeting allows you to share the best links and tweets you have found with your followers
  • Blue box with white feather Or in profile section under followers
  • Notice the # bottom of box- tells you how many characters you have left. You can add a picture or location tooNotice in this tweet I did not address it to anyone. I just gave a statement/opinion
  • DM- you have to put address it to someone's using the @sign and their username
  • Lets get started How many have an email account?
  • First steps are to go to your browser- your internet connection….think road analogy
  • Where to get you there
  • To create an account you will use the second box –the one outlined in red ONLY NEED TO DO IT ONCE after that use the top box with the blue sign in button…Click in the box –full name
  • Creating a profile is a one time thing….what you put as your username and password must be remembered for the next time you log in to twitterTips: use name or way for people to find youPasswords security letters both upper and lower case, numbers and special characters ones you will remember
  • Need to back to your email address to verify your accountFind email from twitter Open itAnd click on the blue box and your twitter account will pop open
  • Choose a platform that you feel most comfortable withHave a passion or topic in mindLook for the topic in the search box Evaluate the source – is it someone who is credible and can they add to my learning?Start following peopleCreate and share with those you follow
  • Notice both are empty until you start following people or organizations
  • Look in the search box for your topic
  • Things to remember about all types of social media platforms
  • Social Media for Beginners

    1. 1. HVCC Social Media For Beginners July 2013
    2. 2. Ways to connect to the internet
    3. 3.
    4. 4. social media
    5. 5. Flickr Instagram Twitter Pinterest Vimeo Delicious StumbleUpon Blogger Digg Wordpress LinkedIn Slideshare YouTube Facebook Google+ Diigo
    6. 6. Share Professional Networking Video SharingBlogging sites Bookmarking sites Presentation sharingPhoto sharing Social news websitesConnects friends Create groups to share with friends, family, & co workers Idea sharing Instantly connect with people
    7. 7.
    8. 8.
    9. 9.
    10. 10.
    11. 11.
    12. 12. How Twitter works
    13. 13. Link Name Username
    14. 14. Hashtags #
    15. 15. #40dollars
    16. 16. What can you do with tweets?
    17. 17. How do you compose a tweet? OR
    18. 18. For Private Conversations
    19. 19. to create
    20. 20.
    21. 21. how to start using social media
    22. 22. facebook blogger flickr Twitter Choose a platform that you feel most comfortable with
    23. 23. Have a passion or topic in mind
    24. 24. Search for your topic or people
    25. 25. Evaluate the source- is it someone who is credible and can they add to my learning?
    26. 26. Start following and sharing with others tp://
    27. 27. •Create an account •Log in •Share
    28. 28. Thank You!