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Muriel Nomura Airbus Agile CGI Ratkaisu19


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Taking-off with SAFe – How Airbus utilizes Agile in business
Muriel Nomura VP, Program and Project Management, Airbus

Published in: Business
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Muriel Nomura Airbus Agile CGI Ratkaisu19

  1. 1. Muriel NOMURA SALVADORI – Center of Competences Programme & Project Management 24th Jan 2019 AGILE @ Scale
  2. 2. Airbus is an international pioneer in the aerospace industry. January 2019 Agile@ AIRBUS2 A commercial aircraft manufacturer with two other Divisions - Defence and Space and Helicopters - Airbus is the largest aeronautics and space company in Europe and a worldwide leader. Airbus has built on its strong European heritage to become truly international – with roughly 180 locations and 12,000 direct suppliers globally. The company has aircraft final assembly lines across Asia, Europe and the Americas, and has achieved a more than a sixfold order book increase since 2000. We are a leader in designing, manufacturing, and delivering aerospace products, services and solutions to customers on a global scale. We make it fly Creating a better connected, safer and more prosperous world
  3. 3. Our strategy Position as a leader • Strengthen market position and profitability, while remaining a leader in Commercial Aeronautics. • Preserve leading position in European Defence, Space and Government markets. January 2019 Agile@ AIRBUS3 Utilise strategic levers • Exploit incremental innovation potential within product programmes, while pioneering and fostering disruptions in our industry. • Exploit digitalisation to enhance our products, services and operations, as well as pursue new business models. • Adapt to a more global world and move closer to international markets. • Focus services on and around platforms. • Strengthen value chain position. Deliver the results accordingly • Focus on profitability, value creation, and market position – no need to chase growth at any cost; actively manage portfolio.
  4. 4. January 2019 Agile@ AIRBUS4
  5. 5. A growth story Airbus makes a vital and growing contribution to the economies of its home countries and the wider world – fuelling prosperity around the globe. January 2019 Agile@ AIRBUS5 2017 Revenue €59 bn* 12,000 Suppliers from more than100 countries 2017 Ebit €3.4 bn * restated for IFRS 15 €997 bn Order Book Growth €131.9 bn 2000 2017 +650% €158 bnOrder Intake €49.1 bn 2000 2017 +220% €2.80 bnSelf-financed R&D €1.3 bn 2000 2017 +115%
  6. 6. A Global Company January 2019 Agile@ AIRBUS6 China 1,150 Spain 13,177 (10%) USA 2,707 (2%) UK 11,304 (9%) Germany 44,214 (34%) France 47,865 (37%) 129,442employees from 135 nationalities Located across 35 countries on more than 180 sites International Sales 31% Europe 69% Non-EuropeOther countries 10,178 (8%)
  7. 7. Our Projects landscape January 20197 Flying products Programmes • Technical complexity • Hundreds of teams to coordinate • Stretch schedule with impacts on Corporate Strategy IS Projects • Reliability of the delivery model • Reactivity to secure business continuity • Size of deployment (often thousands of users) • Business operations understanding • Change Management • Benefits realisation Business Improvement Projects or Portfolio • Long lasting projects (>10 years) • Coordination with external partners – Universities… Research & Technology • CAPEX Projects on critical path for Airbus Strategy (industrial ramp-up) Buildings & Infrastructure Project Management Stakes Agile@ AIRBUS Project types
  8. 8. Our foundations….. P&PM Center of Competences (CoC) …. January 2019 Agile@ AIRBUSPage 8 “Enhance our P&PM Culture to deliver on current/future programme commitments” Operations Body of Knowledge Methods & Tools Resourcing “Operations keeps the lights on, strategy provides a light at the end of the tunnel, but project management is the train engine that moves the organization forward.” — Joy Gumz Creation Foundation Consolidate Expand Improve In 2008
  9. 9. Rationale for Change January 2019 Agile@ AIRBUS9 Manage the unexpected in an organisation built on predictability Over the last years, pressure has continuously increased on all projects… Reduce cycles & improve Time to Market Transform Business models & solutions, delivery mode Secure ramp-up up to +800 A/C per year … leading to necessary adaptation of Project Management Methods
  10. 10. Our inspiration - The Heart of Agile – by Alisatir Cockburn January 2019 Agile@ AIRBUS10
  12. 12. 2016, was born with a vision for our Engineering Methods & Tools (PLM) Agile@ AIRBUS12 An End to End People Transformation Experimenting full Agile on pilot projects More projects Explore Run & Plan EM&T fully AGILE Plan – Build - Run January 2019
  13. 13. SAFe in Airbus….Where are we today in Engineering and R&T? Cabin & Cargo 1st PI Planning R&T RMO 1st PI Planning Electrification 1st PI Planning InCube Studio 1st PI Planning Fuselage of Tomorrow (FoT) 1st PI Planning Propulsion of Tomorrow (PoT) 1st PI Planning Tail Centric 1st PI Planning Jun Feb Domain ART Large Sol. Portfolio Engineering Toolset 12 7 1 Skywise 4 1 ARP 2 R&T 3 Air Supply 1 Transformation 3 1 1 SAFe in Numbers VersionOne for SAFe portfolio January 2019 Agile@ AIRBUS13
  14. 14. Benefits of Agile and Agile @ scale Return on Experience on first implementation areas January 2019 Agile@ AIRBUS14 Method based on “information sharing” and multifunctional teams creates envy and quick adoption 10 to 50% motivation increase People engagement Stronger collaboration between Teams Time to get end user feedback from 12 months to 2 to 10 weeks Value to Business From 18 months (full result at risk) to 3/6 months for a Minimal Viable Product (MVP) for new solutions Fast Delivery Regular revision of the backlog to face evolving business needs From 1 year decision cycle to 3 months Flexibility and reactivity Demo sessions as cornerstone of project governance 25-75% defect reduction Quality
  15. 15. January 2019 Agile@ AIRBUS15 Agile Global Squad 25 members – all AIRBUS Divisions Our deployment philosophy…. • Agile coaches close to Agile teams (IS, Engineering, Operations, Transfo) • All PMOs also Scrum Masters • Each new project checks if Agile can bring benefits during set-up • Next steps • Develop Hybrid Agile Framework for non-IT projects • Massive Agile Scrum awareness campaign • Impediments removal projects (HR, Finance, Procurement) Today
  16. 16. Thank you