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CGIAR gender update


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CGIAR gender update

  1. 1. GENDER AND AGRICULTURE IN THE CGIAR: PROGRESS ON MAINSTREAMINGJacqueline Ashby,Senior Advisor, Gender and Research.CGIAR Consortium Office.June 15, 2012
  2. 2. Gender in CGIAR Strategic Results Framework• Mainstream gender in the CGIAR Research Programs (CPRs)• Cross-cutting theme
  3. 3. Consortium deliverables• All CRPs have an explicit gender strategy implemented within 6 months of their inception• Research outputs in all CRPs bring demonstrable and measurable benefits to women farmers in target areas within 4 years following inception of the CRP.• By 2014 Staff training and strategic partnerships ensure all CRPs have sufficient gender expertise.
  4. 4. Mainstreaming• Gender Strategy from each CRP• Gender budgeting in CRPs
  5. 5. Cross-cutting• CGIAR Gender & Agriculture Research Network established, January 2012.
  6. 6. Gender Advisor TORs• Facilitate CRP Gender Strategy submission• Chair network• Recommend strategies to improve capacity
  7. 7. Progress of CRP Gender Strategies February-June, 2012Status of Status of draft Status of draft FinalCRP February June versionGenderStrategyGroup 1Writing is 5 11 3 (1.3, 6, 3.3 ,7, 3.7) (1.2, 1.3, 2, 3.1,3.3, 3.4, 3.5,3.6, 3.7 6,7)advancedGroup 2 September-Confirmed 6 4 October (1.1, 2 , 3.1, 3.2, 3.4 , 4) ( 1.1 ,3.2, 4, 5)planGroup 3 --Pending 4 0 (1.2, 3.5 3.6, 5 )
  8. 8. Gender Budgeting Issues•Many CRP proposals lacked a genderbudget•Strategic research costs are clear•Integration=add-on: difficult to cost•Monitoring performance rather than expenditure will be critical
  9. 9. Gender & Agriculture Research Network, 2012• Planning meeting (March)• Workshop (July)CLOSING THE GENDER GAP IN AGRICULTURE: OPPORTUNITIES FOR COLLABORATION IN GENDER-RESPONSIVE RESEARCH.
  10. 10. Network Workshop Agenda, July 2012• Proposals for collaboration on 3 crosscutting themes• Joint set of indicators for M&E• Planning Sentinel Sites
  11. 11. Cross cutting themes Type of CGIAR Research Program Comm- Natural Pol- Sys- Nutrit- ClimateGender-Responsive odity Res- icies tems ion ChangeEntry Points ources and HealthEqual access toappropriate technology and advisoryservices * * * * * *More inclusivecommodity &food value chains * * * *Women’s control of income generatedby technology and institutional innovations * * * * * *Women’s asset accumulation andrights * * * *Improved information systems ongender in agriculture * * * * * *
  12. 12. Network Workshop Agenda, July 2012• Capacity needs assessment• Beyond strategy to gender policy
  13. 13. Issues for CRP Gender Strategies• Gender de-emphasized in CG research since mid-2000s• CGIAR investment in social science eroded• New work requires new capacity• Quantity and quality of CRP social science very uneven• Heavy demand on existing expertise across the CG system• Risk of mainstreaming a quick, low-cost “gender fix” versus an evidence-based research process that uses quality social science
  14. 14. Challenges for CRP Gender Strategies• Improve theory of change: identify which CRP outcomes depend on change in collateral gender inequity in rights and services• How to reward good performance?• How to “level-up” weak capacity and achieve research efficiencies by working across CRPs?
  15. 15. Looking forward…• Deepen capacity through alliances with external sources of gender expertise• Capacity needs assessment study
  16. 16. Looking forward…• Encourage novel partnerships with large-scale development interventions for gender impact
  17. 17. Looking forward…• Provide incentives for cross- CRP innovation and efficiency “Gender Performance Fund”?
  18. 18. Thank you!
  19. 19. GENDER AND AGRICULTURE IN THE CGIAR: CROSS PROGRAM COLLABORATION ON GENDER RESEARCHJacqueline Ashby,Senior Advisor, Gender and Research.CGIAR Consortium Office.June 15, 2012
  20. 20. Opportunities for CRPcollaboration• Joint M&E of a small set of indicators of gender-responsive outcomes shared across CRPs• Joint research: reducing gender inequity in value chains• Joint experimentation with novel approaches to enhance impact• Sentinel sites
  21. 21. Incentives for CRP gender research Gender Performance Fund?• Gender research performance rewarded by allocations through Window 1• Based on CRP Gender Strategies, workplans and budgets (no separate proposals) and performance• Time-bound: operates for a few years• Allocations made to specific CRPs for own gender activities• Special allocations made to CRPs with comparative advantage for strengthening a theme or activity across CRPs