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5 ifpri impact 3 - progress


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The Global Futures and Strategic Foresight (GFSF) team met in Rome from May 25-28, 2015 to review progress towards current work plans, discuss model improvements and technical parameters, and consider possible contributions by the GFSF program to the CRP Phase II planning process. All 15 CGIAR Centers were represented at the meeting.

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5 ifpri impact 3 - progress

  1. 1. IMPACT Team Activities Shahnila Islam
  2. 2. The IMPACT Team Keith Wiebe Sherman Robinson Daniel Mason-D’Croz Timothy Sulser Shahnila Islam Nicola Cenacchi Gauthier Pitois Tingju Zhu Tim Thomas Kimberlee Chang Nicostrato Perez Angga Pradesha Ricky Robertson
  3. 3. Quick Review of Modeling Updates • IMPACT 3.2 - Completed • IMPACT 3.3 – Work in progress • IMPACT Web Tool – Interface completed and handed over, needs to be populated and finalized
  4. 4. Publications • “New Crop Varieties and Climate Change Adaptation” – IFPRI discussion paper – Global Food Security journal article submission • IMPACT Technical Documentation update – Update of the 2012 documentation – Paper on Cross Entropy for data cleaning process • Contributing a chapter to the ReSAKKS Annual Trends and Outlook Report (ATOR) – Used to inform the CAADP process • Latin America Research Monograph • Collaboration with the OECD – “Modelling Adaptation to Climate Change in Agriculture” report – “Better Drip than Flood: Reaping the Benefits of Efficient Irrigation” Euro Choices Paper 4
  5. 5. Publications continued… • Collaboration with UNEP WCMC and University of Kassel – “Impacts of future agricultural development on biodiversity at regional scales: a spatially explicit assessment of trade-offs in Uganda, Rwanda and Burundi” submitted to Regional Environmental Change – “Tradeoffs Between Food Security, Species Richness, and Nitrogen Depletion” • “Climate Change Impacts on Agriculture in 2050 under a Range of Plausible Socioeconomic and Emissions Scenarios” AgMIP Phase 2 Paper • CCAFS Regional Scenarios – Working Paper for most regions – SEA paper on scenario building process
  6. 6. Publications continued… • “The global and regional health impacts of future food production under climate change” Lancet paper submission on diet and health • “Returns to investment in reducing Postharvest food losses and increasing Ag productivity growth” Copenhagen Consensus Assessment Report • CSISA South Asia Paper – 11 technologies implemented worldwide vs. in South Asia, using GFDL and HadGEM • Lloyd’s scenarios on climate shocks: Multicrop shock(Wheat, Maize, Soybeans), Individual Maize, Rice, and Wheat Shocks • “Agriculture, Incomes, and Gender in Latin America by 2050” IFPRI Discussion paper in collaboration with DSG Division
  7. 7. Other Engagement • CCAFS Policy engagement in different countries – Cambodia: Climate Change Priorities Action Plan of the Ministry of Agriculture, Forestry and Fisheries, which was finalized and signed in 2014 – Bangladesh: Down-scaled South Asia scenarios used by Bangladeshi Planning Commission for 7th 5 Year Plan – Honduras: Secretariat of Agriculture and Livestock to guide their Climate Change adaption policy • Policy engagement in Colombia resulting from interest in LEDS project • Argentina work to develop and compare scenarios using PE modeling • Central Asia work – IMPACT presentations in Almaty and Tashkent • Pest and Disease work with University of Florida and AgMIP • The importance of the IPR review to the AgMIP process 7
  8. 8. • IMPACT 3 Trainings – Washington DC – Cali, Columbia – Penang, Malaysia – Moscow, Russia • Crop Modeling – Mink training in Hyderabad, India Trainings