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Finance update 2012 2013-final-2


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CGIAR Consortium Finance Update presented to CGIAR Fund Council on Nov 1, Punta del Este

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Finance update 2012 2013-final-2

  1. 1. 2012 Update and 2013Interim Financing Plan 1 November 2012
  2. 2. 2012 Financial Update• Overall CGIAR support sharply up to over $850M• W1-2 for 2012 programs up to $362M,• 25% increase over 2012 FP and ~ 40% of total• Conclusion: very strong financial support in 2012• Uncertainty, very large share of funding contributed after August, causes underperformance.• Because we still do not have allocations to CRPs for $51M in W2 – CRPs cannot spend, and Consortium cannot make Financial Plan for 2013
  3. 3. 2013 “interim” allocation policy - 1 (ahead of outcome-based allocations)• In 2012, W2 contributions up from $16M in FP to >$150M• Full W1-W2 co-mingling not attractive for W2 donors or CRPs• Full W2 additionality not attractive for W1 donors• A balanced W1-W2 solution is required• Consortium proposes interim allocation policy, until priority setting has been completed and outcome based allocation starts, at least in part, in 2014
  4. 4. 2013 “interim” allocation policy - 2 (ahead of outcome-based allocations)• Base W1 budget for all CRPs as 35-40 % of approved CRP W1-2 budgets• Add all W2 contributions on top, capped by approved budget• To provide stability: after W2 contributions are known – provide unallocated W1 to CRPs with W1-2 less than 90% of 2012 W1-2 expenditures (“guarantee”)• Result: overall 2013 pattern will be very similar to approved FP 2012 – growth can be determined by W2 contributions, up to approved budget, but none get cut more than 10%
  5. 5. 2013 “interim” allocation policy - 3 (ahead of outcome-based allocations)• Cross-cutting issues update: – Gender research – In-situ agro-biodiversity research (no longer proposed as program) – Capacity strengthening and partnership development• Overall approach: mainstreaming into CRPs through regular programming and budgets• Consortium is ensuring the CRPs pay attention to these cross-cutting issues that were underdeveloped in plans
  6. 6. Gender Research Update: solid progress• CGIAR Consortium strategy developed and approved• Gender and Agriculture Network operational (met July at BMGF) developed gender research priorities• Gender Strategies for 13 of 15 CRPs near complete• All CRPs now have to mainstream Gender strategies but: – Most have not allocated funds in their proposals / budgets – Some have very limited capacity• Temporary “gender performance fund” – W1 allocation to incentivize rapid and effective mainstreaming• Dedicated W1 allocations up to $5M for best plans reviewed externally
  7. 7. Agro-biodiversity Update• FC7 in Seattle rejected proposal for separate program• Consortium decided to mainstream – no new proposal• Workshop in July to develop Consortium approach• Most CRPs have mainstreamed but some counted on separate proposal• To enable and encourage rapid mainstreaming Consortium proposes a one-year-only (2013) dedicated allocation of W1 funds• External review of CRP POWBs determines allocation up to $2.5M
  8. 8. New: Capacity Building• Capacity Building / Partnership Development not yet a clear / coherent priority at Consortium level or for CRPs• Consortium proposes approach like for Gender in 2012: develop strategies and encourage mainstreaming• Some “quick wins” best done system-wide, and start fast: – CGIAR Post-doc program – harmonize programs systemwide – Visiting fellow program – encourage mobility cross- partners
  9. 9. FC8 asked to endorse interim Consortium approach for 20131. Overall approach presented in Interim 2013 FP2. Balanced W1-W2 allocation principles3. In principle approval to allocate W1 for cross-cutting issues, detailed proposals in full 2013 FP4. Consortium allocates cross-cutting research funds, does not implement, not “system costs”5. Consortium finalizes 2013 FP before end 2012