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Working inwales


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Working inwales

  1. 1. A GUIDE TOWorking in Wales
  2. 2. Contents01 55The Job Market in Wales Section 5: The GO Wales Programme03 Work PlacementsSection1: Work TastersSectors of Employment Graduate Development FundAerospace and Defence GO Wales JobsAutomotive Online Advice and GuidanceBioscience GO Wales FairConstructionContact and Shared ServicesCreative Industries 63Energy and Sustainability Section 6:Financial Services Support Services forPublic Sector Graduates in WalesSocial CareTechnologyTourismNot for Profit OrganisationsSelf Employment23Section2:Graduate Salaries in Wales35Section 3:Recruitment MethodsCareers on the InternetJob Adverts in Regional and National PressSpeculative ApplicationsNetworking45Section 4:The Job Market For…Jobseekers with a DisabilityWelsh Speakers and LearnersInternational GraduatesMature GraduatesWorking in Wales has been compiled to provide students and graduates with an overview of the Job Market in Wales and to indicate good practicein the process of decision-making and job applications for this market. Whilst every effort has been made to ensure that the information in thisbooklet is accurate, it should be noted that contact details, especially web addresses and telephone numbers frequently change.Some material reproduced with the kind permission of Cardiff University.This version written & devised by Annie Jones, GO Wales, Cardiff University.
  3. 3. WWW.GOWALES.CO.UK _ A GUIDE TO WORKING IN WALES _ 01The Job Market in WalesMany people want to build a career in Walesfollowing a period of study here. This booklet hasbeen compiled to give readers a broad overview ofthe Welsh economy in 2008 and to provideinformation on some of our key employmentsectors. It also signposts readers to the most likelysources of graduate jobs – throughout a range ofweb and paper based media – and includes thevery latest information on graduate salaries andthe GO Wales programme. Overview > Wales is an integral region of the United Kingdom and the European Union. The Welsh economy is built on a free enterprise approach and the free trade system. > Wales has a population of some 2.9 million people, with the greatest concentration found in the South East and the North East. The largest city in Wales is the Capital, Cardiff, alongside other major city centres such as Swansea, Newport and Wrexham. This is where the majority of opportunities tend to arise. > The Welsh economy is diverse, incorporating cutting edge technologies in electronics and IT, manufacturing, engineering, telecommunications, media, leisure, tourism and agriculture. Its heritage of innovation and creativity means that many leading companies now thrive in Wales. As a result, Wales has one of the most developed business infrastructures in Europe.
  4. 4. 02 _ A GUIDE TO WORKING IN WALES _ WWW.GOWALES.CO.UKThe Job Market in WalesOverview continued> Into the 21st Century, Wales has transformed > Aerospace and biotechnology companies into a technologically advanced economy with are also expanding, in addition to the 170 new industries focussed on high-tech Healthcare companies that have already electronics, aerospace, engineering and invested in Wales – employing over 13,000 telecommunications. As well as boasting some staff in the process. of the highest manufacturing productivity rates > Wales also mirrors the prolific, world-wide in the U.K, Wales also employs the most growth in the media industry – with some of cutting edge means of doing e-business – the best regional and national media in the in an environment where start up costs are UK. These include the areas of print and among the lowest in the U.K. As a result, broadcast, film and television and music and 4 of the worlds 6 largest electronics entertainment. There is also a thriving manufacturers have established professional service industry which includes themselves here. news agencies, public and media relations> According to the Small Business Services consultancies and production companies. organisation, 99% of businesses in Wales are Wales is already leading the way with the Small to Medium Sized Enterprises (SMEs) launch of S4C digital, and one of the most employing less than 250 people – and the advanced and widespread digital cable majority of these are classified as micro- networks in the UK. organisations i.e. businesses with less than > Helping to fuel this growth in Welsh media 10 employees. Despite their high number are Welsh Universities, which have an however, SMEs are not the major employer. international reputation for providing some of> The Public Sector is by far the largest the best degrees in all aspects of the media. employer across all the Welsh regions. > Agriculture and food processing is also a key> Over the past 20 years, over 1,500 companies industrial sector in Wales. Approximately 80% have invested some £13 billion in Wales, of land remains devoted to agriculture with which has led to a significant presence of some 30,000 active holdings – the majority of larger commercial and manufacturing which are dependant on livestock production. companies. Under the guidance of the National Assembly,> Wales has shifted away from the heavy the Agri-food partnership has been extractive and manufacturing industries established to help improve efficiency and which shaped its past, and has embraced profitability in this industry, for which the technology as its future. The traditional view annual Royal Welsh Show in Builth Wells is its of Wales as a land of coal mines and steel showcase. Within the food processing sector, works is now very much outdated. seven of the UK’s top ten companies have operations in Wales – including Unilever> One growth employment sector in South Wales and Kellogg’s. is now the communications and associated > Tourism and Leisure are also key industries - service industries. These include global brands such as BT, Vodaphone, T-Mobile and with Wales’ popularity as a holiday destination NTL, all of which have a presence in Wales. mirroring the rapid development of the UK tourist industry in general. This sector employs> High-tech and opto-electronics companies an estimated 100,000 people and contributes producing semi-conductor wafer boards and £2 billion to the Welsh economy each year. fibre optic technology are also prospering in Wales – employing over 30% of the UKs workforce in this sector. walesworldnation
  5. 5. SECTION 1:Sectors of Employment
  6. 6. 04 _ A GUIDE TO WORKING IN WALES _ WWW.GOWALES.CO.UKSECTION 1:Sectors of EmploymentAerospace and defenceAerospace and defence are global industries led > In North Wales BAE Systems have a growingby a small number of large companies, who in presence at RAF Valley, and west Wales offersturn are supported by numerous small and ParcAberporth – a new European environmentmedium-sized enterprises. The UK has the for unmanned systems technologysecond largest aerospace industry in the world development (ParcAberporth is the only civil-and covers a number of world-class leading licensed airfield in the UK approved formanufacturers and suppliers. Aerospace and Unmanned Aerial Vehicle flying).defence cover a range of products and servicesincluding aeronautical, marine and land-basedvehicles, materials, personnel, medical devices, Contactselectronics, communication services andenvironmental technologies. The UK is the Airbussecond largest defence equipment manufacturer the world, and employs some of the most Babcock International Grouphighly-skilled workers in the UK. is a centre of excellence for aerospace. British Airways MaintenanceIn particular, MRO related activities repair & operations) employ Contour Premium Seating Ltdwell in excess of 20,000 people throughout www.contour.aero150 companies. State-of-the-art facilities now DARA (Defence Aviation Repair Agency)manufacture, supply, maintain, repair and civil and military aircraft from aroundthe world. GE Engine Aircraft Engine Services> In North Wales a strong cluster of global General Dynamics UK Ltd aerospace companies has developed around Airbus UKs wing manufacturing facility. NORDAM Europe Ltd Companies such as Raytheon Aircraft Services Ltd (RASL) and Raytheon Systems Ltd (RSL) are supported by a strong cluster of specialist Hawker Beechcraft aerospace engineering companies that include Qioptiq and Cytec. Qioptiq> South Wales is an established location for global MRO companies. British Airways has three facilities in south Wales: BA IBW Maintenance Cardiff (BAMC), BA Interiors Engineering, and BA Avionic Engineering. South Wales is also home to GE Aviation, NORDAM Europe and Lufthansa.> St. Athan in south Wales will also be the home for the UK MODs new tri-service training centre. The Metrix Consortium are the preferred bidders for the UK Defence Training Review – a 25 year, £10 billion contract.
  7. 7. WWW.GOWALES.CO.UK _ A GUIDE TO WORKING IN WALES _ 05AutomotiveThe Wales automotive industry has a well Contactsestablished and diverse supply chain clusterthat offers the complete range of technological Calsonic Kansei Europe Plcsupport, covering the total product life-cycle www.ckeurope.comfrom concept, design and test, through to Meritor Heavy Vehicle Braking Systems (UK) Ltdmanufacture. In addition, Wales is the second www.arvinmeritor.commost successful UK region in securingautomotive foreign direct investment (after the Sogefi Filtration Ltdwest Midlands). Automotive investment is crucial www.sogefifiltration.comto Wales as the sector employs around 25,000 TRB Ltdpeople and plays an essential role in the national, generating over £3 billion annually. Kautex Textron CVS Ltd www.textron.comKey strengths and opportunities lie in: Northern Automotive Ltd> Advanced Powertrain and Alternative Fuel Technology Mitsui Components Europe Ltd> Niche Vehicles, Design and Development> Performance Engineering & Materials DT (Automotives) Ltd> Power Electronics & Telematics Ford Motor Company LtdCollaboration is benefiting from its excellent engineering Toyota Motor Manufacturing (UK) Ltdeducation and investing heavily in future with finance, human resources andcutting edge research: Robert Bosch TRW Steering Systems LtdA technology-led incubation network that www.trw.comprovides knowledge, support and physicalfacilities to help young technology businesses in IBWWales realise their potential for long-term growth.CETICSThe Centres of Excellence have a track record ofworking with industry on projects ranging fromshort-term problem solving, to long term strategicrelationships.
  8. 8. 06 _ A GUIDE TO WORKING IN WALES _ WWW.GOWALES.CO.UKSECTION 1:Sectors of EmploymentBioscienceWales is home to one of the UKs most well Contactsestablished bioscience clusters. With itslongstanding reputation for scientific and GE Healthcareacademic excellence, over 250 companies www.gehealthcare.comhave chosen Wales as their base with the sector Convatec Ltdalready employing over 15,000 people. of the medical device and diagnostic firms British Biocell Internationalare clustered along the M4 corridor and in and www.bbigold.comaround Wrexham and Deeside. There are always Wockhardta number of factors that contribute to the www.wockhardt.comdevelopment of a med-tech cluster – the Huntleigh Diagnostics Ltdproximity of a stimulating academic and research and the availability of a skilledlabour force are essential. In many cases, a Norginecommitment at the public level, manifested by www.norgine.comtargeted support and a sound infrastructure, Molecular Light Technology Research Ltdis necessary. Merck Chemicals LtdWhile all of these elements are present in Wales www.emdbiosciences.coma spirit of convergence, as much as anythingelse, has contributed to the emergence of a Prothericsuccessful bioscience cluster. The cluster in www.protherics.comWales comprises links between organisations Penn Pharmaceutical Services Ltdof all sizes, from small local companies to the bioscience companies who rely Simbec Researcon them for support. Therefore sector breadth capability is broad: blue chip players,GE Healthcare, Huntleigh Diagnostics and Bayer,rub shoulders with niche companies like Q-Chip IBWand Zoobiotic.The Welsh bioscience cluster has trading andacademic partnerships with organisationsthroughout Europe and beyond – where demandfor Welsh bioscience expertise and products isset to grow substantially over the next decade.The continued success of the sector has beenbuilt upon the links between renowned academicinstitutes such as Cardiff University and otherindigenous companies. In addition, Wales alsoboasts a strong and stable skills base, purposebuilt infrastructure and a firm commitment to thesector by the Welsh Assembly Government.
  9. 9. WWW.GOWALES.CO.UK _ A GUIDE TO WORKING IN WALES _ 07ConstructionWales construction industry has been enjoying a Contactsboom over recent years. Multi-million poundredevelopments of city centres and waterfronts in Macob Holdings LtdCardiff, Swansea and Newport have generated employment. Projects include David McLeanunprecedented development of houses and, major shopping complexes andiconic structures such as the Millennium Watkin Jones GroupStadium and Millennium Centre. CostainToday construction accounts for 93,000 jobs www.costain.comacross a broad range of trades and professions – Westbury/Persimmonapproximately 8% of the entire Welsh workforce. http://corporate.persimmonhomes.comThese are employed by around 10,000businesses, 90% of which are small enterprises Redrow Plcemploying fewer than 10 people. Businesses www.redrow.comrange from large civil engineering operations to Kingspan Ltdsmall specialist enterprises. Many of the big www.kingspan.comname contractors have permanent bases in Rowecord Holdings LtdWales – including Costain, Westbury and www.rowecord.comRedrow.The sector also includes what may be Walesoldest established company – Watkin Jones ofBangor. The family-owned firm formed in 1791,now employs 271 people across North Wales.
  10. 10. 08 _ A GUIDE TO WORKING IN WALES _ WWW.GOWALES.CO.UKSECTION 1:Sectors of EmploymentContact and Shared ServicesThere are around 160 contact and shared Contactsservice centre businesses in Wales employing atotal of more than 27,000 people. These Ntl/Virgin Mediaoperations cover financial services, government, www.virginmedia.comutilities, telecommunications, retail, travel and IT. HBOS www.hbosplc.comAmong the blue chip players who have investedand reinvested in Welsh contact centres are ntl, ING DirectHBOS, Zurich and ING, and more recently, Tesco, Logica CMG and The Big Food LiberataGroup. The largest sector – finance and IT – www.liberata.comgenerally offers a wide range of activities Logica CMGincluding accounts payable, accounts receivable, www.logicacmg.comcash management, payroll and IT services. Laura AshleyOverall growth of the sector has continued in www.lauraashley.comrecent years – by 13% between 2002 and 2004. Centrica/British GasFactors influencing this growth include:> High staff retention and attrition rates well Lloyds TSB below the UK average> Highly positive feedback from employers Zurich on levels of motivation and commitment> Availability of suitable ready-to-occupy properties at affordable rates and sites for IBW development generally> Strong local network of professional business services> Two highly active employer forums which provide research, benchmarking, skills and recruitment support and networking opportunities> Increased collaboration with the academic sector on skills and research> Strong on-going public sector support> One of the most advanced digital telecoms infrastructures in Europe> A highly advanced digital telecommunications network
  11. 11. WWW.GOWALES.CO.UK _ A GUIDE TO WORKING IN WALES _ 09Creative IndustriesAnimation FilmThe animation industry UK-wide consists of a The film industry employs some 27,000 peopleworkforce that stretches across many sectors across the UK, mainly in small productionin the audio visual industry. Animated content companies and mainly based in London – wherefeatures widely on television, in feature films, 95% of all UK film productions are located. Incommercials, websites and computer or video Wales, the industry is dominated by a few smallgames. production companies located in Cardiff, the majority of whom also produce TV and radioFast Facts content.> The 2006 Skillset Census identified 354 people working in animation in Wales Fast Facts (as both freelancers and employees). > The 2004 Skillset Film Production Workforce> According to the census, approximately 31% Survey estimates a total of 10,000 people of the animation workforce is freelance and a having worked on UK productions in 2002 of similar proportion is female. which 7% (or 720 people) had worked in Wales.> The census identified 36% Welsh speakers working in animation on census day, > Recent film productions from Wales include underlining the role of the Welsh medium Tomb Raider II, King Arthur, The Libertine, broadcast media in supporting the sector. Half Light, Hitch Hikers Guide to the Galaxy, Heidi, Daddys Girl & Big Nothing.> The sector is centred on Cardiff and to a lesser extent North Wales. However, its > The industry has also produced talented film growing links with multimedia may lead to practitioners including Director Marc Evans greater geographical dispersion across the whose credits include Snowcake, Trauma, country. My Little Eye, House of America and Beautiful Mistake, and actors such as Ioan Gruffydd> Welsh animation includes titles such as Sali and Matthew Rhys – who have starred in 102 Mali and Animated Tales of the World, and Dalmatians, ITV’s adaptation of The Forsyte brand new productions such as Hanas Saga, Black Hawk Down, King Arthur, Helpline, produced entirely in Wales by Calon Fantastic Four, Amazing Grace, Very Annie TV. Mary, Brothers and Sisters and The Edge of> Animated films from Wales have also won two Love collectively. Oscar nominations (Famous Fred and The Canterbury Tales) and a collection of Emmy The new Film Agency for Wales was established awards. in July 2006 with a remit to ensure that the economic, cultural and educational aspects of film are effectively represented in Wales, the UK and the world. They have just announced the first International Film and Music Festival for Wales, to be held during November 2008 at a range of venues across Cardiff, South Wales. The festival will be opened by Rhodri Glyn Thomas, the Minister for Heritage, supported by Danny Boyle and James Dean Bradfield. See for more information.
  12. 12. 10 _ A GUIDE TO WORKING IN WALES _ WWW.GOWALES.CO.UKSECTION 1:Sectors of EmploymentTelevisionTelevision is economically vital to the media Contactsindustry in Wales, underpinning much of theactivity in related sectors such as facilities and BBC Walesfilm. Terrestrial television (BBC, ITV and S4C) independent production companies are S4Cthe most significant employers. Facts ITV Wales> Television has an occupationally diverse and highly skilled workforce split between staff and Tinopolis freelance employment – with a relatively high proportion of Welsh speakers (especially in the Calon TV independent sector – at 36%).> According to a Skillset workforce survey, Boomerang Wales accounts for 5% of the total UK television workforce. Motion Blur Ltd> TV companies in Wales regularly produce content for network transmission whilst we also have many small independents which Green Bay typically produce only one or two commissions a year, mostly in a single genre. Barcud Derwen> According to the 2006 Skillset census, the television industry accounts for more than Aspect Television 3,500 jobs in Wales, fairly evenly split between broadcasters and independent Dinamo producers. In the independent sector, over half of the workforce is freelance. Griffilms Ltd www.griffilms.comskillset Atticus Design and Media Young Creatives Network
  13. 13. WWW.GOWALES.CO.UK _ A GUIDE TO WORKING IN WALES _ 11Energy and SustainabilityWales is presently at the forefront of sustainable Contactsenergy generation in the UK, with the WelshAssembly Government keen to increase Chevron UKinvestment in both hydro and wind power. Welsh www.chevron.comWater is currently Wales’ premier performing Elf Oil UKutility company with several other energy service performing competitively within thesector also. The main utility companies listed British Gasbelow offer graduate opportunities as do the energy/petrochemical operations. National Grid> In West Wales, Pembrokeshire has a strong Dwr Cymru Welsh Water cluster of petrochemical industries based around the refineries at Pembroke Dock and Milford Haven, and the liquefied natural gas Wales & West Utilities storage facility at Waterston.> In the renewable energy sector, the UKs most First Hydro Co powerful wind farm has been opened near Aberystwyth, capable of generating 42,000 Western Power Distribution (South Wales) Plc homes with electricity. Developed by Falck Renewables, there is great support from the United Utilities Operational services Ltd Welsh Assembly Government to develop more of these facilities in Mid, West and South Wales. Environment Agency Wales> South Wales has the main cluster of energy providers and utility services including Welsh Water, Wales and West Utilities and British IBW Gas. These are some of the largest single employers in Cardiff and Newport – with Wales and West Utilities having a current staff of 1200.> North Wales is home to both sustainable, hydro electric generation and multi utility providers. Machynlleth in Powys is also home to the Centre for Alternative Technology which is one of Europes primary sustainability centres – providing education, training and consultancy on renewable energy, environmental building, energy efficiency and eco transport.
  14. 14. 12 _ A GUIDE TO WORKING IN WALES _ WWW.GOWALES.CO.UKSECTION 1:Sectors of EmploymentFinancial ServicesWales has a buoyant and growing financial Contactsservices sector. It is home to more than 1,800companies employing a total of around 28,000 Black Horse Financepeople, and contributes 5% to Welsh GDP. 2002 Lloyds TSB Insurance Services Ltd www.lloydstsb.comBanks and building societies dominate the sectorin Wales – employing 62% of the workforce – Firstplus Financial Group Ltdalthough insurance and pension companies an important sub-sector, accounting Composite Legal Expensesfor 21% of employment. The remainder work in www.composite-legal.comoperation and supervision enterprises. These HSBCinclude insurance brokers, independent financial, fund managers, asset managers,stockbrokers, actuaries, loss adjustors; risk Legal & Generalmanagers, exchanges, wealth managers. Admiral InsuranceSince the early 1990s many UK and global services companies have relocated and The Principality Building Societyexpanded in Wales. Among them are HBOS, TSB, HSBC, Zurich, GMAC, GE and Legal& General. In addition home-grown companies Julian Hodge Banksuch as Admiral Insurance, The Principality www.julianhodgebank.comBuilding Society, Julian Hodge Bank and Thomas CarrollThomas Carroll have expanded dramatically over years – Admiral began trading in Cardiff Evans & Reid Investment Co Ltdwith 57 staff in 1993, today it has a million, turnover of £548m and 1,700employees at sites in both Cardiff and Swansea. IBWThe breadth of services and functions is alsoincreasing. Legal & General opened a smallcontact centre in Cardiff in 1996, today the firmhas its UK service operations centre here, alongwith its retail investment business, directbusiness and medical underwriting centre. With2,000 employees, Cardiff is the companyslargest operation in the UK.
  15. 15. WWW.GOWALES.CO.UK _ A GUIDE TO WORKING IN WALES _ 13Public SectorThe public sector employs by far the largest NHS Walesnumber of people in Wales – 23.7% of the population. Nationally, levels of public As the largest employer in Wales with 81,000sector employment have consistently increased employees and 133 hospitals and clinics, theacross a range of areas including: health service can offer a range of over 200> Health career opportunities.> Social Care> Education Welsh Assembly Government> Law Enforcement> Local/Regional Govt The Welsh Assembly Government is responsible> Higher Education for most day-to-day issues of people in Wales,> Prison Service including the economy, health, education, and> Fire Service local government.> Library Service> Museums National Library of Wales> Environment Agency> Housing The National Library of Wales offers a diversePublic sector jobs in Wales have a local, regional range of employment opportunities and seeksand national dimension. Generally employment to appoint enthusiastic staff to work within theopportunities require a range of generic skill sets Library’s services.– from finance and accountancy, law, projectmanagement, marketing, HR, IT, Sports Council Walescommunications and administration to industry qualifications and other specialisms. The Sports Council for Wales is the national organisation responsible for developing andThere are some Public Sector graduate training promoting sport and active lifestyles. It is theschemes which operate successfully in Wales main adviser on sporting matters to the Welshe.g. Civil Service Fast Stream, National Graduate Assembly Government and is responsible forDevelopment Programme (for Local Government distributing funds from the National Lottery.administration) and the NHS ManagementTraining Scheme Wales (in either finance orgeneral management). However, the majority ofgraduates will enter these areas of employmentby applying for advertised posts.It is worth noting that fast track schemes mayhave extremely early closing dates, and it isadvisable to check 12 months in advance forthose in your area. Direct entry jobs can beadvertised at any time of the year, and it is worthnoting that the speculative approach is lessapplicable here as the Public Sector alwaysadvertises its opportunities. Note that pay maybe lower in the Public Sector than in some largercompanies, but terms and conditions of serviceare generally very good, and trainingopportunities are usually excellent.
  16. 16. 14 _ A GUIDE TO WORKING IN WALES _ WWW.GOWALES.CO.UKSECTION 1:Sectors of EmploymentPublic Sector continuedHM Prison Service Higher Higher Education Institutions employ largeThe Prison Service offers a variety of rewarding numbers of people. As diverse organisations,careers. As well as prison officers, there are they offer career opportunities across a broademployment opportunities in training, healthcare, range of areas from academics andchaplaincy, psychology, operational support, administrators, to lab technicians, legal officersagricultural, catering, building & allied trades and and catering managers. It is an environment thatadministration – as well as intensive development welcomes part-time and contract employees, andand managerial schemes. as student numbers continue to increase, there is sustained opportunity for promotion and careerPolice & Law development.All police forces in Wales welcome applicationsfrom all sections of the community - either as Aberystwyth Universityuniformed Police Officers, PCSOS, Special or Police Staff. Bangor Cardiff University North East Wales Institute of Higher Swansea Metropolitan UniversityFire Service Firefighters are highly trained torespond to a wide range of emergency calls, Trinity College, Carmarthenincluding fires, road traffic collisions, special, chemical spills and floods. Firefighters University of Glamorganalso spend time educating the public about fire via educational talks in schools and by University of Wales College, Newportvisiting individuals at home. Employment are found either as a Wholetime orRetained Firefighter, working in the Control room, University of Wales Institute, Cardiffor as a member of support staff. Swansea University University of Wales,
  17. 17. WWW.GOWALES.CO.UK _ A GUIDE TO WORKING IN WALES _ don’t just have to be passionate about artand objects to work in a museum or art gallery.The focus for museums and galleries is onplacing their collections at the heart of the publicrealm, and finding new ways to ensure thatcommunities fully engage with collections.Gaining employment in museums and artgalleries in Wales is highly competitive though,and for some positions a postgraduatequalification is required. Many positions alsorequire extensive work experience and advertisedposts are often short-term or fixed-termcontracts. There are 7 national museums inWales:National Museum CardiffSt Fagans: National History MuseumBig Pit: National Coal MuseumNational Wool MuseumNational Roman Legion MuseumNational Slate MuseumNational Waterfront Museum
  18. 18. 16 _ A GUIDE TO WORKING IN WALES _ WWW.GOWALES.CO.UKSECTION 1:Sectors of EmploymentSocial CareThe social care sector in Wales is made up of > The majority of employment in social care ispublic, private and voluntary employers who located in South East Wales, Althoughprovide a wide range of complex and diverse between 1990 and 2000 employment in theservices. These are designed to enable some of sector in North Wales grew by 30%.the most vulnerable people in our society to live > Trends across the sub-sectors cannot beas independently and safely as possible. There predicted at this stage as some are in declineare well over 100,000 people at any one time with others expected to grow – e.g. thereceiving support from social services authorities delivery of intermediate care and rehabilitationin their own home, in day settings and in services. However, overall the social careresidential and nursing homes. The quality and sector is expected to expand at a faster rateresponsiveness of the services that are provided than the Welsh economy as a whole.are directly linked to the quality, sufficiency andstability of the workforce. FSWThere are currently approximately 70,000 peopleemployed in social care in Wales with over 50% Contactsemployed by private employers. 80% of thoseworking in the sector are women and 62% over Ategithe age of 35. BAVO facts Care and Repair Cymru> The social care workforce of 70,000 (full-time and part-time) represents 4% of the total Hafal workforce in Wales, employing a similar number to the business and finance sector. Mind Cymru> The social care sector is complex. It is made up of three subsectors – the public, private and voluntary, delivering services in a range of home, community and residential settings to a diverse range of clients.> The balance of public to independent provision varies across service areas and localities. This mix is primarily driven by the commissioning and service strategies of local authorities that are developed within national policy frameworks.> The main vocational skill areas include social work and care skills, with over a quarter of employees in the sector working as care assistants.> The majority of services delivered are publicly funded, but the independent sector has grown significantly in the last 20 years and over half of the total workforce is estimated to now work in the private sector.
  19. 19. WWW.GOWALES.CO.UK _ A GUIDE TO WORKING IN WALES _ 17TechnologyOver the last three decades, the Welsh Contactstechnology sector has established an impressivetrack record for innovation. Its 30,000-strong Alcatel-Lucentskilled workforce accounts for some 5.5% of www.alactel-lucent.comGross Value Added to the Welsh economy. The Mitel Networks Ltdindustrys combined turnover now exceeds £3.2 www.mitel.combillion, with a healthy mix of well-establishedbusinesses and young, fast-growing enterprises. International Rectifier Newport Ltd www.irf.comThe industrys balance has shifted markedly in IQE Plcrecently years from high volume manufacturing, www.iqep.comto lower-volume, higher-value niche production. Thomson Broadband UK LtdWales is now home to a stable base of smaller, specialist companies who tend to locatetheir HQ, research and development (or a Woodheadsubstantial part of their operation) here. It is www.woodheadconnectivity.comestimated that the technology industry in Wales Orion Electric (UK) Ltdconsists of around 300 medium to large-sized and up to 3,000 small, niche-market Harman/Becker Automotive Systemscompanies. www.harmanbecker.comThe overall technology sector in Wales breaks Biotrace International Plcdown into four key sub-sectors. These are:> High volume electronics manufacturing Biomet (UK) Ltd – Orthopaedic Solutions> Niche electronics manufacturing> Software and IT Services IBW> SemiconductorsWhilst smaller, niche companies are establishingthemselves throughout Wales, the technologyand telecommunications sector remains pre-dominantly along the M4 corridor and southeast/valleys area. Global companies locatingHQs in this area prefer the fast access to themajor legal and financial markets in London, aswell as access to a highly-skilled and technicalworkforce.
  20. 20. 18 _ A GUIDE TO WORKING IN WALES _ WWW.GOWALES.CO.UKSECTION 1:Sectors of EmploymentTourismTourism in Wales is an important strand of the Fast Factseconomy – producing revenues of around £3bn > Tourists spend over £8 million a day on tripsa year. Overall, Wales attracts more than 11 in Wales – this amounts to around £3 billionmillion visitors per annum, 10 million of whom a year.come from within the UK itself. > In direct terms, tourism contributes 3.7% of whole-economy value added in Wales.In 2004-5, £6.7m of Welsh AssemblyGovernment funding was channeled into 111 > Approximately 100,000 people in Wales areprojects under its investment support scheme, employed in tourism – approx 9% of thegenerating £40m in total investment (£21.2m of workforce.which was from the private sector) – creating or > The UK accounts for 93% of tourism trips tosafeguarding 435 full-time-equivalent jobs. Wales. > 70% of UK tourists to Wales come for aThe major thrust of advertising and promotional holiday, 20% to visit friends or relatives andactivity during this period was via the Big Country 7% for a business trip.campaign, which, from a total budget of some£6m, generated additional income of more than > Over one million trips are taken to Wales£100m Wales wide. annually by overseas tourists. The most popular origins of overseas visitors are Republic of Ireland, USA, and Germany. > 50% of trips by UK tourists to Wales go to the countryside or small towns/villages. > The most popular activities undertaken by tourists in Wales are walking, swimming, visiting historic attractions such as castles and visiting museums and galleries. > The most popular attraction in Wales is the Museum of Welsh Life which attracts over 600,000 visitors annually. > In serviced accommodation in Wales, there are over 80,000 bed spaces available. Visit Wales For case studies and further information on each of these key sectors, refer to the Working in Wales section of the GO Wales web site (
  21. 21. WWW.GOWALES.CO.UK _ A GUIDE TO WORKING IN WALES _ 19Not for Profit OrganisationsThe not for profit sector is also referred to as the Applications to thecharity, voluntary, third or community sector. It Not for Profit Sectoroffers a diverse selection of jobs in the paid and Types of employment vary between finance,unpaid sector. There are approximately 30,000 accountancy, personnel, fundraising and publicvoluntary and community organisations in Wales relations – and very few offer graduate trainingemploying an estimated 22,000 people. This schemes in Wales. Organisations tend tofigure represents 1.7% of the number of people advertise in the national and local press,employed in Wales in total. through charity or specialist press, and through recruitment agencies. It is also possible to applyWithin Not-For-Profit, there is an extensive mix of speculatively using a covering letter and CV. Ifdifferent organisations across the following applying in this way, always seek out the namesectors (note that this is not an exhaustive list). of the relevant person and enclose a stamped addressed envelope (as it tends to ensure a> Sports and recreation bodies speedier reply and demonstrates you are> Community organisations sensitive to the charity’s limited resources).> Health and social care Competition for jobs in this sector is stronger> Children, family work and youth work than it’s ever been, so experience and knowledge of both the sector and the charity you are> Arts, culture or heritage organisations applying for is essential. It is important that the> Environmental organisations following points are also considered:> Organisations involved with people with > Where possible, carry out voluntary work in physical or learning disabilities an organisation you are interested in. > Think carefully about the type of organisation you would like to work for and whether you are suited to it. > Make sure you are wholly sympathetic with the aims and objectives of the organisation you plan to apply to work for. > Network with as many people as you can in the not for profit sector.
  22. 22. 20 _ A GUIDE TO WORKING IN WALES _ WWW.GOWALES.CO.UKSECTION 1:Sectors of EmploymentSelf EmploymentIf you are considering self employment or Graduating to Enterprise (G2E)establishing your own business there is plenty Open to students (undergrad and postgrad) andof support available from your local HE Careers recent graduates in Wales, the G2E smallService. In addition, each HEI in Wales has an business advice programme is flexible enough toEntrepreneurship Champion who can also offer provide individually tailored assistance to helpguidance and support specifically to students participants explore the idea of starting aand graduates interested in starting their own business in Wales. These channels of supportcan also provide information on the following A range of services are available to you on thisprogrammes available to students and graduates. programme, including advice from experienced business people, training, support and help withBOS accessing funding.If you have the beginning of a business ideaor if you just want to know whether starting a G2E offers:business is for you, the BOS project can help. > One-to-one mentoring and businessThis programme aims to inspire young people development support, both pre and post startand prepare them for self employment. up > Access to professional expertise andBOS offers: consultancy> Creative sessions designed to support self- > Training workshops to help you gain business employment and give an understanding of skills what it takes to set up in business. > An annual Business Start-up week – providing> Concept development support to help define extensive training in many business areas ideas> One-to-one mentoring support to build G2E is open to students and graduates (up to 3 confidence years after graduation) who wish to develop new> Access to professional expertise ideas. This service is completely free. Find out more from BOS project is open to those aged 18-30who are based in Wales and is completely free.Find out more
  23. 23. WWW.GOWALES.CO.UK _ A GUIDE TO WORKING IN WALES _ 21Flying Start Knowledge Exploitation FundSupported by the National Council for Graduate ScholarshipsEntrepreneurship (NCGE), Flying Start Rallies are The Knowledge Exploitation Fund’s (KEF)one day events that direct people with Entrepreneurship Scholarship Programme mayentrepreneurial potential onto the path of forming also be able to help support you while you set uptheir own company. If you’re thinking about your business. The programme has beenstarting your own company after you graduate, developed to support start-up ideas from recentconsider attending one of these events to get graduates (of Further and Higher Educationhelp and advice. Institutions) who wish to launch their business specifically in Wales. The application processFlying Start Rallies are open to students and involves completing a full business planrecent graduates interested in starting a including a 3 year cash flow It doesn’t matter whether you have a Applications are then submitted by the Universitybusiness idea yet or not – the event is designed on the Scholars encourage you to take your ideas andaspirations to the next step. Rally attendees can If awarded, a KEF Scholarship offers:also apply to join the Flying Start Programme, a > A wage subsidy of £144 per week for up toprestigious intensive training programme run by 36 weeks (up to £5,184) to enable applicantsCambridge University which aims to give to devote their time to their businessbusinesses a head start. > Cost of business-related travel up to £500Flying Start offers: > Some support with childcare costs> An opportunity to explore the possibility of starting a business in a supportive There are some restrictions to the type of environment business that can be supported under KEF. Please contact the Entrepreneurship Champion> Networking with like-minded students and at your local HEI for more details under ‘campus graduates contact’ at> A chance to find out about alternative support> Intensive training for those accepted onto the Welsh Assembly Flexible Support for Flying Start Programme Business Service The Welsh Assembly Governments Flexible> An online peer support network to exchange Support for Business Programme ideas and make contacts ( is also designed to help and support those who wishFlying Start Rallies are open to students and to start, maintain or grow a business in Wales.graduates (up to 5 years after graduation) who The programme is based on three key supportare interested in starting their own business. The elements:Flying Start Programme is open to applicationsfrom rally attendees who are committed tolaunching their business within 12 months.Find out more from
  24. 24. 22 _ A GUIDE TO WORKING IN WALES _ WWW.GOWALES.CO.UKSECTION 1:Sectors of EmploymentSelf Employment continuedAccessFast, simple and straight forward access toinformation, advice and support for all existingand prospective businesses – via a gateway thatincludes a single website, a national phonenumber, and face to face contact through anetwork of local centres.Relationship ManagementDedicated relationship managers to support thedevelopment of strategically importantbusinesses – by building a package of tailoredsupport to unlock growth potential.Funding and Specialist SupportA Single Investment Fund – the only source for apackage of financial and specialist support fromthe Assembly Government, to meet businesses’individual needs.The Business Information Gatewayfor WalesThe BIG website ( bringstogether useful contacts for those consideringstarting their own business in Wales – and forthose already up and running. It has referralpoints for business plans, locating finance, legalbasics for new businesses, and suggestions onhow to find out whether starting your ownbusiness is right for you.
  25. 25. SECTION 2:Graduate Salariesin Wales
  26. 26. 24 _ A GUIDE TO WORKING IN WALES _ WWW.GOWALES.CO.UKSECTION 2:Graduate Salaries in WalesResearch for this chapter has been conductedby Felicity Barr of Cardiff University, as part of All Wales Average Salariesthe GO Wales Work Taster Programme, March £2008. Administration 15,485.74Since its launch in November 2005, the GO Science, engineering and the environment 21,929.79Wales Jobs vacancy service has been advertising Public sector 20,315.19quality graduate vacancies on behalf of a wide Health professions 22,151.85range of Welsh employers. In an average monthover 350 new positions are posted, providing us Teaching, education, training 20,822.96with a valuable resource for calculating the very Legal 18,950.53latest graduate salaries across Wales. Financial 19,665.81This chapter gives an overview of the vacancy Advertising, promotion, marketing 19,924.51traffic through GO Wales Jobs for the period of Employment and recruitment 18,404.20January 2007 to December 2007, based on a Transport/travel 20,339.79total of 1896 records. Information technology 20,103.73 Art and design 17,988.30 Libraries, museums, heritage 19,554.65 Publishing, media and performing arts 19,472.73 Leisure, sport, recreation 20,036.50 Enforcement and protective services 20,938.00 Construction and property 20,336.89 Production and quality 21,632.39 Social and welfare care 21,340.86 Retail, wholesale, sales, buying 18,766.78 Hotel, catering, conferences, pubs 19,738.50 Business Services 19,329.35 Charity 21,355.57 Average Salary Total 19,834.11 Taking into account all employment sectors, our study showed that the average graduate salary in Wales during 2007 was £20,168. Nationally the highest average salary was found in Health Professions at £22,152, and the lowest in Administration at £15,485. How each employment category fared against the national average is detailed in the table overleaf.
  27. 27. Sc ien ce ,e ng in ee rin Ad 0 5,000 10,000 15,000 20,000 25,000 30,000 Pay (£) g m an in d ist th ra e tio en vir n on Pu m en Te bl t ac He ic hi al se ng th ct ,e pr or du of es ca sio tio ns n, tra Ad in ve in rti g sin g, Le pr ga Em om Fi l pl ot na oy io nc m n, ia en m l ta ar nd ke tin re g cr ui Tr tm In an en fo sp t rm or at t/t io ra n ve Pu Li te ch l bl br no ish ar Ar in ie ta lo s, gy g, m nd m us de ed eu Average Pay per Category Per Annum ia m sig n an s, En d he fo Le pe rit rc isu rfo ag em re rm e en ,s in ta po g nd rt, ar re ts pr cr Co ot ea ns ec tio tru tiv e n ct se io Pr n rv ic an es od uc d pr tio op Re So n er ci an ty ta al d il, an qu Ho te wh d al l, ol we ity ca es lfa te al re e, rin sa ca g, le re co s, nf bu er yin en g Bu ce s, sin pu es bs s Se rv ic es Ch ar ity WWW.GOWALES.CO.UK _ A GUIDE TO WORKING IN WALES _ 25
  28. 28. 26 _ A GUIDE TO WORKING IN WALES _ WWW.GOWALES.CO.UKSECTION 2:Graduate Salaries in Wales South West Wales Average Salaries This section of the study was based on 413 records £ Administration 17,960.44 Science, engineering and the environment 24,319.92 Public sector 20,734.05 Health professions 25,839.08 Teaching, education, training 22,386.87 Legal 18,242.75 Financial 21,366.06 Advertising, promotion, marketing 20,255.71 Employment and recruitment 15,500.00 Transport/travel 20,930.19 Information technology 21,311.90 Art and design 23,941.50 Libraries, museums, heritage 24,708.00 Publishing, media and performing arts 25,250.00 Leisure, sport, recreation 23,941.50 Enforcement and protective services 20,796.75 Construction and property 21,466.89 Production and quality 23,900.00 Social and welfare care 21,332.91 Retail, wholesale, sales, buying 22,157.89 Business services 22,971.29 Charity 20,401.44 Average Salary Total 21,805.23Taking into account all employment sectors, our studyshowed that the average graduate salary in South WestWales during 2007 was higher than the national average at£21,805. Regionally, the highest average salary was againfound in Health Professions at £25,839, and the lowest inEmployment and Recruitment at £15,500.How each employment category fared against the regionalaverage is detailed in the following table.
  29. 29. Sc ien ce ,e ng in ee rin Ad 0 5,000 10,000 15,000 20,000 25,000 30,000 Pay (£) g m an in d ist th ra e tio en vir n on m Pu en Te bl t ac He ic hi al se ng th ct ,e pr or du of es ca sio tio ns n, tra in Ad in ve g rti sin Le g, ga Em pr om Fi l pl ot na oy io nc m n, ia en m l ta ar nd ke tin re cr g ui Tr tm In an en fo sp t rm or at t/t io ra n ve Li te l Pu br ch bl ar no ish ie Ar lo in s, ta gy g, m nd m us eu de ed sig ia m n an s, En d he rit fo Le pe ag rc isu rfo e em re rm ,s in en ta po g rt, ar nd ts pr re ot cr Co ec ea ns tio tru tiv e n ct se io rv n ic Pr an es od d uc pr tio op So n er ty Re ci an Average Pay per Category Per Annum (South West Wales) ta al d il, an qu wh d al ity ol we es lfa al re e, ca sa re le Bu s, sin bu yin es s g Se rv ic es Ch ar ity WWW.GOWALES.CO.UK _ A GUIDE TO WORKING IN WALES _ 27
  30. 30. 28 _ A GUIDE TO WORKING IN WALES _ WWW.GOWALES.CO.UKSECTION 2:Graduate Salaries in Wales South East Wales Average Salaries This section of the study was based on 1351 records £ Administration 15,298.96 Science, engineering and the environment 20,556.65 Public sector 20,097.92 Health professions 22,571.00 Teaching, education, training 20,553.48 Legal 19,336.59 Financial 19,248.51 Advertising, promotion, marketing 19,778.94 Employment and recruitment 18,851.00 Transport/travel 20,318.00 Information technology 19,722.50 Art and design 16,666.67 Libraries, museums, heritage 13,826.79 Publishing, media and performing arts 19,161.22 Leisure, sport, recreation 19,771.69 Enforcement and protective services 21,322.85 Construction and property 20,106.49 Production and quality 18,730.50 Social and welfare care 21,864.07 Retail, wholesale, sales, buying 16,127.41 Hotel, catering, conferences, pubs 19,738.50 Business services 17,194.15 Charity 21,429.43 Average Salary Total 19,229.27Taking into account all employment sectors, our studyshowed that the average graduate salary in South EastWales during 2007 was slightly lower than the nationalaverage at £19,229. Regionally, the highest average salarywas again throughout the Health Professions at £22,571,and the lowest in the Libraries, Museums and Heritagesector at £13,826.How each employment category fared against the regionalaverage is detailed in the following table.
  31. 31. Sc ien ce ,e ng in ee rin Ad 0 5,000 10,000 15,000 20,000 25,000 30,000 Pay (£) g m an in d ist th ra e tio en n vir on Pu m en Te bl t ac He ic hi al se ng th ct ,e pr or du of es ca sio tio ns n, tra Ad in ve in rti g sin g, Le pr ga Em om Fi l pl ot na oy io nc m n, ia en m l ta ar nd ke tin re g cr ui Tr tm In an en fo sp t rm or at t/t io ra n ve Pu Li te ch l bl br no ish ar Ar in ie ta lo s, gy g, m nd m us de ed eu ia m sig n an s, En d he fo Le pe rit rc isu rfo ag em re rm e en ,s in ta po g nd rt, ar re ts pr cr Co ot ea ns ec tio tru tiv e n ct se io Pr n rv ic an es od uc d pr tio op Re So n er ci an ty ta al d il, an qu Ho wh d al Average Pay per Category Per Annum (South East Wales) te ol we ity l, es lfa ca al re te e, rin sa ca g, le re co s, nf bu er yin en g Bu ce s, sin pu es bs s Se rv ic es Ch ar ity WWW.GOWALES.CO.UK _ A GUIDE TO WORKING IN WALES _ 29
  32. 32. 30 _ A GUIDE TO WORKING IN WALES _ WWW.GOWALES.CO.UKSECTION 2:Graduate Salaries in Wales Mid Wales Average Salaries This section of the study was based on 50 records £ Administration 15,798.00 Science, engineering and the environment 20,080.94 Public sector management 21,479.87 Teaching, education, training 28,314.25 Finance 22,801.50 Advertising, promotion, marketing 23,823.00 Information technology 18,951.00 Libraries, museums, heritage 21,808.00 Publishing, media and performing arts 26,031.50 Construction and property 20,524.00 Social and welfare care 21,594.00 Retail, wholesale, sales, buying 22,566.00 Business services 20,894.67 Average Salary Total 21,897.44Taking into account all employment sectors, our studyshowed that the average graduate salary in Mid Walesduring 2007 was higher than the national average at£21,897.44. Regionally the highest average salary was inTeaching, Education and Training at £28,314, and thelowest in Administration at £15,798.How each employment category fared against the regionalaverage is detailed in the table overleaf.
  33. 33. Sc ien ce ,e Ad 0 5,000 10,000 15,000 20,000 25,000 30,000 Pay (£) ng m in in ee ist rin ra g tio an n d th e en vir on m en t Te Pu ac bl hi ic ng se ,e ct du or ca tio n, tra in in g Ad ve rti sin Fi g, na pr nc om e ot io n, m ar In ke fo tin rm g at io Li n br te ar ch ie no Pu s, lo bl m gy ish us in eu g, m m s, ed he ia rit ag an d e pe rfo rm Co in ns g tru ar Average Pay per Category Per Annum (Mid Wales) ct ts io n an d pr So op ci er al ty an Re d ta we il, lfa wh re ol ca es re al e, sa le s, bu yin Bu g sin es s Se rv ic es WWW.GOWALES.CO.UK _ A GUIDE TO WORKING IN WALES _ 31