Cerro gordo county core presentation


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Cerro gordo county core presentation

  1. 1. Cerro GordoCountyCommunityFoundationHelping you help your community.For good. For ever.
  2. 2. What is the CerroGordo CountyCommunityFoundation?
  3. 3. We are:A public charitable foundationthat… • Has local, county-wide leadership • Holds many named funds • Is supported by individuals, families, organizations and businesses • Channels gifts from donors to non-profit organizations in the community
  4. 4. The idea is simple.Anyone can use theCommunity Foundation togive back to theircommunity.
  5. 5. 3 SpecialFeaturesof community foundations
  6. 6. ONE: Permanent Build endowments to ensure grants are always available to support the county Invest and protect the principal Distribute earnings via grants Power of variance – redirect funds as community needs change
  7. 7. YEAR 1 YEAR 15 YEAR 25 YEAR 50 Establish a Named $9,000 in $19,000 in $66,000 in Fund cumulative grants cumulative grants cumulative grants and services and services and services $10,000 gift $16,000 balance $23,000 balance $57,000 balance Initial gift has been invested: 1 TIME 2 TIMES 6+ TIMES The Power of EndowmentAssumes 4.5% annual payout and 8.5% rate of return. This is for illustration purposes only. The Community Foundation allows a 4% annual payout.
  8. 8. TWO: Personalizedo Educate people on giving optionso Customize giving to match personal interests/tax needso Offer involvement in recommending uses of a gifto Create donor legacies via named funds and donor stories (vignettes)
  9. 9. THREE: Localo Local organization with local Governing Committeeo Knowledge of local community issues, opportunities and resources o Share information with donors
  10. 10. Toolsfor giving
  11. 11. Ways to Give Cash, Appreciated  Charitable Gift Annuity Securities, Real Estate, A way to make a gift to your Other Assets  favorite charity, and still receive an income for yourself or others. Bequests  Establish fund through your will  Charitable Lead Trust  Trust pays charity a fixed amount for a number of years and then Retirement Plans assets go to beneficiary  IRA Rollover  Charitable Remainder Trust Insurance  Trust pays beneficiary for life and  Community Foundation can be then assets transfer to the charity named as beneficiary, in total or even a portion, of your policy
  12. 12. Types of Funds Unrestricted Fund  Scholarship Fund  Meets changing community  Benefits students seeking higher needs education Field of Interest Fund  Designated Fund  Women’s Fund, Education  Big Brothers/Big Sisters Fund, Fund, Environment Fund, Health YMCA Fund, Habitat for Humanity Fund, etc. Fund etc. Donor Advised Fund  Agency Endowment Fund  Involving donors in the use of  Used by non-profits to build their gift permanent financial support for their organization
  13. 13. Cerro GordoCountyCommunityFoundationMaking a Local Impact
  14. 14. Community Foundation Facts Established in 2005 Affiliated with CFNEIA, established in 1956 Current total assets  CFNEIA approximately $54 million (pooled funds)  Cerro Gordo County approximately $213,700 Granted approximately $444,000 since inception
  15. 15. % of Grant Area Funded Human ServicesHistoric Preservation Health Environment Local Impact Education Total Grant DollarsCommunity Affairs & Development Awarded in 2010: Arts & Culture $94,606.31 0 50
  16. 16. IOWA Benefitsof Giving to a Community FoundationEndow Iowa• A 25% state tax credit is available for donations to permanent endowment funds at qualified community foundations.
  17. 17. What does it really cost to give?Federal Marginal Tax Rate 15.00% 25.00% 35.00%Endowment Gift to Qualified $10,000 $10,000 $10,000 Community FoundationLess: Endow Iowa 25% Tax Credit* $2,500 $2,500 $2,500 Federal Tax Deduction $1,500 $2,500 $3,500Net Cost of Gift $6,000 $5,000 $4,000*Based on current tax regulations. Example illustrated applicable for individuals who itemize deductions.
  18. 18. People GivingBackDonors Making a Difference
  19. 19. How can I getinvolved?We can help you helpyour community.
  20. 20. Ways to get involved…Individuals/Families Establish a named fund – “Growth Fund” Give to an existing fund Start a Giving Circle Estate planning Tell others about us Serve on committees/Governing Committee
  21. 21. Ways to get involved…Professional Advisors Establish a named fund Give to an existing fund Educate your clients about the Community Foundation Tell other professionals Serve on committees/Board of Directors
  22. 22. We are a resource…Professional Advisors Help clients realize their charitable objectives Individual expect professionals to discuss all options Significant opportunity may be lost
  23. 23. We are a resource…Professional Advisor Tools www.cerrogordoccf.org  Language excerpts  Publication with sample agreements Local Contact: 641.330.5181  Administrative office – 319-287-9106  Will answer questions about forms/materials etc
  24. 24. When a personplants a tree underwhich she will neversit, then you knowthat civilization hascome to that land. Greek Philosopher
  25. 25. www.cerrogordoccf.orgHelping you help your community. For good. For ever.