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Customer First Warehouse Services is a Silicon Valley 3PL that provides Small to Medium Enterprises with Strategic 3PL Capacity and Leverages a Large and Diverse Carier Network to Fine Tune a Solution Based on your Company\'s Unique Service and Price Needs.

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Customer First Warehouse Services

  1. 1. Customer First Warehouse Services, LLC (T) 510-780-6806 www.cfwservices.comCustomer First Warehouse Services delivers maximum flexibility and scalability tosupport your supply chain while ensuring the strictest quality control standards – in a100% variable cost environment, with no minimums. Our partnerships and systemsintegration with FedEx, UPS & the USPS help to deliver a turn-key, seamless & low-cost fulfillment and shipping solution.
  2. 2. Customer First Warehouse Services, LLC (T) 510-780-6806 www.cfwservices.comOur full service Bay Area 3PL warehouse logistics facility is well positioned near thePort of Oakland and 3 international airports (SJO, SFO & OAK) to provide fast andconvenient 3PL warehousing for export & import of goods moving through the ports– particularly inbound ocean freight.
  3. 3. Customer First Warehouse Services, LLC (T) 510-780-6806 www.cfwservices.comFacility: Our Bay Area 3PL warehouse offers excellent versatility of operation,including technology driven value-added services, case-pick order fulfillment, bulkstorage, product returns management ( reverse logistics), and asset and leasedequipment management.Our facility has 30,000 square feet of storage space with 10 dock doors, and hasbeen engineered and designed for efficient, safe and cost-effective materialshandling.
  4. 4. Customer First Warehouse Services, LLC (T) 510-780-6806 www.cfwservices.comManagement & Operations: Ethan Lemoine is the Owner & President and islocated on site in the warehouse. Other management team members include oneoperations manager and two warehouse supervisors totaling over 40 years oflogistics management experience.
  5. 5. Customer First Warehouse Services, LLC (T) 510-780-6806 www.cfwservices.comQuality: Our 3PL fulfillment warehouse is ISO 9001:2008 and 13485:2003(medical device) certified and we are a FedEx Board approved Value-Add ServiceProvider.All procedures have been documented and all personnel have gone throughclassroom and operational training. Independent ISO registrars audited andconfirmed compliance to both ISO standards and our own written standardsfor quality assurance.
  6. 6. Customer First Warehouse Services, LLC (T) 510-780-6806 Technology: We utilize barcode scan RF guns & EDI (electronic datainterchange) for systems integration to a wide array of accounting systems ande-commerce shopping carts which drive order and inventory accuracy into the process. Technology coupled with our social network is second to none!
  7. 7. Customer First Warehouse Services, LLC (T) 510-780-6806 Security: Due to the handling of high-value product, our Bay Area 3PLwarehouse offers a raised level of security with monitored video surveillance at all doors and around the building. Access to the warehouse requires acard-key and includes off-site central monitoring 24x7. Additionally, guards patrol evenings and weekends to deter theft and crimes of opportunity.
  8. 8. Customer First Warehouse Services, LLC (T) 510-780-6806 3PL Warehouse Transition Methodology The most critical period in the establishment of a new relationship withyour 3PL warehouse team lies in the 60 days before and the 90 days after the move and start up of 3PL warehouse operations. Its during this period thatCFWs ability to execute and deliver on our commitments is most important.
  9. 9. Customer First Warehouse Services, LLC (T) 510-780-6806 To ensure the successful execution of our solutions, CFW has built a corecompetency around transitioning and integrating a customers business intothe outsourcing model. We have a team of logistics professionals whose soleresponsibility is to manage and coordinate all aspects of the move, transitionand integration of new businesses into the CFW network.
  10. 10. Customer First Warehouse Services, LLC (T) 510-780-6806 The teams skills include project management, systems integration, facility/ warehouse construction, process design, and operational and administrativetraining. In CFWs model, dedicated team members continue to work withcustomers beyond the initial transition to assure that we successfullyintegrate ourselves with our customers organization and sustain operationalexcellence.
  11. 11. Customer First Warehouse Services, LLC (T) 510-780-6806 www.cfwservices.comTeam members become advocates for the customer within CFW and help inbuilding the climate of high trust and open communication that is essential tobuilding mutually beneficial, long-term relationships. Team members remainpart of the on-going customer relationship and are able to leverage their in-depth customer knowledge gained.
  12. 12. Customer First Warehouse Services, LLC (T) 510-780-6806 www.cfwservices.comTheir post-implementation participation involves ongoing design supply chainenhancements and assisting with further integrating CFW into the customersorganization. CFWs approach to transition management is built on its provenmethodology and success in managing previous transitions.In a nutshell, there are four keys to a seamless move and integration:
  13. 13. Customer First Warehouse Services, LLC (T) 510-780-6806 www.cfwservices.comUnderstanding the customers short- and long-term business requirements.We bring knowledge of the customer base and geographic requirements,growth plans, requirements for value-added services and other businessfactors that may impact logistics & supply chain planning.
  14. 14. Customer First Warehouse Services, LLC (T) 510-780-6806 www.cfwservices.comEstablish open lines of communication within the organizations.That means communicating the business reasons and the benefits for thechange at all levels within the customers organization. Its important to build anenvironment of high trust where business issues can be openly discussed andresolved.
  15. 15. Customer First Warehouse Services, LLC (T) 510-780-6806 www.cfwservices.comDevelop a detailed transition plan.Include milestones, timelines and resource requirements that are realistic and inline with the customers business needs. Our boilerplate transition plan covers80% of most move plans with another 20% added or refined to customize thetransition to meet your specific business and operational nuances.
  16. 16. Customer First Warehouse Services, LLC (T) 510-780-6806 www.cfwservices.comFocus on people. Human resource management is one of the key factors in everytransition. Prior to and during the transition, "over-communication" is critical.Throughout the transition, staff should be informed of progress and how thechange will impact them. When transitioning your existing employees to CFW, itis important to highlight to them that they are being transitioned to a companythat has the same core competencies as they do and thus provides manyopportunities for upward mobility.
  17. 17. Customer First Warehouse Services, LLC (T) 510-780-6806 www.cfwservices.comWe have members of our management team who started out as transitionedcustomer employees and have grown and thrived through logistics opportunitiesthat were not available in their previous environment.To learn more about our 3PL warehouse transition management approachplease contact us.
  18. 18. Customer First Warehouse Services, LLC Ethan Lemoine – CEO1968 Williams Street San Leandro, CA. 94577 510-780-6806