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Why SumoMe Plugin Is Right For You or Your Client (grow website's traffic)


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Presentation to WordPress Bay Area Foothills Group on November 16, 2016 at Milpitas Community Library

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Why SumoMe Plugin Is Right For You or Your Client (grow website's traffic)

  1. 1. startupproduct.comTM Why Sumome Is Right For You Cindy F. Solomon Wordpress Bay Area Foothills Group November 16, 2016
  2. 2. startupproduct.comTM Founder, Movement for Product Excellence By Design, SUPA Product Academy, Global Product Management Talk podcast Organizer, SUPA Product Talks meetups, Product Therapy, Product Summit Conf Contributing author, 42 Rules Of Product Marketing, and Guide To Product Management & Marketing Body of Knowledge Digital Event Strategist & moderator, webinar series Coach, consultant, mentor for SMBs, startups; web development, services, software product marketing & management at Apple, Vadem, NetObjects Cindy F. Solomon, CPM, CPMM @cindyfsolomon
  3. 3. startupproduct.comTM
  4. 4. startupproduct.comTM PURPOSE OF MARKETING: Inspire a change in behavior - from not doing to doing what you want them to, i.e. pay attention, click, Subscribe, Read, Purchase, evangelize
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  10. 10. startupproduct.comTM 15 Tools and growing Pick and choose! Be strategic Decide where to pay Optimize
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  18. 18. startupproduct.comTM 1. Quick & Easy: Install Share buttons
  19. 19. startupproduct.comTM Make it easy for your visitors to share your pages to their social platforms! Choose where to paste & which ones!
  20. 20. startupproduct.comTM
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  22. 22. startupproduct.comTM SYNC With Mailchimp Go Home with A Chimp!
  23. 23. startupproduct.comTM Thank You!! Free Download! "Marketing Analytics Worksheet"
  24. 24. startupproduct.comTM Product Therapy Mondays
  25. 25. startupproduct.comTM Stay In Touch! These slides: Cindy F. Solomon 510-499-6955 Twitter and skype @cindyfsolomon Book time with me: Forwarding passionate product people & product excellence!