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Why Product Managers Must Emulate Twitter


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Basic slides to stimulate interactive discussion. Every moment is an experience, a moment to sell your message. Every interaction is a sales opportunity. What are you selling? To

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Why Product Managers Must Emulate Twitter

  1. 1. Why Product Managers MUST Emulate Twitter! March 17, 2012 PresentationCindy F. Solomon , CPM/CPMM @cindyfsolomon 1Founder, Global Product Management Talk @prodmgmttalk
  2. 2. Cindy F. Solomon• Founded The Global Product Management Talk• Pioneering Socratic format for Twitter Chats to cultivate globalknowledge communities• Over 15 years experience in product management and productmarketing management of web, services and software at SiliconValley companies including Apple, Vadem, NetObjects andstartups. Previously with Fortune 500s including AmericanExpress and Radio Shack.• AIPMM Certified Product Manager & Certified ProductMarketing Manager• Serial entrepreneur, consultant, facilitator, and early adopter Cindy F. Solomon , CPM/CPMM @cindyfsolomon Founder, Global Product Management Talk @prodmgmttalk 2
  3. 3. Global Product Management TalkFor Product Managers that don’t get a chance to leave their desk and participate in Product Talks in person, we’ve brought Product Talks to you.The Global Product Management TalkTM Follow @ProdMgmtTalk in using hashtag #ProdMgmtTalk weekly at Twebevent or TweetchatGlobal Product Management TalkTM is a weekly mini-product camp Socratic discussion (on Twitter) of pre-posted questions with live audio of thought leader and co-hosts commenting (on Blogtalkradio).Cindy F. Solomon , CPM/CPMM @cindyfsolomonFounder, Global Product Management Talk @prodmgmttalk 3
  4. 4. WHAT DO YOU WANT?Cindy F. Solomon , CPM/CPMM @cindyfsolomon 4Founder, Global Product Management Talk @prodmgmttalk
  5. 5. Jonathan Zittrain said… “The qualities that make Twitter seem inane and half-baked are what make it so powerful.” Jonathan Zittrain, Harvard Law professor, Internet Expert, AuthorCindy F. Solomon , CPM/CPMM @cindyfsolomon 5Founder, Global Product Management Talk @prodmgmttalk
  6. 6. BE CONCISECindy F. Solomon , CPM/CPMM @cindyfsolomon 6Founder, Global Product Management Talk @prodmgmttalk
  7. 7. Solomon says… A tweet is limited to 140 characters. Be terse.Develop and share content that is precise, short, laser focused, intentional, informative and interesting. Cindy F. Solomon , CPM/CPMM @cindyfsolomon 7 Founder, Global Product Management Talk @prodmgmttalk
  8. 8. BE OPEN.Cindy F. Solomon , CPM/CPMM @cindyfsolomon 8Founder, Global Product Management Talk @prodmgmttalk
  9. 9. Dick Costello, Twitter CEO, says… "Pay careful attention to the things that people do with your technology/service/product, because some of them may have discovered a powerful use for it that has completely evaded you." @dickcCindy F. Solomon , CPM/CPMM @cindyfsolomon 9Founder, Global Product Management Talk @prodmgmttalk
  10. 10. BE CROSS-PLATFORMCindy F. Solomon , CPM/CPMM @cindyfsolomon 10Founder, Global Product Management Talk @prodmgmttalk
  11. 11. BE SCALABLECindy F. Solomon , CPM/CPMM @cindyfsolomon 11Founder, Global Product Management Talk @prodmgmttalk
  12. 12. Listen & MonitorCindy F. Solomon , CPM/CPMM @cindyfsolomon 12Founder, Global Product Management Talk @prodmgmttalk
  13. 13. Create & BroadcastCindy F. Solomon , CPM/CPMM @cindyfsolomon 13Founder, Global Product Management Talk @prodmgmttalk
  14. 14. “Please Retweet: [article name] [by @author] [shortened URL] [optional comment] [#hashtag]”.Cindy F. Solomon , CPM/CPMM @cindyfsolomon 14Founder, Global Product Management Talk @prodmgmttalk
  15. 15. Analyze & TrackCindy F. Solomon , CPM/CPMM @cindyfsolomon 15Founder, Global Product Management Talk @prodmgmttalk
  16. 16. Thank you! Join weekly on Global Product Management Talk Search: CindyFSolomon and ProdMgmtTalk @cindyfsolomon @prodmgmttalk Presentation sponsored by The Association of International Product Marketing and Management (AIPMM) http://www.aipmm.comCindy F. Solomon , CPM/CPMM @cindyfsolomon 16Founder, Global Product Management Talk @prodmgmttalk