July 11: From Idea to Reality with Glen Lipka, VP of UX and first employee at Marketo


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Startup Product Talks SF: Glen will talk about how ideas go through the requirements and design process through to execution at Marketo. Learn how the product management, UX and engineering teams work together to achieve a great product outcome.

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  • Everyone is throwing information at you today and online.Without intention, without a goal and a strategy to achieve it, you’re wasting valuable resources – the most valuable is your time.What is the most valuable information you want to take away from spending time together?Always be asking the markets, the customers, the competition, the stakeholders, the PRODUCT!Every interaction is an opportunity to learn, to give, to sell!
  • The "Global Product Management Talk" was initially conceived as a virtual forum where people who manage products situated globally could interact in real time with product management thought leaders.  The Global Product Management Talk raises the bar for what is possible to accomplish in a real time, open platform event on Twitter by encouraging participants to expand their knowledge base with each event, utilize new products in real time as we introduce and beta test various products for participating, enable participants to showcase their knowledge and share resources, and crowdsource educational content for product people to stay apprised of new developments, thinkers, and events in the practice of managing products from inception to market and innovation.Mission:Engage Product people in regularly scheduled, real-time discussionShowcase Product Management experts, speakers, bloggers, thought leaders and practitionersEvangelize Product related job titles as exciting, challenging & rewarding career endeavorsRaise important issues that all Product Management professionals confrontExtend shared resources across industries and bordersFacilitate on-going dialogue, networking, mentoring & support beyond weekly eventsEnable global community around product management knowledge Educate & defend the value of the product professional
  • July 11: From Idea to Reality with Glen Lipka, VP of UX and first employee at Marketo

    1. 1. WELCOME! July 13, 2012Cindy F. Solomon , CPM/CPMM cindy@prodmgmttalk.com @cindyfsolomon 1Founder, Global Product Management Talk http://www.prodmgmttalk.com @prodmgmttalk
    2. 2. Thank you Sponsors Hospitality and drinks Pizza The Association of International Product Marketing and Management (AIPMM) http://www.aipmm.comCindy F. Solomon , CPM/CPMM cindy@prodmgmttalk.com @cindyfsolomon 2Founder, Global Product Management Talk http://www.prodmgmttalk.com @prodmgmttalk
    3. 3. ----->New to Startup Product Talks? Welcome!Reports from previous meetings:June bit.ly/KYIQP0May bit.ly/KF38dAApril bit.ly/NgRJPP---->Seeking A New Position?Come to the next meeting to pitch your availability and post here: http://bit.ly/MBrLs4--->Need to expand your network and get product management experience?Join the team to bring Startup Product Summit to San Francisco! contact Cindycfsolomon@gmail.com-->Startup Product Talks discussion on Skype!Skype is a great medium for group chat! On Skype, search for "Startup Product Talks"or "cindyfsolomon" to get in for open chat on all things startup and product. Askquestions, vent, share resources.Cindy F. Solomon , CPM/CPMM cindy@prodmgmttalk.com @cindyfsolomon 3Founder, Global Product Management Talk http://www.prodmgmttalk.com @prodmgmttalk
    4. 4. Agenda• 6:30 - 7:00 Arrive, Sign in: Pizza & Beers• ---------Use White Board to Post Topics, Questions, Jobs & Seekers• 7:00 - 7:15 Welcome from Nick & Cindy• 7:15 - 7:30 Un-conference format: vote on white board suggestions• 7:30 - 8:30 Glen will talk about how ideas go through the requirements and design process through to execution at Marketo. Learn how the product management, UX and engineering teams work together to achieve a great product outcome.• 8:30 - 9:00 Open Discussion• 9:00 - 9:15 1 minute pitches: positions available/who is seeking• ---------Use form to share http://bit.ly/MBrLs4• 9:15 - end Networking 4
    5. 5. Cindy F. Solomon, CPM, CPMM• Founder, The Global Product Management Talk• Host, StartUP Talk Radio, Tools of the Trade, Pcamp Radio• Over 15 years experience in product management and productmarketing management of web, services and software at SiliconValley companies including Apple, Vadem, NetObjects andstartups. Previously with Fortune 500s including AmericanExpress and Radio Shack.• Serial entrepreneur, consultant, mentor, and early adopter• Product Management Evangelist & Facilitator creatingfoundation for Alliance of Product Professionals and StartupProduct Summit Cindy F. Solomon , CPM/CPMM cindy@prodmgmttalk.com @cindyfsolomon Founder, Global Product Management Talk http://www.prodmgmttalk.com @prodmgmttalk 5
    6. 6. Product managers are responsible for creating and sustaining value throughout the entire life cycle of a product.This product management life cycle model is the property of The Associationof International Product Marketing and Management (AIPMM)®. 6
    7. 7. The focus on creating and sustaining value is what is essential and unique to product management. 7
    8. 8. About Glen Lipka• Glen Lipka is the Vice President of User Experience at Marketo where he was the first non-founder employee that ran product management and UX for several years of the company’s development. Prior to Marketo, Glen was a Senior UI Designer at Intuit, Director of User Experience at Adchemy and started his career running a thirty-person web development company in NYC during the Internet bubble.• Glen has been a pioneer in websites and web applications for over 15 years, pushing the envelope in interactivity on public facing websites to Rich Internet Applications (RIA) for businesses.• He speaks frequently on all aspects of building great products on the web, including NYU Stern School of Business and Stanford University.• View Glens presentations online. For more details, visit Glens LinkedIn profile and blog. 8
    9. 9. Next Startup Product Talk• How do you define product management? What does it mean to be a product manager?• Wednesday, August 22, 2012• 6:30 PM• http://sfproducttalks.com 9
    10. 10. Global Product Management TalkFor Product Managers that don’t get a chance to leave their desk and participate in Product Talks in person, we’ve brought Product Talks to you.The Global Product Management TalkTM Follow @ProdMgmtTalk http://www.blogtalkradio.com/prodmgmttalkJoin in using hashtag #ProdMgmtTalk weekly at Twebevent or TweetchatGlobal Product Management TalkTM is a weekly mini-product camp Socratic discussion (on Twitter) of pre-posted questions with live audio of thought leader and co-hosts commenting (on Blogtalkradio).Cindy F. Solomon , CPM/CPMM cindy@prodmgmttalk.com @cindyfsolomonFounder, Global Product Management Talk http://www.prodmgmttalk.com @prodmgmttalk 10
    11. 11. Online EventsGlobal Product Management Talk:Monday, July 16 3:00 PMCentralized vs. Decentralized Product Management w/ @HakanKilic Product Management Expert http://www.prodmgmttalk.comAIPMM WebinarFriday, July 13, 9 AMDemand Metric arsenal of 350+ marketing tools and templates https://www2.gotomeeting.com/register/524788138 11