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Cindy F. Solomon founded the Global Product Management Talk, a top 10 podcast on the BlogTalkRadio business network reaching 20K listeneners weekly, available on iTunes, Stitcher, and other podcast venues. She created the ProdMgmtTalk Android mobile app. Cindy started the Startup Product movement for product excellence with the Startup Product Summit in San Francisco and organizes Startup Product Talk meetups and digital events for product professionals. She is a contributing writer for the SVPMA, 42 Rules of Product Marketing and the forthcoming ProdBOK. Solomon brings more than 15 years of web development, services and software product marketing and management at such companies as Apple, Vadem, NetObjects and startups in Silicon Valley. She's a startup and product management coach and maintains the global map of product camps and twitter archives. Listen at
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  1. 1. AIPMM Webinar Series© AIPMM 2013
  2. 2. © AIPMM 2013
  3. 3. Founded 1998 Largest Product Management professional group Provides professional development and certification • Certified Product Manager • Certified Product Marketing Manager • Agile Certified Product Manager • Certified Innovation Leader© AIPMM 2013
  4. 4. Today’s Speakers Moderator: Hector Del Castillo, PMP, CPM, CPMM Presenter: Cindy F. Solomon Founder, Global Product Management Talk @ProdMgmtTalk @startupproduct @cindyfsolomon© AIPMM 2013 @AIPMM #prodmgmt
  5. 5. Participate and Win! Participate by asking Questions using the Questions box for the Q&A Session to be entered into a Raffle to win one of the following: • 12-month AIPMM premium membership (US$175 value) • Product Camp Silicon Valley T-Shirt© AIPMM 2013
  7. 7. How to Create a Culture for Product Excellence At Your Company@STARTUPPRODUCT © Cindy F. Solomon# STARTUPPRODUCT
  8. 8. How to Create a Culture for Product Excellence Who? Why? What? How?@STARTUPPRODUCT © Cindy F. Solomon# STARTUPPRODUCT
  9. 9. Cindy F. Solomon, CPM, CPMM• Founder, Global Product Management Talk. Organizer, Startup ProductTalks. Producer, Startup Product Summit.• Pioneering Socratic format for Twitter Chats to cultivate global knowledgecommunities. Instigating Startup Product movement for product excellencethrough cross-discipline collaboration and holistic product perspective.• Contributing writer for the SVPMA, 42 Rules Product Marketing, andforthcoming ProdBOK• >15 years of web development, services, and software product marketingand management at Apple, Vadem, NetObjects and start-ups in SiliconValley. STARTUPPRODUCT © Cindy F. Solomon
  10. 10. The Global Product Management Talk• started with a tweet that traveled 7400 miles• Pioneered Socratic Twitter Chat Format• Discovered difficult to tweet & discuss complex issues• Started recording thought leaders via Skype• Became top 10 business podcast on BlogTalkRadio• 2 years, 100 chats, 20,000 listeners/week• Spawned in-person community >1100 members• Conference: Startup Product Summit @STARTUPPRODUCT # STARTUPPRODUCT © Cindy F. Solomon
  11. 11. Archives /prodmgmttalk Listen on iTunes Android App RSS Twitter @ProdMgmtTalk Sponsor: Speak: Contact: STARTUPPRODUCT © Cindy F. Solomon
  12. 12. Global Product Management Talk Archive of tweets from product camps worldwide STARTUPPRODUCT © Cindy F. Solomon
  13. 13. Startup Product Talks STARTUPPRODUCT © Cindy F. Solomon
  15. 15. © Cindy F. Solomon# STARTUPPRODUCT
  17. 17. Startup Product, a movement for product excellence through cross-discipline collaboration and holistic product perspective. © Cindy F. Solomon# STARTUPPRODUCT
  18. 18. © Cindy F. Solomon# STARTUPPRODUCT
  19. 19. Questions • Who’s here? • What do YOU want? • What does it take to create a product centric focus in your organization? • How do you raise visibility, respect and product leadership for increasing product success?@STARTUPPRODUCT © Cindy F. Solomon# STARTUPPRODUCT
  21. 21. PRODUCT Building a successful product management organization requires not only developing theMANAGEMENT - skills of your product managers, but making sure they know how to work effectively withNOUN the rest of the product team, as a key part of your company’s overall product development organization and product development process, and knowing how to create the type of products your company requires, andBUSINESS knowing how to compete successfully in theFOUNDATION markets you play in. Marty Cagan, SVPG PRODUCT MANAGEMENT @STARTUPPRODUCT © Cindy F. Solomon # STARTUPPRODUCT
  22. 22. Product-specific (inbound) responsibilities: Product •Product strategy development (high level vision for how the product drives the business model and competes against competition) •Requirements and use case gathering and development (both Management internal and external customers) •Requirement prioritization - Verb •Create specification (detailed to address requirements) •Product life cycle management (including release definitions, roadmap development, etc.) •Project management - manage the day-to-day execution of the product team (QA, development, design, copy, etc.) Market-specific (outbound) responsibilities: •Product positioning and marketing messaging •Competitive monitoring and analysisOrganization Function •Collateral development explaining product and features •Training and education of internal and external customers on new product and features Product •Launch campaign development and support - e.g. PR campaigns, Management tradeshows, webinars, social media marketing, etc. General business responsibilities: P/L management @STARTUPPRODUCT © Cindy F. Solomon # STARTUPPRODUCT
  23. 23. Strategic?The PRODUCTMANAGEMENT - thing Execution?Department, Customer driven?Group Sales driven? Technology driven? Product Manager, Product Marketing Manager, Product Owner, Scrum Master Agile Project Manager Program Manager ?@STARTUPPRODUCT © Cindy F. Solomon# STARTUPPRODUCT
  24. 24. PRODUCT MANAGEMENT Professional People PRODUCT MANAGEMENT Youjob, position, career, profession, identi ty Your Personal Value – what you’re providing and what you’re getting from being or doing product management @STARTUPPRODUCT © Cindy F. Solomon # STARTUPPRODUCT
  25. 25. Solomon says“Product Managers create context forthe product within the company, withinthe development process, with all thestakeholders and within the industry,market, channel and end-usercommunity.”@STARTUPPRODUCT © Cindy F. Solomon# STARTUPPRODUCT
  26. 26. Being a great product manager and product marketing leader requires:• identifying the questions that no one else isrecognizing which need to be asked,• asking effective questions that impact theconversation and• creating the framework to generate thedesired, intended results, i.e. launchedproducts, highly functioning teams, satisfiedcustomers, increased revenue streams, leanorganizations, net profit.@STARTUPPRODUCT © Cindy F. Solomon# STARTUPPRODUCT
  28. 28. How Do You Define Culture?@STARTUPPRODUCT © Cindy F. Solomon# STARTUPPRODUCT
  29. 29. HubSpot Culture Code: 152 Slides Creating A Company We Love, Dharmesh © Cindy F. Solomon# STARTUPPRODUCT
  30. 30. HubSpot Culture CodeHere are some of the highlights from the HubSpot Culture Code:1) Culture is to recruiting as product is to marketing.2) Whether you like it or not, youre going to have a culture. Why not make it oneyou love?3) Solve For The Customer -- not just their happiness, but also their success.4) Power is now gained by sharing knowledge, not hoarding it.5) "Sunlight is the best disinfectant."6) You shouldnt penalize the many for the mistakes of the few.7) Results should matter more than when or where they are produced.8) Influence should be independent of hierarchy.9) Great people want direction on where theyre going -- not directions on how toget there.10) "Better a diamond with a flaw than a pebble without."11) Wed rather be failing frequently than never trying. © Cindy F. Solomon# STARTUPPRODUCT
  31. 31. How Do You Define Product Excellence?@STARTUPPRODUCT © Cindy F. Solomon# STARTUPPRODUCT
  32. 32. "Above all else, align with customers. Win when they win. Win only when they win.“ —Jeff Bezos, 2012@STARTUPPRODUCT © Cindy F. Solomon# STARTUPPRODUCT
  33. 33. Product Excellence Depends on where you’re touching@STARTUPPRODUCT © Cindy F. Solomon# STARTUPPRODUCT
  34. 34. How You Define Product Excellence Depends on Where You’re Looking1.Business, organization view2.Product Management functional view3.Personal (team member) view@STARTUPPRODUCT © Cindy F. Solomon# STARTUPPRODUCT
  35. 35. What Makes A Product Great Depends…@STARTUPPRODUCT © Cindy F. Solomon# STARTUPPRODUCT
  36. 36. • On who you’re asking • On where you’re looking • On what you’re touching • On where it is in the Product Lifecycle • On who’s using it, etc.@STARTUPPRODUCT © Cindy F. Solomon# STARTUPPRODUCT
  37. 37. How Do You Define Product Excellence?@STARTUPPRODUCT © Cindy F. Solomon# STARTUPPRODUCT
  38. 38. The Invisible Computer Donald Norman mapped lifecycle of products why good products can fail…@STARTUPPRODUCT © Cindy F. Solomon# STARTUPPRODUCT
  39. 39. lifecycle of products “In its early days, a technology cannot meet all the needs of its customers. Early adopters need the technology and they are willing to suffer inconvenience to get it. With time, the technology matures, offering better performance and higher reliability. When the technology exceeds the basic needs of most of its customers, there is a major change in customer behavior. Emotional reaction, pride of ownership, and pleasurability all can become major selling points.” The Invisible Computer Donald Norman@STARTUPPRODUCT © Cindy F. Solomon# STARTUPPRODUCT
  41. 41. © Cindy F. Solomon# STARTUPPRODUCT
  42. 42. Product Excellence is measured differently in Each Stage@STARTUPPRODUCT © Cindy F. Solomon# STARTUPPRODUCT
  43. 43. Stage 1 Pure function is all that matters: If the one thing it does is the only option available, people will be happy with it.@STARTUPPRODUCT © Cindy F. Solomon# STARTUPPRODUCT
  44. 44. Stage 2 Feature Wars The number of features matters because frequently the buyer doesnt understand what each feature actually means. Later in this phase, specific features do make a difference as people are looking for certain features to make their purchase decisions.@STARTUPPRODUCT © Cindy F. Solomon# STARTUPPRODUCT
  45. 45. Stage 3 Experience Wars The experience and total cost of ownership matters most. Products with fewer -but better- features will trump the more feature-laden winners of Stage 2.@STARTUPPRODUCT © Cindy F. Solomon# STARTUPPRODUCT
  46. 46. Stage 4 Commodities The actual item becomes absorbed into a larger product mix. Individual features of the technology no longer matter, but become a price/performance issue for the integrator.@STARTUPPRODUCT © Cindy F. Solomon# STARTUPPRODUCT
  47. 47. There is a lifecycle that every product, startup, idea and project passes through to be realized that parallels the “creative process”@STARTUPPRODUCT © Cindy F. Solomon# STARTUPPRODUCT
  48. 48. Focusing on where the product is in its lifecycle enables a conversation that brings us all together on whatwill serve the product most to arriveat product/market fit, sustain growth and generate revenue streams.@STARTUPPRODUCT © Cindy F. Solomon# STARTUPPRODUCT
  49. 49. Identify Where The Product Is in the lifecycle AIPMM Product Management Lifecycle Framework@STARTUPPRODUCT © Cindy F. Solomon# STARTUPPRODUCT
  50. 50. Become Expert At Speaking “Product” DELIVER RESULTS ACROSS ALL PHASES AIPMM Product Management Lifecycle Framework@STARTUPPRODUCT © Cindy F. Solomon# STARTUPPRODUCT
  51. 51. Innovation CERTIFIED INNOVATION LEADER • Managed Front End – Innovation Strategic Alignment – Ideation Management – Business Case Development • New Product Development – Knowledge Creation – Project Planning – Innovation Development – Innovation Qualification – Product Launch •
  52. 52. Innovation Innovation Innovation Big Picture Business Case Development Identification 1. Conceive 3. Develop 5. Launch 4. Qualify 2. Plan Project SILA Managed New Front Product End (AIPMM)
  53. 53. ProdBOKProdBOK is the ProductManagement andMarketing Body ofKnowledge , an industry-wide effort to standardizethe practice of productmanagement sponsoredby the Association ofInternational ProductManagement andMarketing (AIPMM) @STARTUPPRODUCT © Cindy F. Solomon # STARTUPPRODUCT
  54. 54. How Do You Drive Alignment of Product perspective across all functions?@STARTUPPRODUCT © Cindy F. Solomon# STARTUPPRODUCT
  56. 56. Attributes of High PerformingProduct Teams Listen: @STARTUPPRODUCT © Cindy F. Solomon # STARTUPPRODUCT
  57. 57. Ask Questions, Listen & Learn Their Language@STARTUPPRODUCT © Cindy F. Solomon# STARTUPPRODUCT
  58. 58. Listen• What are their concerns, issues, focus?• What motivates them?• How do they define and measure product success?• What do they need to guarantee success of the product?• What can you provide them that forwards their success?@STARTUPPRODUCT © Cindy F. Solomon# STARTUPPRODUCT
  59. 59. Translate the Road Map For Various Audiences Ask Questions, Listen & Learn Their Language@STARTUPPRODUCT © Cindy F. Solomon# STARTUPPRODUCT
  60. 60. Practice The Art Of Product ManagementLISTEN: © Cindy F. Solomon# STARTUPPRODUCT
  61. 61. Gain Respect of DevelopersLISTEN: @STARTUPPRODUCT © Cindy F. Solomon # STARTUPPRODUCT
  62. 62. Understand What Sales Needs LISTEN: © Cindy F. Solomon# STARTUPPRODUCT
  63. 63. Put Humans First LISTEN: @STARTUPPRODUCT © Cindy F. Solomon # STARTUPPRODUCT
  64. 64. Embrace UX LISTEN: © Cindy F. Solomon# STARTUPPRODUCT
  65. 65. Become A Better Leader Dave Kerpen is the New York Times bestselling author of two books, Likeable Social Media and Likeable Business. © Cindy F. Solomon# STARTUPPRODUCT
  66. 66. © Cindy F. Solomon# STARTUPPRODUCT
  67. 67. Cindy F. Solomon 510-499-6955 LinkedIn! Twitter and skype @cindyfsolomon Join the Startup Product movement for product excellence! @startupproduct #startupproduct Founder, Global Product Management Talk Broadcast discussion of vital issues affecting professionals passionate about products, business process, product management, startups, marketing, innovation and excellence. @prodmgmttalk #prodmgmttalk Be showcased on the show! © Cindy F. Solomon# STARTUPPRODUCT
  68. 68. Thank you! Join me weekly on Global Product Management Talk And on Twitter: @cindyfsolomon @prodmgmttalk @startupproduct @productcampsf October 12, 2013 Please connect with me on linkedin! STARTUPPRODUCT © Cindy F. Solomon
  69. 69. Upcoming Courses Course & Location Dates Days Time ACPM® Certification Prep Course & Exam McLean, VA May 13, 2013 M 8:30 am – 5 pm CPM® Certification Prep Course & Exam McLean, VA May 14-15, 2013 T, W 8:30 am – 5 pm CPMM® Certification Prep Course & Exam McLean, VA May 16-17, 2013 Th, F 8:30 am – 5 pm Register for these courses here: Additional courses are available in Austin, San Jose, and Seattle.© AIPMM 2013
  70. 70. Upcoming Courses Course & Location Dates Time CPM® Certification Prep Course & Exam Amman, Jordan May 6-7, 2013 8 am – 5 pm Singapore May 27-29, 2013 8 am – 5 pm CPMM® Certification Prep Course & Exam Amman, Jordan May 8-9, 2013 8 am – 5 pm Singapore May 30-Jun 1, 2013 8 am – 5 pm Follow the links provided to get more information regarding these courses.© AIPMM 2013
  71. 71. For More Information About • AIPMM membership benefits • Certification courses in your area • How to prepare to take a certification exam • Defining the right product strategy & innovation strategy to grow your business Hector Del Castillo, PMP, CPM, CPMM Transforming products to wealtht for technology-based organizations.TM Product Marketing Director hmdelcastillo [at]© AIPMM 2013
  72. 72. Please Join Us Again! AIPMM Webinar Series: Friday April 12 USING VALUE-BASED INNOVATION FOR NEW PRODUCT INTRODUCTIONS Global Product Management Talk: Monday April 15 How to Do Product Marketing Without Marketing Your Product with Dennis Shiao, Director of Product Marketing at INXPO Stay Informed! Newsletter: LinkedIn: Membership: Certification:© AIPMM 2013