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Creating a Compelling Vision for Your Product Roadmap


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How well are you communicating your company’s product strategy?

This webinar will discuss different ways of organizing your product roadmap and presenting a compelling vision to different audiences. We will discuss how to group your initiatives into themes. We will discuss processes for prioritizing what gets on to the roadmap and getting buy-in from executives and other stakeholders.

Join Jim Semick as he shares insights and tips for creating a compelling product roadmap vision.

What you will learn:

· How to present strategic initiatives to different audiences

· How to group initiatives into themes

· Different ways to organize product roadmap documents

· Tips to engage executives

· Methods to prioritize your roadmap initiatives

Who Should Attend

Product Managers, Product Marketing Managers, Project Managers, Program Managers and anyone responsible for creating product roadmaps

About the Speaker:

Jim Semick is co-founder of ProductPlan, Web-based software for developing and communicating your strategic product roadmap. Jim speaks frequently about market validation and the new product development process. He was part of the founding team at AppFolio, a business SaaS company that has raised over $30M in venture funding. Jim previously led market validation and wrote the first product requirements for well-known software products including Citrix GoToMyPC and GoToMeeting.
About ProductPlan

ProductPlan is the best way to visualize, organize, and communicate your company’s product strategy.


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Creating a Compelling Vision for Your Product Roadmap

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  7. 7. How well are you communicating your company’s product strategy?
  8. 8. Signs of Roadmap Chaos • Strategic objectives not clear • Confusion about current roadmap • Lack of transparency into decisions • Roadmaps disjointed across org • Execs not on board or lost in weeds
  9. 9. Poll How often do you meet with the executive / management team to review the product roadmap?
  10. 10. Consider Your Audience Executives? Engineers? Sales? Customers?
  11. 11. Align your roadmap with goals Keep your initiatives high level Tell a compelling story
  12. 12. Group features into themes that deliver value
  13. 13. Prioritizing Your Roadmap Costs: Implementation effort, support costs, risk Benefits: revenue, growth, customer satisfaction, strategic value Kano Model Product Effort versus Customer Delight
  14. 14. The conversation matters as much as the score
  15. 15. Ways to Organize Your Roadmap • Product Line • Product Category (e.g. Web, Mobile, Platform) • Markets Served • Strategic Initiative (e.g. monetization, growth) • Team • Outcomes, Goals • Sales Channel • Status
  16. 16. Poll How are you updating and sharing your strategic roadmap document today?
  17. 17. Roadmap Samples
  18. 18. Typical Executive Facing Roadmap Product Lines or Categories Long-term Timeframe Strategic Goals Details: Value, Features, Risk
  19. 19. Poll What are the primary elements that you use to organize your product roadmap?
  20. 20. Engaging Executives • Tell the story – be visual • Be transparent about your process - involve them • Align decisions with Goals and KPIs • Give them access to the roadmap
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