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Ed Brill is Director, Product Management -- IBM Social Business and Collaboration Solutions. Brill is responsible for the product and market strategy for IBM's messaging, collaboration, communications, and productivity products. Brill's focus is on extending and growing the success of these solutions through customer engagement, partner ecosystem development, and harnessing the breadth and depth of the IBM organization.
In eighteen years at IBM, Brill has led a variety of sales, marketing, and product-related organizations. As Director for Social Business, Brill has succeeded in elevating IBM's expertise and reputation in brand and product management. He has constantly innovated in both marketplace strategy and product execution. Committed to understanding the global marketplace, Brill has visited IBM customers in over forty countries, and is a frequent speaker at IBM and industry events worldwide. Brill has served on the advisory boards for Web 2.0 Expo and IDG Mobile Enterprise Next. Ed Brill is the author of the IBM Press book, "Opting In: Lessons in Social Business from a Fortune 500 Product Manager", published in January, 2013. Brill holds a Bachelor of Science degree in marketing from Indiana University, with a minor in political science.
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  • AIPMM Webcast: Becoming the Social Product Manager

    1. 1. AIPMM Webinar Series AIPMM Webinar Series© AIPMM 2013 @AIPMM
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    3. 3. Founded 1998 Largest Product Management professional group Provides professional development and certification • Certified Product Manager • Certified Product Marketing Manager • Agile Certified Product Manager • Certified Innovation Leader© AIPMM 2013 @AIPMM
    4. 4. Today’s Speakers Moderator: Cindy F. Solomon, CPM, CPMM Founder, Global Product Management Talk Producer, Startup Product Summit @cindyfsolomon @ProdMgmtTalk @startupproduct Presenter: Ed Brill, Director Social Business and Collaboration Solutions, IBM© AIPMM 2013 #prodmgmt @AIPMM
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    6. 6. Win! Participants who use the Questions box will be entered into a drawing to win a FREE COPY of Ed’s book: Opting In: Lessons in Social Business from a Fortune 500 Product Manager© AIPMM 2013 @AIPMM
    7. 7. Becoming the“Social Product Manager”Ed Brill – Director, MarketingIBM SoftwareMarch 29, © 2013 IBM Corporation
    8. 8. Agenda What is a "social product manager"? What is a social business as defined by IBM? How does an individual product manager affect their marketplace? What are some of the best tools for social product managers? What are some of the risks associated with product management and social business? How will product management evolve through use of social business tools? © 2013 IBM Corporation
    9. 9. What is a “Social Product Manager”?Answer: A product manager whounderstands the value of participation. © 2013 IBM Corporation
    10. 10. The Power of Participation Connect to undiscovered information & experts Discover new relationships Capturing, packaging and reusing user created content Execute better business decisions © 2013 IBM Corporation
    11. 11. What is Social Business?Answer: Social Business leverages all thesocial tools and techniques of social mediain all of a company’s processes, bothinternal and external. © 2013 IBM Corporation
    12. 12. People are empowered like never before Find and share Rise of social networking Bringing social tools information instantly and mobile devices into the enterprise 200 million tweets sent via 66% of online adults use 41% of GenY say social Twitter per day social media platforms media is important to 30 billion pieces of content such as Facebook, Twitter, them in the workplace are shared on Facebook MySpace or LinkedIn 64% of GenY download each month Smartphone and tablet unauthorized applications Wikipedia hosts 17 million shipments now outpace at least once a week articles PCs to get their job done Source: Pew Internet & American Life Project Source: Prescient DigitalSource: 20 Stunning Social Media Statistics, © 2013 IBM CorporationWritten by Jeff Bullas Source: IDC Predictions 2 012 : Competing for 2 020
    13. 13. Forrester model of social software adoption © 2013 IBM Corporation global_social_technographics_update_2011_us_and_eu_mature_emerging_markets_show_lots_of_activity
    14. 14. How does an individual product manageraffect their marketplace?Answer: Engagement. © 2013 IBM Corporation
    15. 15. Curation – The value of authentic voice © 2013 IBM Corporation
    16. 16. Measuring Return on Investment – IBM Inside Sales 2012 Rutgers/Duke study of IBMs inside sales organization Results: – Inside sales representatives who utilize social business tools identify 11% more opportunity revenue than those who do not – Inside sales specialists, with expertise on a particular product area, who utilize social business tools close 26% more opportunities than those who do not – Increases in a sellers digital sales eminence and network influence can increase their results by 2% to 6% © 2013 IBM Corporation
    17. 17. IBM Social Computing Guidelines • Written collaboratively with IBMers in 2006 • Provides both permission and direction • Clarifies roles for employees © 2013 IBM Corporation
    18. 18. IBM Champions Program Community-nominated Committee-selected Annual validation/selection Perks: – Special access to IBM activities – Early disclosure/information – IBM brand merchandise © 2013 IBM Corporation
    19. 19. What are some of the best tools for socialproduct managers?Answer: Go where your customers…yourpartners…your community…are. © 2013 IBM Corporation
    20. 20. Communities © 2013 IBM Corporation
    21. 21. Crowdsourcing © 2013 IBM Corporation
    22. 22. Sharing Optimized content for B2B Search leads to channels Channels lead back to © 2013 IBM Corporation
    23. 23. Bringing customers into the community © 2013 IBM Corporation
    24. 24. Taking the conversation where the conversation takes place Old school insertion strategies are only minimally effective Search is the starting point Humans want to talk to humans © 2013 IBM Corporation
    25. 25. What are some of the risks associatedwith product management and socialbusiness?Answer: Blind spots. © 2013 IBM Corporation
    26. 26. Some of the potential risks for social product managers• Unintended audiences• Subset populations/demographics/languages• Emotions• Identity challenges and imitations• Internal tensions over disclosure, attention, or priorities © 2013 IBM Corporation
    27. 27. How will product management evolvethrough the use of social business tools?Answer: Leadership. © 2013 IBM Corporation
    28. 28. Product managers in the future will…• Align more directly with business management and oversight• Find more tools and ways to be inclusive of all markets, languages, and cultures• Be able to be selective about how to reach key audiences through use of social tools• Communicate effectively both inbound and outbound © 2013 IBM Corporation
    29. 29. Opting In: Lessons in Social BusinessAmazon: Press (discount code BRILL): Why Social Business? The Social Product Manager Self, Product, and Company Offense or Defense Picking a Fight Activate Your Advocates Tools of the Trade In Real Life Social Inside the Organization Risk Management in Social Business Putting Opting In into Practice Appendix: IBM Social Computing Guidelines © 2013 IBM Corporation
    30. 30. Thank you! © 2013 IBM Corporation
    31. 31. Please Join Us Again! AIPMM Webinar Series: Friday April 5 Optimizing The Product Management Function Global Product Management Talk: Monday April 1 Growth Hacking With A Telephone Stay Informed! Newsletter: LinkedIn: Membership: Certification:© AIPMM 2013 @AIPMM