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FinCap Solutions Brochure


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FinCap Solutions brief brochure describing our consulting business

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FinCap Solutions Brochure

  1. 1. Technology Capabilities Languages Tools joint venture of Computech Corporation and CapitalFusion Partners Application Development and Web Services Database Management and Administration Online Check Handling JAVA, C++ SharePoint, TIBCO Detroit l Chicago l New York l Toronto l l Chennai Hyderabad l C#, Visual Basic SilverLight Database Architecture and Fixed Income Application Web Methods Administration of Core Banking and Credit Card Whole Loan Trading CRM Webservers Database Application ORACLE Weblogic, Websphere SIEBEL Apache Datawarehousing (Credit& Derivative Trading / Calypso Loan database) Database Middleware & BI Reporting Pricing Apps.Pre pay / Loss Oracle, SQL Server Aqualogic System & Network Model Sybase, Teradata BIRT & JASPER Administration Nateeza Loan Servicing Application Frontend Migration and Upgrade ETL Informatica Microstrategy Services Retail Finance Application Datastage Businessobjects Pentaho Cognos Integration of 3rd party loan and bond database 3rd Party Database: INTEX, Loan Performance, MBS Data Service Models Process & Proposition About FinCap Solutions Dedicated (Contractual) Model Retained Model Project-Based Model FinCap Solutions is a joint venture between Computech Corporation’s technology group for financial industry (Fin*Engines) and CapitalFusion Partners, a comprehensive solution We build and set up Outsourcing When project scope is not frozen and is When project specifications, scope, provider for the structured finance sector. Fin*Engines is a provider of Information Development Center and Dedicated undergoing frequent changes. Dedicated deliverables and acceptance criteria are technology solutions and services with offices and development center in USA, Canada Technology Specialists that work to work FinCap retains team of resources clearly defined FinCap team can present a exclusively for client dedicated to work for the client and pays not-to-exceed Fixed Price, Fixed Time and India. We design, implement & customize enterprise systems for security trading, Method as per use of the hourly development Proposal portfolio management, risk management, asset securitization, e-Finance and Financial A virtual extension of client development efforts operations. We help clients optimally manage all aspects of proprietary technology team that are organized and managed by FinCap to meet the clients explicit Minimum number of hours should be development including Analysis, Strategy, Design, Implementation, Deployment and Business objectives committed from Client to retain the Maintenance. resources Provides resource flexibility, extensive This model gives the flexibility of adjusting The price is decided at the beginning ofAdvantage scalability, cost and time efficiencies, cross the clients project team size, while the project trained resources and the ability to adjust optimizing on the time and costs to peak loads Business and Technology Advisory Services for Capital Markets FinCap Solutions provides Business and Technology advisory services to financial and Project budgeting is pre-decided and fixed The development effort is billed at the end Vary from project-to-project, based on the for different technologies or level of of every month based on a monthly scope of the project and the number of insurance sector. Established in 1996 to provide technology solutions and bespoke Fee programmers required by client generated time sheet and a pre-negotiated hours spent on it services to global financial services institutions, FinCap operates through three serviceStructure hourly rate Work time of the team is reserved for a Pricing by "milestones" that are agreed verticals: Business Intelligence, Business Research/ Consulting, Technology consulting client, and expected to keep the workload upon before any project starts and implementation. Our team is comprised of seasoned business leaders and world- of the team at the agreed specified level class professionals whose varied talents span multiple disciplines. We take pride in our ability to deliver exactly what you need to address your business challenges and improve performance. Our unique size, solutions expertise and breadth of capabilities allow us to For details please contact: meet your business goals. John Joshi Girish Nair Pradeep Gunda Business Solutions 818.294.3381 248.640.7597 +91 998.908.6640 email: email: email: Technology Solutions Email: We b s i t e : w w w. f i n e n g i n e s . c o m
  2. 2. joint venture of Computech Corporation and CapitalFusion PartnersUniqueness Te c h no logWe are unique in many ways and help to tip the scales in our clients favor by originating bold and unprecedented strategies that are unforeseeable by y/opponents. Our core competence lies in our ability to help small and medium sized businesses maximize revenue, generate growth and develop a Structured Finance Services ct s Sy u stsustainable competitive edge through our individualized solutions. We are one of the few with a good blend of Business and Technology capabilities. od em FinData In-house Pr sSOur business capabilities helps us understand the core reason “why” a client is seeking for technology solutions to augment and automate their Data Analytics Information Analytics Offshore FinPricer olubusiness environment, this help us nail down the key factors that are associated with Return on Investment. tion Data Extraction Monitoring and Surveillance s Data Entry/Mapping Customized Dashboards Document Management Risk Analytics and Reporting Busine Loan Level Data/Mapping Analytical Research Capital Markets / ss t Un d e r s t a Structured Finance ndi i en n g Cl eds Ne Business Intelligence Financial Analytics I Bu llig Value Proposition nt Surveillance sin enc Client/Investor Mapping Deal Structuring e Data & ess e Reduce costs of operations and improve width and depth of Competition Mapping Cash Flow Modeling Software ng Issuer /New Issuances Research Pricing and FAS 157 Valuations Custom Reports existing analytical capabilities i Te s t Customized Surveys Transaction Management Analysis On demand solution with a mix of dedicated staff and consulting model onsite and offshore Experience in all asset classes: ABS, RMBS, CMBS, CRE, CLO, CDO, SME etc Experience working with various client types: Issuers, servicers, trustees, principal finance divisions, investors, investment banks Offshore Capabilities tion Backb ecu on Ex e Nearshore and Offshore Infrastructure Software Quality Assurance 24X7 Availability Strong Intranet Backbone Datawarehousing, Analytics and Business Business Verticals Security Practices Intelligence Technology Alliances Financial Services Solutions Business Intelligence Solutions Consulting Research Application Development Offerings: Structured Finance Bond Offerings: Strategic analysis and mapping Offering: Technology Solutions on Client Analysis, Securitization and other of clients, competition, investors and Database Creation, Migration and Application Maintenance & Support Servicing Modeling Support, Investment Research, human capital for market analysis, Integration. Application for Portfolio Quality Management Systems Global Workforce and other Investment Analytics competition and tactical consulting Management, Tools for mapping multiple Enterprise Application Integration Project Management Performance & Career third party database on loan and bond Practices Management Clients: Hedge Funds, Investment Banks, Clients: Private equity firms & asset level Global Systems Continuous Learning Legacy Modernization Private Equity Firms, Asset Management management firms Clients: Private Equity Firms, Asset Technology Change Firms and Management Consulting Firms Management Firms and Hedge Funds Management