Greening DECC - The CIO as Champion


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Jennifer Rigby CIO and Karen Dell Head of Sustainability DECC present at the CIO Event. For more information Click here

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Greening DECC - The CIO as Champion

  1. 1. Greening DECC – the CIO as Champion Karen Dell Head of Sustainability
  2. 2. We exist as a Department to counter two key risksDangerous climate change A shortfall in supplies of safe, affordable energy CIO Responsibilities• IT• Sustainability• Estates• Knowledge and Information Management• Security AlsoChair of the Government Green Delivery Unit responsible for the delivery of the GovernmentGreen ICT Strategy
  3. 3. Our energy performance• In 2009/10 we used 30% less energy than in 2008/09• In 2010/11 we used 27% less energy than in 2009/10
  4. 4. Our Carbon performance• In 2009/10 we emitted 19% less carbon than in 2008/09• In 2010/11 we emitted 18.5% less carbon than in 2009/10 Carbon emissions 1600 1400 1200 1000 T/CO2 800 600 400 200 0 2008/9 2009/10 2010/11
  5. 5. Display Energy Certificates (DEC) 3 Whitehall PlaceDec 2008 Oct 2011
  6. 6. Display Energy Certificates (DEC) 55 WhitehallApril 2011 Jan 2012
  7. 7. How we achieved this• No out of hours heating/cooling of the building• Virtually no out of hours heating of hot water• Rigorous heating cooling regime• Switch-off routines and checking timer switches• Occupancy sensing for both lighting and FCUs• Timers to zip taps• Variable speed drives (for primary and secondary heating pumps and extract fans)• LED lighting• Dedicated IT chiller
  8. 8. IT chiller• Cost around £91K• Saves over 90 tonnes of carbon per annum• Saves around £17,000 per annum• Payback approx five years• In addition we use energy efficient laptops and monitors.
  9. 9. Greening DECC - Future plans• Printer refresh• All of our new laptops & desktop purchases are energystar 4 compliant, and / or EPEAT Gold rated.• Additional / replacement keyboards and mice are made using biodegradable materials• Automating existing BMS controls• Installing solar film• Installing variable speed drives to supply fans (already have them on extract fans)• Boiler optimiser• Extension of automatic lighting controls• More extensive use of LED lighting (extending into office areas)• Improving air supply to cellular offices• Rebalancing air supply to open office spaces.
  10. 10. Still considering...
  11. 11. Embedding into our processes/governance• DECC ICT Strategy 2011-14 - core principles inc: – our ICT solution/s must have first class green / sustainability credentials – re-use first• Green ICT Strategy under development• IT membership on DECC’s Carbon Management Programme Team• Sustainability criteria recently included in business case templates (all projects including ICT)
  12. 12. Greening DECC- Challenges and Lessons learned Challenges • Law of diminishing returns • Increasing staff numbers • Expanding estate • Financial constraints • Existing contracts • Expectations Lessons learned • Consultation, consultation, consultation • Encourage and be responsive to feedback • Communication • Call in the experts
  13. 13. Greening DECC - Championing Green• Listen to staff• Get them involved• Consult with relevant colleagues• Communicate well
  14. 14. GREENING ??: Over to you•The second half of the workshop will be a short discussion in small groups so that wecan share experiences.• Each table will be asked then to share one story of success or one lesson learnedfrom their discussion on implementing green ICT.
  15. 15. FOLLOW UP: Some links•• This page contains: • HMG Greening Government ICT Strategy • HMG Green ICT Case studies • HMG Green ICT Maturity Model (an assessment of the “greeness” of your ICT activities) • HMG Green ICT Roadmap (gives a list of target outcomes to work towards supported by the actions in the workbook below) • HMG Green ICT workbook (advice and actions to reduce the environmental impact of ICT)• management-plan-2011.pdf