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FAU - Introduction to the Power of LinkedIn


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This presentation was given to the Florida Atlantic University's Marketing Students. The topic was LinkedIn and its impact on their career search.

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FAU - Introduction to the Power of LinkedIn

  1. 1. Digital Marketing Chris Muccio March 2013 FAU Introduction to the Power of LinkedIn
  2. 2. About Me Chris Muccio Chief Digital Business Strategist • Executive driving revenue growth through innovative & strategic uses of digital technology • Authored Amazon Best Seller • Named as 2014 Top 40 Digital Marketing Strategists • 24 years of corporate, consulting and small business success
  3. 3. My Experiences 20 Years Ago…
  4. 4. Mobile was different
  5. 5. Music was different
  6. 6. The “web” was different First Day By Graduation
  7. 7. My First Laptop Compaq 286 Processor DOS Based Size of a small Suitcase
  8. 8. Cutting Edge! • 2 Computer Labs – 1 w/24 hour access • Desktops with 150 Mgs of Storage • Windows 3.1 • 2 sizes of Floppies • Microsoft Office 8” 5.25” 3.5”
  9. 9. My Job Search Was Different
  10. 10. My Job Search Was Different
  11. 11. My Job Search Was Different
  12. 12. My Job Search Was Different
  13. 13. Today… “Social-centric” Students
  14. 14. Perception is Reality
  15. 15. Perception is Reality
  16. 16. Value Drives Business The Basics… Part 1
  17. 17. Decisions are made based on maximizing finite resources • Money • Time & Attention Price is what you pay. Value is what you get -Warren BuffetValue is everywhere • Think about a conversation… How often do YOU think like this? Why? Whose perspective counts? • Yours AND the other party
  18. 18. Vs. Recognizing Value
  19. 19. Communicating Value Communication in the Digital World Know the Target Audience • Personality Type • Interact • Study • Research Time / Attention Span • 3 Second Brand • Elevator Pitch • An Event Medium • In person / Online • Verbal / Non Verbal • Leverage? Frequency • One Time • First Impression • Built Over Time • Sustainability
  20. 20. Conversations Lead to Trust The Basics… Part 2
  21. 21. Who is your target audience? How? • Digital Media  a Conversation (on an exponential scale w/ target audience) • Conversations  Relationships • Relationships  Opportunities
  22. 22. Facebook vs LinkedIn Value Attention Required Analogy Conversation with EXISTING social contacts Meeting and relationship building with (new & existing) business contacts Immediate Gratification INCREMENTAL gratification through relationship building with BUSINESS contacts Interacting over Happy Hour Networking over Cocktail Hour
  23. 23. LinkedIn Leveraging its Power Student Generated Questions
  24. 24. I know I need to be on LinkedIn, but it just seems overwhelming. Can you share any tips to make getting started easier? Question #1
  25. 25. Time Initial Awareness Inflated Expectations Disillusionment Valley Enlightened Awakening Implementation of Productivity Activity 1 2 3 4 5 6 7 Y X The Adoption Curve 1. Receive random invitations. Not sure what it is all about 2. Influenced by friends, colleagues and media to “get on board” 3. Dazzled by buzzwords 4. Engage feverishly to add contacts 5. Step back and realize no strategic direction set, no goals reached, time wasted. 6. Education about the strategic uses 7. Implement a disciplined, strategic, goal oriented approach to digital marketing for the brand LinkedIn Adoption Curve
  26. 26. Define Goals Roadmap 1. “I’m using LI for…” 2. Learn how to use 3. Identify Your Value 4. Find & Interact with Target Audience Getting Started
  27. 27. Articulating Value
  28. 28. I understand I need to express my value, but… …are there any EASY things to help me to standout? Question #2
  29. 29. Standout in a Crowd Differentiate your value from your competition Billy Johnson Does this?
  30. 30. Billy Johnson Billy Johnson Professional Headline 3 Second “Sound-bite” Immediate Branding / Virtually Omnipresent
  31. 31. Billy Johnson Billy Johnson Professional Headline 3 Second “Sound-bite” Immediate Branding / Virtually Omnipresent
  32. 32. Help me complete these… … serves Chicken that is Finger-lickin’ good Who wants you to “Just Do It”? … is the Breakfast of Champions …is the Worldwide Leader in Sports Examples of “Sound Bites” The Ultimate Driving Machine…
  33. 33. I’m just starting to get up to speed on LinkedIn. Are there any tools on the site that can help me in planning my direction? Question #3
  34. 34. Invest in Yourself Learn how to compete / Get “educated” 1. Learn about Industries – LinkedIn Pulse 2. Learn from Others – Via LinkedIn Groups 3. Researching Companies & People – Company Follow 4. Job Search – Via Job Search Function or Via Group Postings
  35. 35. What can I do to my Profile to help me get noticed by Companies and Recruiters? Question #4
  36. 36. Your Profile is Your Billboard Let’s introduce you to Bob Smith Perhaps you met him networking or Received an email and saw he was on LinkedIn or Came across his name in a LinkedIn Search If you arrived at this Profile, what would you do next? Bob Smith Contact Bob Smith
  37. 37. Let’s walk through this example… /3/283/578 John Jones
  38. 38. Can this billboard be more effective? Your Brand with a 3 Second “Sound bite” /3/283/578 John Jones 175 Direct Connections Directing Web Traffic Vanity Link Photo ???? Key Words
  39. 39. What else can I do to generate positive attention to myself? Question #5
  40. 40. Simple Tactics • In Person • Participate in LinkedIn Groups • Email Signature • Being Active on Social Media – Integrate my activities • LinkedIn Introductions (relationship build) • Through Referrals – Students – Faculty & Staff
  41. 41. How do I “cold call” on LinkedIn to make contacts? Is there a “protocol”? Question #6
  42. 42. Making Contacts • Try to make it as “warm” as possible – Common connections – Common interests – Provide “Value” • LinkedIn Invitations – Sending – Receiving • Sustaining Communication
  43. 43. Invitations LinkedIn John Jones has indicated you are a Friend: I'd like to add you to my professional network on LinkedIn. - John View Invitation from John Jones LinkedIn John Jones has indicated you are a Friend: Hi Chris, Pleasure meeting you yesterday and look forward to talking further about growing your revenue. I know you mentioned you were busy and we can set it up to provide you value, at your convenience. I'd also like to add you to my professional network on LinkedIn. - John View Invitation from John Jones Default Personalized 1. Refrain from using the default invite alone I'd like to add you to my professional network on LinkedIn. 2. Manage “the invite space allowed” (300 Characters)
  44. 44. If I wanted more LinkedIn information, where can I go? Question #7
  45. 45. Additional Information Join our LinkedIn Group – Linking Insights
  46. 46. Presentation will be posted on my LinkedIn Profile & Slideshare Connect with me on LinkedIn