Facebook How-To:<br />Expand Fan Base (Pages)<br />To clarify, people who “Like” your Facebook PAGE are considered your Fa...
Facebook  How To  Get  Fans
Facebook  How To  Get  Fans
Facebook  How To  Get  Fans
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Facebook How To Get Fans


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Need more Fans? Check out this document with many tips to help expand you fanbase.

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Facebook How To Get Fans

  1. 1. Facebook How-To:<br />Expand Fan Base (Pages)<br />To clarify, people who “Like” your Facebook PAGE are considered your Fans. We want to collect as many Fans as possible so that we can show off our projects and events to the world. Having Fans of your Page is not the same as having friends of your Profile-you do not have access to your Fans personal info as you would if they were your FB personal Profile friend and you cannot send your Fans personal messages (remember Pages and Profiles are not the same).This security measure is so anyone can access your Page without having to know exactly who you are. So we are most concerned with collecting FANS of our Pages.<br />How to get more Fans:<br />Keep in mind that these are only suggestions- you don’t have to use all of them but we strongly recommend that you choose at least 3 of our suggestions to help gain more Fans.<br />-Create as much Facebook activity on your Pages and Profile as possible.<br />--Update your status everyday and make sure that it is info that people will want to see (i.e. statistics, meeting dates/times, upcoming events/projects, etc.)<br />--You can post a link to your Allstate Page on your County Page or Profile so that Fans of one can become Fans of the other.<br />--Post new photos from events, meeting, etc. as often as possible.<br />--Create a new event for upcoming events and invite your Fans.<br />-Put a “Like” button on your FNL website, blog, or any other web channel that you have.<br />--Click on the “Ads and Pages” link on the left side of your “Home” page and you should see a list of Pages that you have created. Select the “Edit Page” link underneath the Page that you want a ““Like”” button for. (Under “Youth to Youth: Driving the Change” click “edit page”).<br />--Now you should see a list of editing options on the left. Choose “Marketing”.<br />--Choose “Add a like box to your Website”<br />--Select your options: size, color, pictures, etc. – click “get code” when you’re ready to move on.<br />--Copy the code and have your website admin plug the code into your website. You’re done!<br />-“Get a Badge” for your Profile, Pages, or photos and put it on your blog or webpage.<br />--Follow the same steps from above to get to the “Marketing” page.<br />--Now click on the link that says “Get a Badge”<br />--Choose the Page that you want a badge for and where you want the badge to go.<br />--If you choose one of the options they give you (i.e. Blogger, Typepad) you will be prompted to sign in. If you choose other, a code for your badge will appear.<br />--Copy and paste the code to your web page or where ever you’d like to display it. You’re done!<br />-“Like” other Pages, Page’s updates, photos, etc. <br />--You can perform a search in Facebook. I suggest you type in things like “Friday night live”, “fnl”, or specific county Page names if you know them (Be sure to type in your search and click the magnifying glass, not enter). Often times, when you “Like” someone else’s Page, they will “Like” yours back, especially if they have something in common. I suggest that you “Like” other Pages that have something to do with your Page anyway (i.e. “Youth to Youth: Driving the Change” could ““Like”” “Allstate” or another site’s Youth to Youth Page).<br />-Invite your friends to become a Fan of your Page. <br />--Click the “Friends” button on the left hand side of your “Home” page. You should see “Add Personal Contacts as Friends” at the top of the page.<br />--Choose your e-mail provider and click “Find Friends”<br />--This will prompt you to sign into your e-mail so you can then send e-mail invitations to your contacts (be sure that these are people who will actually be interested in what your Page has to offer them).<br />-Add the link to your Facebook Pages to your e-mail signature and/or business cards.<br />--Anytime you give out your contact information for work purposes, it’s a good idea to remind people that you’re on Facebook. <br />--Once you have more than 25 Fans on Facebook, you are allowed to create a “username” for your Page. A “username” is a custom URL name for your Facebook Page.<br />---The “California Friday Night Live Partnership” Facebook Page “username” is www.facebook.com/CaliforniaFNLPartnership (since we have 25+ Fans) whereas our “Youth to Youth: Driving the Change” Facebook Page has the URL https://www.facebook.com/pages/edit/?id=120534328016083&sk=basic (since we have <25 Fans).<br />---Go to “Ads and Pages” on the left hand side of your “Home” page and click “edit page” under the Page you want. This will take you to the “Basic Information” section of your editing options.<br />---towards the top of the page it should say “Username:” with a space for you to create a username. <br />-Use Photo/Video Tags<br />--Anytime you add photos or videos to your Page, urge your current friends to tag themselves and to tag their friends that are in them. When one person tags them self in another’s photo/video, that person’s friends will see that they were tagged and could visit that picture or even your Page.<br />-If you have a Twitter account for your county FNL programs, link it to your County Facebook Page.<br />--Don’t link your Allstate Youth to Youth Page to a Twitter account just yet – connect a County Twitter account to a County Facebook Page/Profile only. <br />--There are many apps that you can use but I recommend using the Facebook app “Twitter for Pages”. Simply search for it in the search bar at the top and “Go to the app”.<br />--Once you are their follow the steps to link your Twitter account to your Facebook Page.<br />-If your county has videos on YouTube, link it to your County Facebook Page.<br />--Don’t link your Allstate Youth to Youth Page to a YouTube account just yet – connect a County YouTube account to a County Facebook Page/Profile only.<br />--I recommend using the “YouTube Tab” app for this. Again, search for the app and follow the steps to setting it up.<br />-Use the @ tag<br />-- When you leave a comment, post a status update, or write a “Note” include some @tags. This feature is similar to the Twitter @tag feature- when you type @Califonria Friday Night Live Partnership, it will become a link and that person will be notified that they were tagged by you.<br />--When you leave comments, etc. include an @tag for your own Page as a signature ending your comment (i.e. Great photo! @California Friday --ur updates, etc on their page as well.a status update for you with the info you wanted to share. Also, urg your fans to share Night Live Partnership). This is helpful if you are commenting on something through your Profile page but would like to link it to one of your Fan Pages as well.<br />-Use the “Share” link.<br />--You can find this link at the bottom left hand side of any Page or Profile as well as underneath any status updates, links, photos, or videos that appear in your News Feed. Anytime you find something interesting that another has posted, share it and it will automatically post a status update for you with the info you wanted to share. Also, urge your Fans to share your updates, etc on their Page as well.<br />