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An Introduction to Open Badges


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What are Badges and how do they motivate or encourage learning in society? The powerpoint is a discussion of how badges may be integrated into an existing learning systems platform such as Moodle.

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An Introduction to Open Badges

  1. 1. Badges An introduction Jane Kanas Instructional Designer Centre for Flexible Learning, USP 3 June 2014
  2. 2. What are they? Badges are digital records of skills, achievements and participation. Source:
  3. 3. Where do people learn or acquire skills? • Formal context • Informal context • Online • Offline, etc. How can you show for these skills, achievements?
  4. 4. Digital vs Open Badges • Open Badges are: • Free and open • Transferable • Stackable • Evidence-based • Open Badges make it easy to: • Get recognition for the things you learn; • Give recognition for the things you teach; • Verify skills; and • Display your verified badges across the web. Sources:
  5. 5. What makes up a badge? •Issuer – Who made the badge •Criteria – What it takes to earn a badge •Evidence – demonstrates proof of earning the badge and provides evidence for assessment Source:
  6. 6. Source:
  7. 7. Applying for a badge Source: Source:
  8. 8. An example of an Open Badge Backpack Source:
  9. 9. Who uses Badges? • Moodle • Open University / Cloudworks Who designs Badges? • Carnegie Mellon Robotics Academy • Disney-Pixar • Microsoft Source:
  10. 10. My Backpack on Mozilla Backpack Badge 2 Badge 1
  11. 11. Learn more about badges • Gavin Henrick: moodle-what-and-why • Mozilla Open Badges:
  12. 12. Our current constraints • Our Moodle platform has badges deactivated – server overload fears • Course designers need to be thoroughly trained so they can create a well-balanced fusion between technology and pedagogy: • Moodle’s Activity completion, • Course completion, • Conditional access and • Marksheet
  13. 13. How can badges be used in our context? • With your neighbour, discuss how badges can be used in our context. • Think about who will be issuing the badge, for what purpose, whether it can be stackable, etc. • What are some advantages or disadvantages? • How can it be used for staff or students? [8 minutes] Feedback Required
  14. 14. Any questions?
  15. 15. References • • • • • • • • • • Rajneel Totaram • Mojito Jione Acknowledgement