Final member update july - september 2013


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CFHS Member update July - September 2013

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Final member update july - september 2013

  1. 1. CFHS Member Update July – September 2013
  2. 2. CFHS Leadership Conference We are looking forward to seeing all our members here in Ottawa on November 19th for our annual Leadership Conference, a rare opportunity for Canada’s humane movement to network, strategize and share information. Following on our success last year, we will focus on building the humane movement’s political profile including developing government relations skills, visiting Parliament Hill and meeting with key Members of Parliament. We will also have a special meeting of the members to review and approve CFHS’ bylaws as part of the requirements to continue under the new federal Charities Act and host a special working session to discuss the implementation of animal protection legislation in each province. In the evening attend our second annual private reception in the Speaker’s Room on Parliament Hill. Partake in one-on-one conversation about animal welfare and the humane movement with parliamentarians, senators and key decision makers. Contact Barbara Cartwright at to confirm your attendance at this elite event.
  3. 3. Creating an adoption community in Canada Choose Adoption ribbon packages have been sent to every CFHS member across the country. Many members have ordered ribbons to use at their walks, in their mailings or as a fundraiser at their reception desks. The goals of the Choose Adoption ribbon are to: - increase the public visibility of adopted animals/adoptees; - raise awareness of adoption as the preferred method of welcoming an animal into a home; - increase the perceived value of an adopted animal; - create a national adopted animal community; - bust myths about adopted animals. If you want to order ribbons, have custom ribbons designed specifically for your shelter, or want to learn more about the program contact Kim Elmslie at Coming up: The CFHS will be doing a national public launch of the ribbons in October.
  4. 4. CFHS continues to fight for a humane resolution for Pig Code Late August saw the postponement of a decision on the pig code until November of this year. CFHS representatives returned to the negotiating table and continued to push for an advancement and refinement of the Code of Practice for the Care and Handling of Pigs that would see some improvements in welfare for the 27 million animals that are raised in Canada each year. Negotiations have been made far more challenging with the arrival of American industry lobbyists, led by Rick Berman, rallying farmers in Canada to oppose any phase out of gestation stalls. 60 Minutes calls Rick Berman "the booze and food industries' weapon of mass destruction". CFHS will report back in November on the outcomes of the latest round of meetings.
  5. 5. Celebrities lend support to Finding Fido During the summer the CFHS coordinated a new Public Service Announcement (PSA) targeted at promoting adoption and ending puppy mills. The PSA stars musicians Tara Oram and Mark Spicoluk (The Next Star), CFHS CEO Barbara Cartwright and was directed by actor Jonathan Keltz (Entourage, Necessary Roughness and Republic of Doyle). All of the talent, skills and effort were donated to the CFHS and Finding Fido program. The CFHS would like to gratefully thank Silent Joe, Pragmatic Conferencing, Martin Keltz (CritterKin) and William F. White International for their support.
  6. 6. Leveraging several CFHS connections and relationships we have secured air time on Rogers TV stations until August 31 2014! The PSA will be viewed in Ontario, New Brunswick and Newfoundland as well as in the U.S. on a number of stations including CNN, A&E, Spike, Headline News, TLC, BET, CNBC, Speed and Peachtree. This is literally millions of dollar’s worth of advertising space that have been donated to the CFHS. Please view the PSA and promote it on your social media outlets! Coming up: The CFHS is now working to secure a Television Bureau of Canada license for the PSA so that we can air in on CBC and other stations.
  7. 7. Cats Count in Canada - Saskatchewan In partnership with our members Saskatchewan SPCA, Saskatoon SPCA and Regina Humane Society, the CFHS facilitated another dynamic community cat meeting. Shelters, Rescues, Veterinarians, Animal Control and Government came together for one day to strategize on key actions that could be undertaken to improve the situation for cats in Saskatchewan. From Saskatchewan CFHS facilitated a community cat meeting in Manitoba at the Winnipeg Humane Society. Coming up: We look forward to a series of meeting in Ontario to tackle cat overpopulation.
  8. 8. CFHS ending the practice of dogs getting caught in the web In September the CFHS contacted Zachary Candelario the General Manager, Kijiji Canada about their company’s practice of selling dogs (and other pets) online. Kijiji is the most prominent on-line classified service that still allows pets to be sold over the internet without a robust inspection system in place (with the exception of New Brunswick where pet sellers must adhere to the Pet Establishment Regulations). The CFHS is deeply concerned for the safety and welfare of animals that are sold through the Kijiji platform across the country. The CFHS supports the use of the internet to promote and advertise all pets that are available for adoption.
  9. 9. CFHS position on Kijiji Pet Sales It is the CFHS’ position that any business involved in the sale of live animals must adhere to high standards of welfare and provide proof of active regulation. Kijiji’s passive user community reporting approach to protecting both its clients and animals is inadequate in the face of this growing trend. The onus is on the pet industry, which Kijiji is now part of, to show proof of responsible breeding practices. Dog breeders should be government-inspected or monitored by a third- party and proof of inspection should be required by advertising services. Kijiji does this already in the province of New Brunswick by mandating that breeders include their provincial licence number in their advertisement.
  10. 10. Just for Cats Festival: In praise of cat videos In collaboration with our member the Montreal SPCA, we brought the world renowned Internet Cat Video Festival to the city of Montreal on September 26th. For one night the Just for Cats fiesta celebrated all things cat by screening a 70- minute reel of cat videos juried and curated by the celebrated Walker Art Center! In 2014 the CFHS looks to host multiple festivals across the country that will bring people together to rejoice cats and learn about increasing their welfare.
  11. 11. Building a humane Canada – one conference at a time The program committee for the 2014 CFHS National Animal Welfare Conference has been hard at work reviewing conference abstracts and building what promises to be the must-attend animal welfare conference of 2014! Coming up: Registration for the conference will open by the end of the year.
  12. 12. Shelter Standards take shape for Canada After a thorough line by line review of the Association of Shelter Veterinarians (ASV) Guidelines for Standards of Care in Animal Shelters, the Canadian Committee for ASV Guidelines Review, comprised of shelter vets, shelter administrators and CFHS (secretariat) supported the use of the ASV standards in Canada. The committee drafted a Canadian forward as a reference document to the ASV standards and referred it back to the wider Canadian Advisory Council on National Standards of Care in Animal Shelters. The Council has finalized the document for use in Canada pending approval from the Association of Shelter Veterinarians. We anticipate that the new Canadian forward and bi- lingual shelter standards will be publically available early in the new year.
  13. 13. 45 Members strong Welcome to our newest member the Lanark Animal Welfare Society (LAWS)!
  14. 14. Upcoming Pragmatic Conferencing will host an exclusive event in Toronto to support the Toronto Humane Society and the CFHS on October 23rd. Along with Member Societies Guelph Humane Society, Kitchener Waterloo Humane Society, Stratford Perth Humane Society and Hamilton Burlington SPCA, CFHS is hosting its Ontario Cats in Canada strategic planning meeting on Oct 28th at the Holiday Inn in Guelph, ON. Please contact Barbara at if you wish to attend. Barbara Cartwright will be in Arizona in November presenting on the CFHS’ ground-breaking Cats in Canada report the National Council on Pet Population held in conjunction with the Society of Animal Welfare Administrators (SAWA) 2013 Annual Conference.
  15. 15. THANK YOU If you have any questions please contact