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October 2010 patience sk


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October 2010 patience sk

  1. 1. OCTOBER 2010: Patience Month: October Virtue: Patience Objectives: 1. To teach the Senior Kids the virtue of Patience 2. To introduce them the story of Abraham, Sara and their long-awaited son Isaac 3. To show them that great things come to those who wait Materials: - Projector - Laptop - Lyrics of Kids Praise songs (Suggested songs: I’m Really Happy) - Big Box with Candies, Choco Naps - Chocolate Bars - Print-Outs of the templates - Crafting materials: scissors, glues - Coloring materials - Accessories: eg. Glitter glue, Cotton, tooth picks etc. Song Lyrics: I’m Really Happy Schedule I want to praise Jesus for all He's done for me I want to shout real loud that Jesus is all I need Gathering ‘Cause I gotta few words to say 10” Teaching of Songs And few things to do, 5” Opening Prayer And a little jumping around, 10” Game ‘Cause I'm living for you 30” Activity for SK And I'm really happy You're in my life 5” Processing And I'm really happy You're in my heart 5” Closing And I'm really happy ‘cause Jesus You're all I need. ‘Cause I gotta few words to say And few things to do, And a little jumping around, ‘Cause I'm living for you Session Proper: Abraham and the Amazing Promise Before the whole activity starts, have an activity “The Patience Bag” ready that will last for the whole activity. Bring a gift box or a bag full of goodies, candies, choco naps and set it out of their reach but somewhere where it will still attract attention. Some children will stare at it, tiptoe to it to see what is inside and even try to touch it. When they start asking what it is and if they can see, smile and calmly tell them that you will show them what’s inside later but that they must wait patiently until the time has come. If they persist to still want to see what is inside, you may tell them that if you show them what is inside, they won’t get to have another surprise when they are finally shown the content. If they choose to still want to see the content, show them and give them one candy. Game: What Time Is It, Mr. Fox? One player is designated as the “fox” and starts out at one end of a field or designated play area with his or her back to the group. The group at the other end then yells out “What time is it, Mr. Fox?” The fox then calls out a time that is on the even hour (such as 12 o'clock, 1 o'clock, etc.). The group then takes that many steps forward. When the group gets close to where Mr. Fox is and asks the time, the fox can yell out "Midnight!” or “It’s Time to Eat You!” and turns to chase the group. The first player he or she tags before safely returning to the starting line becomes the fox for the next game. Senior Kids Activity Storytelling: through PPT / Skit / Sequencing / “Arrange the scene” (see attached files) Abraham and Sarah and how patiently they waited for the long-awaited son. Crafting: Family Tent and Abraham and his family (Templates: Appendix A) Processing (Conclusion) with Bible Verse Memorization: Encourage the kids to share what they have learnt throughout the whole activity. Tell the Kids that God is a God of patience. Because God is a God of patience, He wants us to be patient too. Our job is to be patient with our family especially with our siblings, our classmates and our friends. When we are patient, great things will happen to us. Next teach the children the Bible Verse with the help of this activity: Romans 8:25 “But if we hope for what we do not see, we wait for it with patience.” (NRSV) Have the children do the following hand motions along with repeating the words after you, to help them learn the Bible Verse:
  2. 2. But if we: point your thumbs towards you hope: form a roof with your hands for what we do not see: cover your eyes with your hands we wait: hold up your left arm and point with your right finger on your left wrist – like pointing on a wrist watch for it with patience: hold up your hands like you’re offering something Romans 8: hold up 8 fingers 25: at the word “twenty”, hold up 2 fingers with your right hand and then at the word “five”, hold up 5 fingers with your left hand End this activity with “The Patience Bag”. Those who did not yet get their Candy, give it to them now and add an extra chocolate bar as a reward for waiting. Parent’s Letter Dear Parents, CFC Kids for Family and Life (CFC-KFL) theme for this month is about Patience. Patience is one of the Fruits of the Spirit and also one of the most difficult fruits to possess. The degree of patience differ in different people but nowadays it is a virtue that most Christians whish they possessed in greater amounts. And parents wished that their Kids would learn to exercise more patience’s. Today most Kids want things “right now”. They are brought up in a society that promotes instant rewards, instant compliance, instant fulfillment. Yet, here we are trying to teach them that “great things come to those who wait”. The Bible tells us that God has His own timing. He has His own plans for us. We need to wait on that timing or sometimes the blessings that come along get lost. This activity is designed to teach the Kids to learn patience, but there is no greater help but you, the parents. It is of great importance to continue exercising and practicing the virtue of Patience. This is the reason why you need to set a great example for your children. How can you be great examples and how can you teach them the virtue of Patience at home? 5 Tips: 1. Lead by Example – Teach them patience by showing them how. Be aware of words and body language when you have to wait for something. 2. Use timers to help them visualize the wait – Respond specifically to time related questions like “after I am done reading the morning paper” or “after you have finished doing your homework”. Avoid giving vague answers like “soon” or “in a while” as this could confuse them. 3. You have to follow through – When you tell your Kids something, eg. “We will play together after you do your homework.” You need to make sure that you play with them then. Showing them that if they wait for something it will happen encourages them to be patient. 4. Praise them for being patient – Praise or reward them with something special for being patient and understanding. When they see that they get something unexpected for being patient, it will encourage them to repeat the behavior. 5. Always have a prayer time with them. Pray for more patience for you and for them.
  3. 3. Appendix A