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CESAR Summer Job [2018] - english


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The Summer Job Program was designed by CESAR to offer a practical experience to students, identify talented individuals and provide a rapid prototyping environment for sponsoring companies.

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CESAR Summer Job [2018] - english

  2. 2. Video [promo] WATCH
  3. 3. Summer Job Summer Job is a program designed by CESAR that aims to encourage the knowledge exchange with Educational Institutions, to offer hands on experience to the students, to find new talents and to promote the image of the sponsors involved in the program.
  4. 4. How it works Students, during college vacations (six weeks), get involved in real projects of companies that sponsors the program, in a learn by doing approach, with the aim to build up knowledge by applying theory into practice, with the supervision of CESAR’s tutors in design, business and technology fields. The students will have the opportunity to show their potential and to develop important professional competencies in order to conquer a good job position in the market.
  5. 5. The Students This program is focused on undergraduate students from courses like Computer Science, Engineering, Business Administration, Economy, Design and so on, which are interested in getting involved in developing prototypes and proof of concept for real problems inside an Innovation Institute.
  6. 6. Sponsors The companies that sponsor the CESAR Summer Job Program can choose the areas of interest in which the students will work. As a counterpart for the sponsorship, the students will develop prototypes and proof of concept for solutions in the areas chosen by the companies.
  7. 7. Last Sponsors
  8. 8. ● Tutoring, methodologies and expertise of CESAR professionals; ● Immersion in a real design and development of innovation projects environment; ● The teams will be free to define the best solution to their assigned challenges; ● Internship Allowance to help with the living expenses; ● Certificate of participation of the program with CESAR's and sponsor's logo. Benefitsfor students
  9. 9. Format ● Multi-disciplinary teams of 4 students of different undergraduate courses; ● Problem/opportunity defined by the Sponsor; ● Duration: 06 weeks (vacations in July); ● The program includes Internship Allowance; ● Participation certificate for all the students; ● Sponsor’s logo in the Certificates.
  10. 10. Planning ● Definition of Problems/Opportunities with the Program sponsors; ● Students applications; ● Selection process; ● Identification of student’s profiles and level of knowledge; ● Distribution of the Problems/Opportunities among the groups; ● Activities planning.
  11. 11. 2. Operation 1/2 LEVELING Students will have lessons and receive coaching sessions throughout the program, in order to level their knowledge and to learn how to apply theory in real projects. Besides that, aiming the knowledge sharing, CESAR presents some important methodologies such as: ● Design Thinking – understanding and validation of the problem, ideation and prototyping; ● Agile Methodologies to conduct projects; ● Business Model and Lean Model; ● Methodologies for validating an idea; ● Elevator Pitch.
  12. 12. 2. Operation 2/2 DEVELOPMENT During the program, the students will be challenged to: ● Understand and validate the problem (studies and field research); ● Find a suitable solution for the problem (considering deadline, customers, users, complexity and feasibility); ● Prototype and validate the solution.
  13. 13. Pitch ● The teams will present the prototypes/solutions that they have been working in the past six weeks to their tutors, mentors and the sponsors. ● The final pitch of each team will be released at the end of the program, when the students will receive their participation Certificates in the CESAR Summer Job Program.
  14. 14. Milestones
  15. 15. A private, not for profit and self sustainable center that innovates in products, services and companies with Information and Communication Technologies (ICTs). Since its foundation in 1996, the center helps companies throughout the innovation life cycle - from the study of contexts, design and prototyping ideas, to developing solutions in various sectors. C E S A R CLICK HERE TO KNOW MORE ABOUT CESAR.
  16. 16. CONTACT US +55 81 3425-4700