Joaquín and Valentina


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My city and a holiday place.

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Joaquín and Valentina

  1. 1. Potrero de los Funes is in the northwest of the province of San Luis. It is a valley in the mountains of San Luis . It is a quiet town, safe and familiar, just to relax at any time of year. In Potrero you can : fishing, horseback riding through the mountains, trekking, and mountain bike. There is a race circuit ( 2008) with 52,000 spectators. It has got a control tower, a hospital,a heliport and bathrooms. Caja de los trebejos: It’s in front of the Lake Potrero de los Funes. They built it in 4 months for the chess championship in 2005. It has got 3 floors, a theater and a cultural shows room .
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  3. 3. MOLINO FENIX  In the past from1921 to 1982 the molino fenix made bags of flours.  In the present it has a room of events, three bars and a big cinema with three rooms.  This is a beautiful place where you can see shows, enjoy outside, be with your friends, and have a good time.
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  5. 5. House of music  The House of Music, is a cultural place. You can learn singing,dancing, theatre, and play an instrument  So many popular singers come to here and visit the place and record songs.
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