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Good badpractices campaign_ closer


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Good and practices in campaigning for inclusion and no discrimination.
Addition to the presenation:
How to make an effective campaign addressed to inclusion and no discrimination locally, nationally and internationally.
Presented in Marseilles in October 16 for the project CLOSER:
(Material created by Margot Charbonnier)

Published in: Education
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Good badpractices campaign_ closer

  1. 1. I am a Witness Campaign addressed to teens who witness bullying each day. Its aim is to transform them in a united, empowered and active collective that will speak up against it. Youth Culture and Language (Apps, Socials...)
  2. 2. Street Fare Campaign which utilized street art to build awareness on the struggles of the hungry and homeless in New York City. Art as a way to engage people and make aware about poverty.
  3. 3. Say no to racism Campain to eradicate racism and discrimination in football. vb.606721589343692&type=2&theater Easy but effective.
  4. 4. #PassTheFlame Campaign to break down the stigma and stereotypes associated with Intellectual disabilities for the Special Olympics in L.A. Engagement during the campaign (volunteers who make possible the run) and videos documenting stories of the athletes and families.
  5. 5. #MoreThanMean Campaign to increase awareness about online harassment. Viral video.
  6. 6. Rap contra el Racismo Campaign to raise awareness about racism. Music as a way to spread a message.
  7. 7. #SignOfLove Campaign to join global pressure against the Russian government’s anti-gay laws and to stand up for global gay rights. The power of a symbol.
  8. 8. It’s On Us Campaign to end sexual assault on college campuses. Personal comitment
  9. 9. Bad examples...
  10. 10. #Fertilityday Campaign for the Fertility National Day in Italy
  11. 11. Reborn to be alive Campaign to promote organ donation.