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Conducting a workshop


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How to conduct a workshop organised for Community Women Broadcasters in India

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Conducting a workshop

  2. 2. What is a Workshop ? • Opportunity to teach-learn from each other • Takes place in small groups • Combination of presentations, demonstrations • Interactive-leads to active participation • Provides an opportunity to practice skills and receive feedback
  3. 3. StepS For planning the WorkShop
  4. 4. PHASE I : PRE WORKSHOP  Decide the objectives & purpose of workshop  Select participants (availability, prior skills etc)  Select venue (learning aids, seating, accessibility)  Prepare the agenda  Plan the logistic arrangements
  5. 5. Elements for Agenda Preparation Specify the workshop title and details  Plan the topics/ sessions  Decide on the types of sessions Decide on the amount of time needed for each session  Specify the content for each session Specify the person leading each session Plan interactivity (group activity, games etc) Plan time breaks
  6. 6. Plan Logistics  Consider the pick up and drop for participants Record the contact information for each participant  Prepare a banner for the workshop  Prepare certificates for participants  Decide the tea/ coffee & food arrangements  Check the equipment needed for the workshop Decide on a mode to record the workshop (video, audio or photo)
  7. 7. Seating Arrangements TRAINER PARTICIPANT
  8. 8. Design Banner
  9. 9. PHASE II : WORKSHOP  Welcome everyone and have introductions  Create opportunity for interaction * Ice breakers * Energizers  Use different methods to demonstrate during the workshop * Presentations * Discussions * Group Activity
  10. 10. Ice breakers  Fun exercises to help participants interact  Participants get to know each other  Get to know the facilitator  Participants become engaged in the workshop Should be time limited (recommended 10 minutes)  Should be simple and easy to understand Eg : Story telling through a picture, The interview, Finish the sentence etc
  11. 11. Energizers To be done to revitalize energy of participants (post lunch or before the start of a session) Brief activity to maintain the interest of participants Should be time limited (recommended 10 minutes) Eg : Clap hands, Look up look down, The shakeout etc
  12. 12. PHASE III : POST WORKSHOP  Obtain feedback from the participants  Present certificates to the participants  Prepare a report of the workshop Post Master Trainer WorkshopCWBW at your CRS  Dates  Agenda  List of participants  Report
  13. 13. THANK YOU