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Community Media and CEMCA


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2012/08/03: Presentation on CEMCA’s activities on Community Media for the Consultation at the Ministry of Information and Broadcasting, Govt. of India, prepared by Sanjaya Mishra and Rukmini Vemraju.

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Community Media and CEMCA

  1. 1. Commonwealth Educational Media Centre for AsiaCommunity Media/HealthyCommunitiesPresentation for the Consultation at the Ministry of Information and Broadcasting, Govt. of India CEMCA
  2. 2. Three Year Plan (2013-2015)Initiatives in two sectors: Education – Open Schooling – Teacher Education – Higher Education Livelihoods & Health – Technical and Vocational Skill Development – Community Media/Healthy Communities CEMCA
  3. 3. CEMCA and Community Media  Awareness workshops on behalf of MIB  Participation in policy dialogues and fostering better understanding of issues  Community women broadcasters training (25 CRS)  Community based learning programme on health (two-CRS)  Content development –Science for Women –supported by DST(30 CRS)  CR Online on a B-O-T basis  Annual convention of CRS (Sammelan) and release of Compendium of CRS  Abiding Voices – a study on sustainability of CRS- supported by UNICEF  Content sharing platforms on Internet: Ek Duniya, Anek Awaaz; Web radio demo – 16 CRS in India and Bangladesh CEMCA
  4. 4. Enabling Media Access for Community’sSelf Expression(supported by Ford Foundation)  CEMCA Community Radio Facilitation Centre –CCFC set- up in July 2011  Outreach Centre in Shastri Bhawan -- February 2012  Toll free number  About150 applicants facilitated through various stages  200 new/potential applicants contacted  12 Facilitators mentored pan- India CEMCA
  5. 5. CEMCA – Community Media (2012-13)  Develop multimedia based course for CR Technicians as Open Educational Resource  Develop Quality Assurance framework/toolkit for CR  Capacity building for grassroots women broadcasters  Building sustainable CR models  Content exchange through web platforms CEMCA
  6. 6. CEMCA – Community Media (2012-13)  At least two institutions prepared to mirror CCFC work  Share the Ethical Practices Guidelines for CR  Self Assessment Toolkit for CR CEMCA
  7. 7. Going beyond awareness…  In partnership with all stakeholders foster an enabling environment for Community Media  Building institutional capacities of leaders to use Community Media  Develop knowledge resources in multiple formats to share and improve practice  Encourage quality assurance mechanisms to ensure best practices  Focus on innovation and technologies for learning and development CEMCA