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Wes Coas


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Interview with the rising star they call Wes Coas on the game and his latest Creation "Manifest Destiny" with Reporter 216 bka SilkUnlimited of $ilk-N-It Promotions Multi-Media

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Wes Coas

  1. 1. Wes Coas Manifest Destiny Interview with $ilkUnlimited Originally from Compton but now resides in Houston has been playing with the game for about 17 years but over the last 10 has stepped up and taken it seriously. Music being his life and what he does best but influenced by Ice Cube, Jay-z, B.I.G., Prince, Miles Davis, Native Tongues, Early- Mid 90's East Coast rap, Early 90's West Coast Emcees. Russell Simmons, Dame Dash, Puffy, Lew Wasserman, Lyor Cohen, Kevin Liles, Frank Sinatra. $ilk: Who makes up your Crew? Wes Coas:Well there is my Establishment Crew which is The Frontman, Xyreno, Frank Gutta my Producer Tahlee and then I have the Tha Orkestra which is Maro, Droskie, Big Ten and Dramaman known as Boss
  2. 2. Click. $ilk: how many songs/ cds Wes Coas: First album was with my L.A. group Geographic Empire called 800 Fathums Under done a lot of Mixtape appearances, Solo Mixtapes I have one called FEAR (F*^k Everything and Run). Solo Album called “Manifest Destiny”. As far as songs I'm probably sitting on about 100 for various projects scheduled to be released this year. $ilk: Are you looking for a Deal? Wes Coas: I wouldn't say looking, for a deal I've built a pretty good structure here and I am my own brand, majority of everything is in house. So I don't know other than more exposure and a budget what I could get from a deal. I'm not opposed to it because one of the major rules of business is you build it to sell. So as long as I get to work my brand a deal may not be a bad thing. $ilk: What's the reason? Wes Coas: Simple reason on deal or no deal is money vs. time, energy vs. effort. You gotta grind hard on either one accept without a deal its a harder grind for better profit margin, but slower results. With a deal its an easier grind in terms of people doing stuff for you but then you have to have an independent mindset to your grind then because now you have the access you want that didn't exist before. So I look at it from both ways, its about numbers and what you are trying to do, either way read and decide whats best for you.
  3. 3. $ilk:What's Next? Wes Coas: Honestly, more music I'm scheduled to release 2 solo albums this year, and a collaborative album with Tha Frontman,also trying to organize a Manifest Destiny Tour this summer. A clothing endorsement with Doc Adams Clothing a hot clothing line out if houston.I'm also writing a book to help these artist bridge the gap on how to get your independent music out and really just increase the Wes Coas Brand $ilk: Where do you plan to be in 5 years? Wes Coas: 5 yr goals are pretty simple, I hope to be settled and will have built a strong company that allows me to do some of the community based things that I want to do such as a non-profit business school after school program for students. One in Compton and here in Houston. As well as get the opportunity to be an advocate for the hip hop culture because I believe that some how success in this culture seems to be the moment when you no longer represent the culture in the minds of the people. So in 5 yrs I'll have a Tavis Smiley interview. As for the Websites