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Tha Streetz is Bac


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Published in: Business, Technology
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Tha Streetz is Bac

  1. 1. Blac Da Streetz Tha Streetz is Bac Mixtape
  2. 2. / mBlac Da Streetz is a well know Midwest Legend knownfrom Grand Rapids, Michigan to the Westside ofColumbus, Ohio where it’s all good in the hood ofWedgewood where he is the known to many as ThaWestside Villain b.k.a. Tha General of Haardtimes Ent.With an Army of Ride or Die Soldiers from the streets all
  3. 3. over. Not looking for a Deal he chooses to just put outgood music and will let a Deal find him and asked if hehad a choice to feature Anyone in the Industry to be onhis first National Track he kept it all the way Real: “IDON’T NEED NO ONE ELSE’S SHINE TO GETMINE= I’M ON MY GRIND!!!!” BLAC DASTREETZ STATES “I AM SELF MADE!!!! IFOLLOW NO ONE!!!”Ever since 92 when he picked up a Karaoke Machine hewas writing Rhymes, this Boss has 3 Mixtapes under hisbelt, songs everywhere and a new CD in the making; ifyou ever get a chance to peep one of Live Performancesyou will see why he is so Respected and Accepted by theMasses as he gives his all every time he Blesses the Mic.Not being afraid to let his Crew Shine he featured some ofthe Hottest Haardtimes Ent. “Tha Streetz is Bac” Mixtapeis music for those who feel the streets many may describeor “Trap Music” but he shows his true versatility on everytrack never sounding the same. He even has something forthe Ladies with “Sexy Lady” and the 2011 Street Anthem“Pay Homage” (Google the Video). Featured Artist suchas Chi Boi, T-Felon, Moose, G- Gang, W-Ali and othersas once again the Label based out the 614 opens doors forothers to fall out of the trap a long line with a long listdeep like the Ocean. The biggest inspirations for Blac arehis Father, Brothers and Self.
  4. 4. $ilk-N-ItPromotion$ Multi-Media @