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Noam The Great


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Noam The Great

  1. 1. Noam the Great Written by $ilkUnlimited Just because I'm in the Hip Hop Community doesn't mean I'm not allowed to like the Soft Rock and a lil Pop Music that Delilah plays on her Show. So today I take you across seas where there is Wars but on a softer note the beautiful ballads of Noam Vazana from Israel that has been singing since she was 5 years old and never stopped since. Influenced by many Greats who are Musicians/Human Activist with Great Spirits as she states Nina Simone, Sting, Jonny Mitchel, Tory Amos, Bjork, When it Niel Young, Leonard Cohen and John Lennon. comes to playing instruments Noam considers VOICE as a instrument but
  2. 2. plays the Trombone and Piano. But don't sleep on her $kills to Pay Bills and Make Mills because she can definitely hold her own with the Electric Bass, Trumpet or most Drum and Percussion Kits. Being a 1 Woman Band she writes 95% of her songs and occasionally perform a Cover Song (peep her rendition of Lauryn Hills Ex Factor on her Myspace Play List) but sometime will use Poems as lyrics for songs and makes it her “I don't think I have ever own. Noam states performed a song exactly similar to the original version. With others' lyrics, I usually change the structure, cut out or repeat certain parts or even re-write some of the sentences. I also translate poems from Hebrew to English or use an idea from a Hebrew song to create a new English one.” So as she improvises a lot in her shows she does plan to get a Pop Band once the Cd is Released. With a few dozen songs under her belt not to mention Two Indie Releases, a Live Show Cd plus a Ep in 2007 being on TV at least 7 times. This is what's next on the menu? Well a new Project which combines Israeli, Palestinian, Dutch and Iranian Musicians on one Stage and create Fusion never Heard before. Our Goal is to show there is a possibility for a dialogue between any culture, as long as we listen to each other. Currently
  3. 3. building 2 Tours in the U.S. and India. Noam has set her Goals: *To touch people's hearts and to be touched back *To bring her Message through each song there's another experience *To experience and learn from the World and to be open for life's lessons *Always strive to do the best I can do and further more. For more on or about Noam go to: