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Just $ilk N It (Promotions Is The Potion)


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A Editorial Wrote in Needle&Groove Magazine. Funny but True!!!!!!!!!!!

Published in: Entertainment & Humor
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Just $ilk N It (Promotions Is The Potion)

  1. 1. Just $ilk-N-It Home Page Promotion$ i$ the Potion! Don’t act dumb like you don’t think or realize that Promotion$ are FREE! I’ve said it “To Capitalize You for years Must Advertise!” But I see so
  2. 2. many rappers that are wannabe businessmen and women thinking they know the whole Game and can do it themselves and end up cheating only themselves of the “Fame they Claim” and miss out! It doesn’t co$t Radio-One money to buy an Ad in this Magazine that is read by the masses World Wide. But it does CO$T! It is about as new Jordan’s and much as the that Fitted Cap you are about to sport around the city that doesn’t have YOUR logo on it. Treat and Cheat your career like you do things you don’t love, but then again where is the love? But will you let the inner demons go long
  3. 3. enough to rise which are the ANGER and frustrations you have because you are not on yet, or the HATRED you have at the other rappers swagga? Last but least what are you FEARing? That you’re getting too old to keep up with the ever changing most significant Movement of the opportunity to be whatever you want to be all ages and races. But let’s face it everyone won’t be Next or have the $kill$ to make mill$, ask yourself did you give it your all? Did you “Push it to the Limitquot;? Did you advertise besides a few thousand flyers or Postcards in a few places to only collect dust try this: take or??? Better yet 500 Postcards to a National Concert and
  4. 4. pass them all out, and then go back after all the dust has cleared and circle the venue and see how effective your marketing really was? Being the Promoter for “Hip Hop on the 216 Block” on a FM Station also with the 1 week archive that is uncensored and will air just about anything for FREE! But I have kids ask me for years why don’t we play their music? And we do, but how would they know if they don’t listen? What do you want me to do put it in my cd player and listen all week like there is no
  5. 5. other music around? Besides I like Soft Rock so this Rap Music is Strictly Business!!!!!! And be We too lazy to do their homework? have ENTIRELY too much music to be just thinking and wishing you would get on after you gave me a burned CD with no writing on it or a play list. Come on I never charge no
  6. 6. one; no payola!! I give people I encounter a chance but it’s on you to call and REQUEST YOUR MUSIC because nobody else is even though you claim “I’m the COLDEST!!! We don’t owe you anything remember that!!! Now back to that Ad this is the WORLDWIDE WEB and news travel further than your MySpace and Face Book pages. All I can say is that you are not the only 1 reading this editorial; no now it’s an AD!!! Get it, got it now do it right; or look at it like this, those new video games you are about to
  7. 7. buy with you tax refund is worth folks seeing you! Besides all your homies have the same damn game everywhere you go anyway! Think about it! $ilkUnlimited