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Facilitating Document Annotation Using Content and Querying Value


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Facilitating Document Annotation Using Content and Querying Value PPT

Published in: Engineering
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Facilitating Document Annotation Using Content and Querying Value

  1. 1.  We present a novel alternative approach that facilitates the generation of the structured metadata by identifying documents that are likely to contain information of interest and this information is going to be subsequently useful for querying the database.  Our experimental evaluation shows that our approach generates superior results compared to approaches that rely only on the textual content or only on the query workload, to identify attributes of interest. Abstract
  2. 2. Existing system  Many annotation systems allow only “untyped” keyword annotation for instance, a user may annotate a weather report using a tag such as “Storm Category 3”.  In Datas paces, users provide data integration hints at query time.  This results in data entry users ignoring such annotation capabilities.
  3. 3. Disadvantages of existing system  The cost is high for creation of annotation information.  The existing system produces some errors in the suggestions.
  4. 4. Proposed System  In this paper, we propose CADS (collaborative adaptive data sharing platform), which is an “annotate-as-you create” infrastructure that facilitates fielded data annotation.  We are trying to prioritize the annotation of documents towards generating attribute values for attributes that are often used by querying users.
  5. 5. Advantages of proposed system  We present an adaptive technique for automatically generating data input forms, for annotating unstructured textual documents.  We create principled probabilistic methods and algorithms to seamlessly integrate information from the query workload into the data annotation process
  6. 6. Software Configuration Operating System - Windows XP/7 Programming Language - Java/J2EE Software Version - JDK 1.7 or above Database - MYSQL
  7. 7. Hardware Configuration Processor - Pentium IV Speed - 1.1 Ghz RAM - 512 MB (min) Hard Disk - 20GB Keyboard - Standard Keyboard Mouse - Two or Three Button Mouse Monitor - LCD/LED Monitor
  9. 9. Class diagram USER View Source Q1, Q2, Q3, Content, Download() Sink Action receive Provide Services ADMIN Add Source Add Content Add Information Add Source()
  10. 10. Sequence Diagram Admin Storage User Search Adding File Adding source Provide Information Get Information