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Start amazon like multivendor marketplace for free !!!


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CedCommerce Multivendor Marketplace gives you the freedom of using your marketplace the way you want it with as many features as you need.

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Start amazon like multivendor marketplace for free !!!

  1. 1. Start Amazon Like Multivendor Marketplace For Free !!!
  2. 2. Given the meteoric rise of e-commerce, Amazon, Flipkart and Snapdeal have become the household names and their jargon like “Apni Dukan” of Amazon and “Dil ki deal” of Snapdeal are on everyone’s lips. Mostly the millennial and teenagers are the main purchasers from e-commerce, however from the last couple of years, even the elders vary of purchasing from e-commerce have started buying. Everyone is getting convinced that e-commerce entails something for all. As it was poised, with the success of these companies, several other marketplace models came to the fore. Some got successful and some failed and many working tirelessly to achieve profits but no one has slightest of the reservations about the success of e-commerce or doubts its effectiveness. And as the retail part of India or elsewhere in the world is largely unconnected with the internet, it comes as the gargantuan opportunity.
  3. 3. GRAPES ARE SOUR! Many are relishing to exploit this opportunity but are often baffled after finding these opportunities are the luxury of few and some can afford it. These refraining-opportunities decreases the burgeoning rate of the Multivendor marketplace. But what if, the opportunity to connect with millions, being an admin and managing thousands of vendors on your platforms and become a force to reckon with, is offered for FREE. Baffling and puzzling, isn’t it? If you start thinking it to be an ear-catchy jargon or fancy marketing gimmick, then I don’t blame you. But this is one solution that lets thousands of aspirations materialize. A solution that lets you implement your ideas and your ticket to success.
  4. 4. Cedcommerce’s Magento Multivendor Marketplace extension. Yes, you read it right. This extension comes free. Encompassed with essential features that let the user build their marketplace from scratch, the extension has won many admirers. It is helping many fulfilling their targets. It has proved to be the cornerstone for many. And one of them is Ankit Agarwal of Testimony of Ankit “I am using the basic [FREE] marketplace and with it I used some paid and custom plugins for my website . The basic plugin itself is really nice and was happy with it in. As we grew, our customers and team asked for new features which were available at Cedcommerce’s website already as plugins. We just purchased a few paid plugins which were quickly installed. I would recommend first try CedCommerce’s Basic Marketplace extension if you are looking for a Magento based marketplace”. Amit is among hundreds of budding marketplace owners who have dreams in their eyes to make it big or make the difference someday.
  5. 5. BUILT TO PERFORM: With the philosophy that Equity comes before Equality, the extension is built to truly democratize the marketplace so that no one leaves behind. Though this extension will not catapult you to the league of extraordinary gentlemen but help you learn to walk, then jog, run and finally sprint. All of it comes with great efforts and claiming that one single solution can produce the magical results will be going way too far. READ ARTICLE: 5 Features that make CedCommerce Multi Vendor Marketplace Extension a true asset to Entrepreneurs!
  6. 6. Nevertheless, with tools such as the analytical dashboard that provide statistical representation of data; specific shop-URLs to identify each shop separately; easy managing of products, orders, and transactions; multi-lingual Support for displaying the shop pages and vendor panel in different languages helps entrepreneurs begin their quest. As with further penetration of Internet, newer ideas and market gaps are seen regularly, the multivendor marketplace extension to create Amazon-like the website is poised to rise in popularity.
  7. 7. THANK YOU FOR INTEREST.. Build Own Marketplace Provide your store a multi- supplier experience by converting it into a multi- vendor marketplace. Sell on Sell on Sell on Complete solution for integrating your online store with Integrating your favorite ecommerce platform with Walmart. Enables merchants to sell their products on Newegg