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Poster Methodological expert group @G-I-N conference Manchester (UK) 2018


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Poster Methodological expert group @G-I-N conference Manchester (UK) 2018

  1. 1. Establishment of a methodological Expert Group: a novel approach to optimizing primary care guideline revision and development in Belgium Jorien Laermans1,2, Vere Borra1,2, Saphia Mokrane2,3, Jan Harm Keijzer2, Sam Cordyn2,4, Nicole Dekker2,3, Paul Van Royen2,3 1 Centre for Evidence-Based Practice, Belgian Red Cross, Mechelen, Belgium, 2 Expert Group, Working Group Development of Primary Care Guidelines, Belgium, 3 Department of Primary and Interdisciplinary Care, Faculty of Medicine and Health Sciences, University of Antwerp, Antwerp, Belgium, 4 White Yellow Cross Flanders, Brussels, Belgium • The Working Group Development of Primary Care Guidelines is a Belgian consortium responsible for the revision and development of evidence-based guidelines for primary care practitioners • Since its establishment in 2014, several Guideline Development Groups (GDGs) have struggled with the labor-intensive rigorous methodological aspect of guideline development Background & introduction Objectives To revise and redefine the roles and responsibilities of the different GDG members, allowing them to focus on their methodological or content area of expertise Methods Expert Group: focus on methodology & preparation Other GDG members: focus on content & practice • So far, the Expert Group has supported 3 monodisciplinary guideline revisions and 3 multidisciplinary guideline development start-ups • During monthly meetings, they follow up on revisions, optimize processes & procedures and strenghten internal expertise Conclusion & implications for guideline developers • The methodological Expert Group seems to be a promising approach to sustaining high-quality primary care guideline development in Belgium• • Taking full advantage of the individual GDG members’ strengths, whether methodological or substantive, may help guideline developers to optimize the quality and quantity of their guideline output Working Group Development of Primary Care Guidelines Expert Group (7 members) GDG guideline 1 • Helping define clinical questions • Developing search strategies • Screening & critically appraising other guidelines • Preparing GDG & stakeholder meetings Results & discussion • Providing feedback to the Expert Group • Sharing content & practical expertise • Writing the guideline GDG guideline 2 GDG guideline 3