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20150604_Doc's Day FABeR

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20150604_Doc's Day FABeR

  1. 1. Programme Doc-Day Wednesday june 3, 2015 « AULA GDN Oral presentations Title Pieter Ginis Effect of a smartphone based gait training system on mobility in people with Parkinson's disease Ellen Maas Bone and tendon tissue adaptation in novice runners Jonas Martens Classification in Paralympic Swimming Lisa Pauwels Challenge to promote change: both younger and older adults benefit from contextual interference Maarten Afschrift Predicting postural control strategies in response to a perturbation Giorgos Giarmatzis Loading of the hip during vertical singIe—leg hopping in young and elderly subjects Poster presentations Title Andrea Avilla Supplementation with resveratrol does not affect muscle oxidative capacity incoronary artery disease patients in the short term Pieter Ginis Enhancing foot clearance in people with Parkinson's disease Marije Goudriaan Differences in co—contraction level between CP and TD children during a functional and isometric strength assessment Esther Bekkers Virtual rea| ity—treadmi| | combined intervention for enhancing mobility and reducing falls among the elderly Jochem Spitz Does video speed impact on association football referees’ decision-making accuracy Lisa Pauwels Contextual interference in complex bimanual skill learning leads to better skill persistence Invited Lecture Title Hans Van Remoortel Evidence—Based Practice in Belgian Red Cross—FIanders 12.45—13.45 LUNCH TIME Oral presentations Title Koen Put The effect of video speed manipulations to obtain expert perception and performance in offside decision making Sreeda Chalil Increased Endoplasmic Reticulum Stress in Mouse Osteocytes with Aging Alters Cox—2 Response to Mechanical Stimuli Stefan de Smet Effect of hypoxia and dietary nitrate supplementation on adaptations to sprint interval training Susana Meirelles Quantifying mechanical loading in medial knee 0A for gait and stair negociation 14.45 SHORT BREAK Poster presentations Title Sam Van Rossom Gait adaptations relate to cartilage lesion locations in the tibiofemoral joint — preliminary results Lisa Mailleux The impact of the anatomical characterization of the brain lesion on upper limb function in children with unilateral cerebral palsy Aijse de Vries Similar Virtual Reality Games Elicit Different Challenges for Balance Training Nina Goossens Test~retest reliability and concurrent validity of a fMRl-compatible pneumatic vibrator to stimulate muscle proprioceptors during standing Aniek Bengevoord Freezing of gait in Parkinson's disease and the role of postural control impairments Oral presentations Title Ruben Charlier Can a genetic predisposition score predict changes in muscle function over a ten-year follow-up period in Flemish middle-aged adults Noppawan Charususin lnspiratory muscle training improves breathing pattern during whole body exercise in COPD patients Angela Nieuwenhuys An international, consensusbased gait classification system in children with Cerebral Palsy: development and reliability