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Making Joyful Noise With Your Computer For Fun and Profit


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This is the June 2011 program presented by Will Cheshier. The title is "Making Joyful Noise With Your Computer For Fun and Profit."

Sure, music has charms to "soothe the savage breast", but it also has been known to help out in movies (can you imagine "2001" without daaaaaaaaaa, daaaaaaaaaa, daaaaaaaaaa, DA DAAAAAAAA, boom boom boom boom, etc? Me neither). It's also good for podcasts, home videos and it's just plain fun. Computer music and sound has come to the point where anyone can produce professional-quality recordings on a laptop for not a lot of money. At the July CDPUG meeting we'll be talking about the equipment and techniques needed to get sound into and out of your computer so you can join the fun.

Will Cheshier is a graphic designer and regionally active singer/songwriter and guitarist. He also suffers from Musical G.A.S. (Gear Acquisition Syndrome). He has been recording in professional studios and at home since the 80s with an excessive amount of acquired gear, so he knows a thing or two about what works and a lot about what doesn't when it comes to computer sound

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Making Joyful Noise With Your Computer For Fun and Profit

  2. 2. 1877 HISTORYRecording used to be a lot more difficult. 1948
  3. 3. RECORDING 1979COMES HOME Yeah, I had all these.
  4. 4. RECORDINGGETS GOING Yeah, I have all this too.
  5. 5. SYSTEM COMPONENTS What you gotta have.
  7. 7. STUFF YOU NEED: HAIR Either 1: none
  8. 8. STUFF YOU NEED: HAIR Or 2: Too Much
  9. 9. WHAT YOUACTUALLY NEED We all have these.
  10. 10. Noise Maker Noise Detector A BASICWORKFLOW Noise ConverterEasier than you thought, no? Noise Recorder Noise Delivery
  11. 11. SOURCESThese come in handy. I actually don’t own any drums. Weird, huh?
  12. 12. SOFTWARE SOURCESThese are convenient too.
  13. 13. Omidirectional Cardiod (Unidirectional)THE MIC Hypercardiod (More Unidirectional) Shotgun (Really Unidirectional) Plug ‘em in!
  14. 14. INTERFACESDon’t forget your mic jack
  15. 15. DON’T FORGETTHE COMPUTER Bigger and faster are, in fact, better.
  16. 16. THE D.A.W.Digital Audio Workstation
  17. 17. THE STUDIOIs wherever you record
  18. 18. RECORDING
  19. 19. MP3 •Most universal •Lower quality AIF •High quality •Large file size WAV •High qualitySHARE THE JOY •Large file size •4GB size limit Audio File Formats FLV •High quality •Requires Flash CD •High quality •Easy distribution •Inconsistent function depending on burner/player
  20. 20. GO MAKE SOME MUSIC! Bob Dylan is a millionaire singer. You can sing too.