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Why Online Game Sites Need
a Content Delivery Network
The global online game
industry is skyrocketing
Online Game Industry...
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Why Online Game Sites Need a Content Delivery Network


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Online game sites must satisfy large audiences who have a low tolerance for lagging and timeouts. This unprecedented level of interaction and sharing causes game sites to perform sluggishly under the strain of supporting high volumes of activity and users, negatively affecting customer ratings, IT operations and revenue.

This infograph details the top performance issues online game sites faced in 2013, and how a CDN can be used eliminate the performance issues associated with today’s massive number of online users.

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Why Online Game Sites Need a Content Delivery Network

  1. 1. Why Online Game Sites Need a Content Delivery Network The global online game industry is skyrocketing Online Game Industry Global Revenue Timeline 2011-2017 $19B in 2011 2011 Russia’s social games market nearly triples from the previous year reaching $236M China's online game industry recorded total sales revenue of nearly $7B in 2011, an increase of over 32% from 2010 $31B in 2012 Global MMO market reaches 400M players 2012 2013 2015 Expected to reach $70.4B by the end of 2013 MMO games will account for $14.9B, or 21.2%, of 2013 global revenues By 2015 Asia & Europe are expected to make up 87% global mobile & online game revenue Expected to reach $86.1B in 2016 2016 Russian Game Market is expected to grow at a CAGR of about 15% & Reach $1.5B 2017 Expected to reach $35B in 2017 "No other sector has experienced the same explosive growth as the computer & video game industry..." Michael Gallagher, President & CEO Entertainment Software Association As more gamers move online developers are struggling to maintain game performance & security ”We’ve just seen two of the biggest console launches ever, with PlayStation 4 & Xbox One. That means there will be more gamers for criminals to target, especially as the Sony & Microsoft machines increasingly use the Internet for a fuller gaming experience” - David Emm, Kaspersky Lab Sr. Security Researcher Many top selling online games of 2013 experienced site crashes during launch week due to the massive number of users The most commonly faced game site problems due to the increase of online gamers are: PROBLEMS Latency/Lagging Server Crashes Security Attacks Download Failures & These problems have a major effect on: Game Site Revenue 7.3% $130k - $260k in lost revenue after a popular United States game publisher was hit by a stock decline DDoS security attack in 2013 reported by a European gaming company after experiencing a series of DDoS attacks ranging from 300 Mbps-3.5 Gbps Player Satisfaction Server problems associated with the 2013 launch of SimCity4 led to a flood of angry emails, tweets & developer death threats CDNetworks Content Delivery Network equips online game sites with the maximum level of performance & security needed to increase user satisfaction & revenue Security Attacks Server Crashes Download Failures Latency/Lagging ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ? How? ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ? By adding scale to game site infrastructure CDNetworks Content Delivery Network instantly scales & increases the capacity of game servers with 140+ Points of Presence located in 86+ cities bringing gaming content closer to end users Download Failures Server Crashes Reducing latency to create ultrafast downloads & dynamic game play Latency/Lagging CDNetworks Dynamic Web Acceleration reduces the number of data round-trips necessary to complete a web request, resulting in an ultrafast high performing gaming experience CDNetworks Cloud Load Balancing & Cloud Storage solutions further mitigate post launch performance challenges by assisting with the heavy loads associated with ongoing play Protecting against security attacks Security Attacks With a combination of global PoP locations, anycast DNS methodology & DDoS absorption infrastructure, CDNetworks global network responds automatically to unusual traffic spikes For online game sites, reliable, fast & secure connections are, missioncritical. Game sites must support growing global client databases & generate revenue by performing at the highest level. Users expect quick, responsive & secure game play. CDNetworks Content Delivery Network helps with precisely that. Infograph sources: DDoS Attacks in the gaming industry 2013 report Some images used in this infograph were take from the blog site