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Play the licensing game instructions


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Game Instructions for Lessons Learned: An Experience in Open Education

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Play the licensing game instructions

  1. 1. PLAY THE LICENSING GAME!The goal of the game is to determine whether or not different types ofCreative Commons licensedcontent can be combined and remixed in order to create a new, legal, and open resource.The four types of content are: 1. Text 2. Image 3. Music 4. VideoEach group will get one OER Remix sheet and three sets of content cards. Each set contains four cards.Don’t open the card sets until the game begins.INSTRUCTIONSEmpty the first Ziploc bag that contains the first set of cards. Arrange the content cards on your Remixsheet so all four types of content are represented (place the Text card on the Text space, Image card onImage, etc). Each content card already has a Creative Commons (CC) License (or other legal restriction)on it.Given what you already know and/or learned about CC licensing, your goal with your group is todetermine whether or not the set of content cards you have been given is a legal remix of licensedcontent.HINTSPD = the public domainCC-BY-SAcards can be remixed with PD, CC-BY and other CC-BY-SACC-BY-NC-SA cards can be remixed with PD, CC-BY, and other CC-BY-NC-SAThis game is adapted from the Brigham Young University Division of Continuing Education Independent Study – Finding and Using OpenEducational Resources: