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Gavin global slides


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Overview of ESC International Programs. Student and faculty concerns, barriers and proposed ways to overcome barriers. Synergies between CDL, IDL and IP

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Gavin global slides

  1. 1. CDL Conference 2012  Global Strategies Task Force  Teaching and Learning with International Students at CDL Joe Boudreau Val Chuckhlomin Gavin Lowder Patrice Prusko Torcivia
  2. 2. Overview Synergies between CDL, IDL and IP How can we – Support International Students – Broaden educational experiences for everyone What are the opportunities? How can we overcome barriers?
  3. 3. Sharing What experiences have you had with international students? What questions do you have? What support do you need to help IP/IDL students What suggestions do you have?
  4. 4. The Center forInternational Programs “Youngest Center, Oldest Program”
  5. 5. Lebanon Greece Albania Czech Dominican Panama Honduras Republic Republic The Center for International Programs (CIP) offers foreign students overseas the opportunity to earn SUNY degrees without leaving their home countries. Like their state-side counterparts, CIP students design degree programs with their mentors and complete their programs through blended models and classroom based instruction.
  6. 6. The Center for InternationalPrograms and Empire State College In keeping with ESC’s commitment to serve diverse populations, CIP delivers education to students who would otherwise not be served. Coordinating Center Current Program Sites Prospective Program Sites
  7. 7. Thessaloniki Panama City Prague Tirana Athens Current International Sites Greece: Athens (1993), Thessaloniki (2001) Czech Republic: Prague (1998) Lebanon: Cyprus (1986)/CRP (1998)/LRP (2003) Albania: Tirana (2005) Dominican Republic: Santo Domingo (2007) Panama: Panama City (2009) Beirut Turkey: Eskisehir (2012)
  8. 8. Who we are: Our students and partners CIP students generally range between 18 and 25 years of age. Our students are ethnically diverse, representing more than 40 countries. Traditionally, our partners have been private universities but new initiatives represent a move toward public universities.
  9. 9. Teaching with CIP…Jim Robinson, Long Island Center
  10. 10. Betty Lawrence, CDL
  11. 11. Prague students
  12. 12. Texts Textbooks: costs, number of texts and time for delivery. E-books, OER, less textbooks. Shipping: Need US address and can’t download some e-books Told ESC could order book and send link
  13. 13. Team Projects Team projects. IP students work long days and are on a different time zone. Difficult to find mutual time to talk Helpful if course description indicates a team project
  14. 14. Student Concerns Some CDL faculty seem displeased to have IP student in class Students have been told this is an American class and international perspective not welcome Tech support Lack of understanding of “international” issues
  15. 15. Suggestions Modify CDL courses for IP blended model Hybrid course co-taught by IP/CDL faculty Local classroom based support Weekly check in over elluminate with faculty
  16. 16. Issues Server maintenance occurs during prime European hours CDL committee meetings don’t consider time difference Lack of awareness of IP, how we are different, what are model is, different calendar
  17. 17. Need“if we are to expand beyond our currentprograms, we can only do so within aframework that flexibly incorporates avariety of approaches, calendars,cultures while solidly remaining true toESCs mission and standards. Wehavent got that framework yet, but wellcome closer to building it if we can sortout these issues”