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Cdl conference creativity and multicultural communication


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Cdl conference creativity and multicultural communication

  1. 1. Creativity and Multicultural Communication, a MOOC CDL Conference, April 2012 Betty Hurley-Dasgupta and Carol Yeager“The type of learning process where the teacher and pupilare located in the same individual” A. KoestlerPedagogical UnderpinningsTIM (Torrance Incubation Model) Torrance,E.P. and Safter, T. (1990) The incubation model of teaching. Buffalo, N.Y.: Bearly Limited.Fink’s Taxonomy Fink,L.D. (2003). Creating significant learning experiences: An integrated approach to designing college courses. San Francisco: Jossey-Bass. ons/observer/2011/september-11/using-finks- taxonomy-in-course-design.htmlMOOCs ure=player_embedded ure=related aggregator, remix and feed back
  2. 2. /gRSShopper%20Overview.htmlConnectivism: Design and Delivery of Social NetworkedLearning Network is the Learning: George Siemens Networked Learning Matters: Alec Couros and Organizations: Stephen Downes Defined tools used within the MOOC:Blackboard CollaborateYou TubeWallwisherWikispaceMindmeisterSecond LifePLENKCCK11DiigoVoxopopGoogle+ hangoutsSync-InCOOLCast with Jeff Lebow
  3. 3. WordlePodomaticSlideshareTwitterNewPostsWordpressBloggerLinked-InType with meAdditional resources are contained within each week and areCC materials. Please check the CMC11 website for specificurls and source citations.