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Cdl april 2012_blended_conference_presentati_april_22


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Overview of ESC Latin American Blended program. How we use virtual meeting tools to connect students across classrooms and cultures and with guest speakers. Outcomes related to student satisfaction and persistence

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Cdl april 2012_blended_conference_presentati_april_22

  1. 1. Virtual Meetings Virtual Meeting Tools and B lending Learning: B uilding Bridges and C onnec ting C ultures
  2. 2. Presentation for the CDLConference – April 28, 2012 Patrice Prusko Torcivia Lorette Pellettiere Calix
  3. 3. PANAMA PARTNER Quality Leadership UniversityPartnerships with ESC, University of Lousville, Towson University, College of Notre Dame and FIU
  4. 4. PROGRAM SIZE • First cohort - March 2009 - 19 students • Second cohort – February, 2010 - 25 + 7 (21 graduates) • Third cohort – February, 2011 – 27 + 16 (22 graduates) • Fourth cohort-April 2012- 25 + 19
  5. 5. PROGRAM FORMAT • 10 week sessions • Occasional intensive 4 weeks • One week residencies at beginning and end • Structured to complete 40 – 43 credits in one year
  6. 6. PANAMA STUDENTS • Concentrations: Marketing or International Business • Median age: 22.5 • Average credits upon entering: approx. 58 • Av. Credits ESC: 50 • % work – 85% • % other simultaneous studies – 10%
  7. 7. Demographics
  8. 8. Why we started• Interactive experiences• Need to connect students at a distance during residency• Desire to create connections between students and guest speakers across cultures• Cost savings• How could we best accomplish?
  9. 9. • Allows for real time(Formerly Elluminate) interaction • Sessions can be recorded and archived • Voice, chat box and phone-in options • Small group break-out rooms • Whiteboard, presentations, desktop and file sharing • Up to 6 web cam images Similar tools: WebEx, Adobe Connect, Dimdim
  10. 10. Participants Appear Here White Board/Presentation Area Participant Chat Area Type Your Message HereCommunicate via Microphone
  11. 11. Poll• How many of you have used Elluminate or a similar tool?
  12. 12. Connecting Students and Instruction• Guest lectures and experts• Faculty at a distance• Residency at a distance• Mini-lectures when online• Lecture capture• Student presentations• Web Tour/screen sharing• Office hours/tutoring• Student services• Quizzes/polling
  13. 13. Connecting Students• Students introductions• Make personal connections• Debates/Mock Trials• Team projects• Students in other courses/countries• Small group discussions
  14. 14. Student reaction Elluminate sessions helped me stay more engaged and on schedule. 80% 70% 60% 50% 40% 30% 20% 10% 0% Yes No Not sure
  15. 15. Student reaction Courses Using Elluminate 60% 50% 40% 30% 20% 10% 0% Contributed more to my Were less effective for Not sure learning learning
  16. 16. Student reaction Would you take another course with Elluminate? 70% 60% 50% 40% 30% 20% 10% 0% Yes No Not sure
  17. 17. Student reaction Elluminate helped me feel more connected 50% 40% 30% 20% 10% 0% Yes No Not sure
  18. 18. Expert Feedback " I found the technology very easy and intuitive to use...I thought that itwas an excellent means of delivering educational content to aclassroom without walls and as a mechanism for drawing togetherstudents from all over the world to share ideas and diverseperspectives on content that would not be otherwise possible withoutfacilitation from this or a similar digital capability.” Joe Berman,presentation with Panama, Dominican Republic and NYC
  19. 19. Expert Feedback• " I had the great pleasure of meeting with students from several countries via elluminate. The system was fairly simple to use and gave me the ability to present material, hear and see (through a chat feature) feedback, and manage small workgroups. This system allows professionals to be at their desk while easily sharing pertinent real-world insights and information with students". Jodi Smits, presentation to students in Panama, DR and NYC
  20. 20. Faculty Feedback"I sat in my home study in Vermont, runningthrough a presentation...but not getting anyfeedback on how it was being perceived by myaudience. I know the platform allows forcomments, queries, and virtually raised hands,but ...I still wouldnt have been getting the body-language cues that I try to read and respond towhen Im doing a talk...I felt like I was reciting mywork to myself. The absence of humanengagement was weird".   Eric Zencey,presentation to Panama, DR, and NYC
  21. 21. Faculty FeedbackGreat tool for•office hours•real time assistance•using whiteboard
  22. 22. Student FeedbackPositives about using Elluminate--Flexibility-Real time interactions-Even shy people participate-Guest speakers provide range of perspectives-Immediate feedback-Communicate with internationalclassmates-"Its Amazing!!"
  23. 23. Student issues• Negative aspects—• Connection problems/technical difficulties• Having to connect in real time• Prefer face to face contact
  24. 24. Lessons Learned• Practice using tools• Second person moderate chat box• Send link again day of session• Keep interactive, dont just lecture• Break out room issues• Maximum of one hour• Have a plan B
  25. 25. Tips• Upload presentation• Chat box and screen size adjustments• Dont move too far from mike when speaking• Turn on video camera• Only one mike on at a time• Limit moderator control• Use whiteboard
  26. 26. Limitations• Cant have multiple speakers• Limited number of video connections• Cant show videos• Restricts interaction in classroom• Video and audio not as good as some meeting tools
  27. 27. Contact InfoPATRICE: LORETTE: • E-mail: E-mail:, , Skype: calixpell• Skype: patrice.torcivia LinkedIn• Twitter: Profpatrice• Blog: /• LinkedIn
  28. 28. 21st century skills• Problem solving, creativity, team work and critical thinking• Move away from “it must be true I saw it on the Internet”• Connect across boundaries, collaborate with different cultures, learn new perspectives• Global citizens
  29. 29. Educational goals• What you want to do with these tools?• How can you use them to engage, motivate and create interest?• What is your pedagogical intent?• Where do you want it to take your students?• You are the banks of a river guiding the water to where it needs to go