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Global Conference 2018 RRR+ Dominica


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Presentation of the Government of Dominica to the First Global Conference on Reporting for Results-based REDD+, January 2018, Milan, Italy. Reduced emissions from deforestation and forest degradation, and related forest conservation.

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Global Conference 2018 RRR+ Dominica

  1. 1. RRR+ Global Conference FEEM, Milan, 30-31 January 2018
  2. 2. COMMONWEALTH OF DOMINICA CURRENT STATUS GHGI DEVELOPMENT AND REDD+ IMPLEMENTATION GHG inventory unit There is currently no GHG Unit in place in Dominica. The Environmental Coordinating Unit (ECU) is in charge of preparing the country’s National Communications to the UNFCCC and conducts GHG assessments as part of those reports. Consultants are usually hired in this regard (2-3 persons). GHG inventories: GHG inventories were conducted as part of UNFCCC National Communication Reports (1994 [2001]; 2009 to 2005 [2012]). All major sectors were included. However very limited in scope and level of accuracy mainly as a result of limited (inadequate) availability of data. National Communications: First National Communication (December 2001) and second National Communication (2012). Currently in the process of developing the third National Communication supported by UNDP – GEF. It is being developed by consultants (1-2 Local and 1-2 international). There is no a specific date for submission. This first REDD+ implementation strategy: was prepared in June 2017 with the view to assist the Forestry, Wildlife and Parks Division of Dominica in streamlining and coordinating the various past and present efforts on REDD+ currently ongoing at all different levels in Dominica. Reference Level: Once new historical data is developed, Dominica will be in the position to do a first attempt to construct or to measure NREL/NRL at the national level but also having in mind that the national REDD+ strategy should aim to have it at the three national protected areas which are the main actions areas of the early REDD+ implementation strategy. INDC indicates 2016 as base year for implementation. Dominica could consider this year too and see the historical analysis at least back to 2005 or could also go back to 2000 to have better understanding of forest behavior. RRR+ Contribution in 2017: first Regional Workshop under the Reporting for Results-based REDD+ (RRR+) Initiative took place in the DR in September 2017. Mr. Stephen Durand represented Dominica.
  3. 3. COMMONWEALTH OF DOMINICA ACTIVITIES THROUGHOUT THE PROJECT ● Challenges and needs identified  No accurate data  Loss of expertise and data  Lack of information exchange  Need to increase technical capacity  Need to facilitate the ability of local authorities to implement forest assessments congruent with internationally acceptable standards.  Need to update information • List of potential activities under RRR+ project  …..Training and capacity building of staff and provision of technical expertise to deal with REDD+ activities related to REL/RL, NFMS, MRV, GHG inventory and REDD+ implementation and monitoring.  South-South knowledge sharing