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Information Winner AFGA 2012 - Weather Birds


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Information Winner AFGA 2012 - Weather Birds

  1. 1. Weather irdsJanna Begum & Mahjabin Syeda
  2. 2. Situation Do you own experience problems when gardening ? Information: Watering, Soil to use, type, feed levels… How & when Advice on to grow how to plants Do you own a SmartPhone? grow specific plans
  3. 3. Problem VIDEO cid=1024bf4073c21bb5&resid=1024BF4073C21BB5%21322 &parid=1024BF4073C21BB5%21312&authkey= %21APgRsTk0UgFunIg
  4. 4. Problem STATEMENTGardening enthusiast are not always aware of how to nourish their plants & gardens according to the weather and seasons. Gardeners do not know how to correctly nourish their plants & gardens according to the weather. Poor Peter =(
  5. 5. Market Research How would you like to track your garden/plant growth? Do you know the amount of water & minerals plants/gardens need according to the weather/season? No 90% Yes 10% What do you currently grow? Flowers 82% Herbs 58% Vegetables 50% Fruits 36% How long do you spend in the garden or caring for your plant? 1 hour 2-3 hours 4 > 10% 55% 29%
  6. 6. Solution How to help gardening enthusiasts nourish their plants & gardens based on the weather & seasons.. If only my garden & plants could look like this…
  7. 7. VisionCompetitors Koubachi Weathe r watch Info + Visual Q&A Weathe r fields
  8. 8. Mock -UP
  9. 9. Mock -UP
  10. 10. Business -Plan
  11. 11. Summary: Weather irds
  12. 12. Social Media Life