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Bcs techheads apps for good 28 nov


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As promised here is the slide I showed at the Techheads event on 28th Nov.

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Bcs techheads apps for good 28 nov

  1. 1. Tech & enterprise education pathways Mobile AfG Free- Academy Lean start-up Facebook formers “STEAMED” pilot Spring board Enter- Young Enterprise preneurs First Enterprise Phone- Teentech / careers brain Seedcamp Enabling Enterprise General Com- Assembly CAS Devcamp puting++ Skills- Decoded Appshed Coder Dojo matterProgramming Code Club Academy Young Udemy / CS Techno- Rewired Codecademy camps State Primary Secondary Further Post 5-11 years 11-18 years 18-22 years 22 years + Beyond formal Curriculum/ timetable After-school/ club education 1