Apps for Good Case Study - Shahina


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Apps for Good Case Study - Shahina

  1. 1. CASE STUDYBEN COLE, HEAD OF COMMUNITY, CENTRAL FOUNDATION GIRLS SCHOOLI think a lot of peoples’ immediate reaction to Apps for Good would be “this is a project for the best ICTstudents”. But at Central Foundation, we didn’t want it to be like this. We wanted to open the opportunity toa mix of ages, abilities and attitudes and to foster an environment which could transform the lives of all thoseinvolved. The results were brilliant and one student in particular, Shahina*, went through a dramatictransformation.Shahina made a promising start when she joined Central Foundation Girls School in Year 7 and things werelooking good for her, but by Year 8 issues began to arise and there were concerns that she was heading downthe wrong path. Although Shahina was always talkative and confident, her desire to find something interestingwhere she could channel her energy did not always take her in a positive direction.When the opportunity came to apply for the Apps for Good course, Shahina’s first reaction was that there wasno way she was going to stay on after school to do a course. But, with some delicate persuasion, shereluctantly came along for the interview.This was the tipping point. During the group interview, it dawned on her that she could do somethingmeaningful, she had something of value to say and that people would listen to her. She was subsequentlyawarded a place on the course, and soon became fully engaged and excited in the project.Her positive approach and transformation was not only down to the course content, but also the experience offorming friendships and working closely with older students who became mentors and role models for her.Since completing the Apps for Good course, Shahina has gone from strength to strength. She recentlyorganised and led a group of students to raise £300 funding for an enterprise initiative – taking the lead onwriting the application and developing and pitching the presentation.Of the 17 students who completed the course, Shahina was the one who went through the biggesttransformation but all of them got something out of it. We’ve definitely noticed an increased willingness tocooperate and increased leadership skills amongst the students who took the course. Some of the studentswere more capable than others from the start, but all have upped their game and got something out of it.*name has been changed to protect student’s identity