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Apps for Good in My School LWF 2012


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Kirsty Tonks Director of e-Learning at Collegiate Academy Trust, shows how Apps for Good fits into the Year 9 ICT and Design and Technology Curriculum Design.

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Apps for Good in My School LWF 2012

  1. 1. • Ignite a passion for technology and social enterprise in young people in the UK• Encourage young people to use technology to tackle problems for social good• Increase the entrepreneurial skills and confidence of young people• Bridge the gap between young people and the business networks and knowledge that can help them• Build a connected world of young people, business volunteers and educators, inspiring each other to solve problems and succeed through the wonders of mobile technology
  2. 2. • Embedded in Curriculum for Year 9 students• Two lessons per week including after school club• Students were selected from the top half of the year group based on ability in English and Maths.• Students are grouped in classes of 20 students with 5 groups of 4.• Students have access to class sites where all their work is stored and resources that staff use are uploaded to.• The problem solving exercises and resources at the start of the course were very informative and the students enjoyed the process.
  3. 3. Dedicated class sites Personalised Feedback Surveys Community Sites
  4. 4. Problem videos and proposed solutions! Expert help available!
  5. 5. Student Quotes:“I think Apps for Good is very good as it helps us think about the worldoutside the school and how to communicate with other people”“I think it’s better than other lessons as you have more freedom to do whatyou want”“Apps for Good is different to other lessons as it is something I want to dowith my life”“I would recommend this to other students as it’s fun and will be useful forthe future”“I would give this course a 9 out of 10”
  6. 6. Curriculum Design Year 9 ICT and Design and Technology 2012 Graphic Design Art & Design Microsoft Apps for Good Dot.Net GadgetMarketing and Audience MechanicsBusiness and Enterprise Science Kodu Logic and Programming Mathematics