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Views from the Unified Communications Summit


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On April 27th and May 5th, Paul Hillman presented his 'news and views' from the 3rd Annual, "invitation-only" UC Summit in La Jolla, California.

IT professionals and business executives around Michigan learned the cold, hard facts about the top UC providers, including Microsoft, Cisco, Avaya, IBM, NEC, and Siemens.

View the slide deck and find out if and what unified communications solution is right for you.

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Views from the Unified Communications Summit

  1. 1. CDH Unified CommunicationsCDH Summit 2011 April 2011
  2. 2. CDH Quick FactsAbout Us Approach Partnerships• 21st Year • Vendor Neutral • Microsoft Gold • Central Region Client• Grand Rapids & • Non-reseller Experience Award Winner Royal Oak • Professional • VMware Enterprise• 30 Staff Services Only • Citrix Silver • Novell Platinum • Cisco Premier
  3. 3. CDH Expertise Project Management Infrastructure Collaboration Access & Identity Management
  4. 4. CDH CDH Talks Tech
  5. 5. CDH The UC Summit: What is it? • 3rd Annual • 84 System Integrators • 28 Consultants • 16 Vendors • La Jolla, CA • Host: UC Strategies
  6. 6. CDH UC Summit Sponsors Avaya
  7. 7. CDH Definition of UC • Communications Integrated to Optimize Business Processes ( – UC integrates real-time and non-real time communications with business processes – Uses presence capabilities for coordination – Presents a consistent, unified user interface and experience across multiple devices and media types 7
  8. 8. Software-based IP Networks / Presence Multimedia solutions Enhanced Collaborative Video Conferencing Workspaces EmbeddedIM and Chat Speech Recognition Communications
  9. 9. UC-U: UserCDH Productivity UC-B: Business Process  Process Optimizations  User‐oriented tools • Rich Presence with IM • IM with Presence • Roles / skills vs. names • Softphones  • Mobile information delivery • Mobility Support • Collaborative workspaces • Conferencing  Targeted to process groups  Generic groups (~ COS)  Involves system integration or enterprise‐wide  Cuts costs / drives revenue  Saves “xx” minutes / day  Reason to invest in change  “Sizzle” of IP Tel and Messaging investments Helping individual users  Enhancing business processes manage their communications with integrated communications
  10. 10. CDH UC – Phase I – UC – User Productivity (UC-U) • At the personal / individual user level • Hard to measure and aggregate in ROI UC UC-U
  11. 11. CDH UC – Phase II – UC – Business Process (UC-B) • At the business level - enterprise as a whole • Significant and measurable (track ROI) • Human latency UC UC-U UC-B
  12. 12. CDH UC – Phase III – UC – Analytics & Metrics • Time management • Word/phrase detection (real time) – A new level of communications service • High ROI • Competitive advantage UC UC-U UC-A UC-B
  13. 13. Communications IndustryCDH Transition • Hardware model to a software model • Microsoft & IBM enter market • Vertical market solutions will drive choices • Communications endpoints are evolving • CPE vs. cloud • Social networking moving to social business • Major industry & channel consolidation
  14. 14. CDH UC Value Per User Per Year UC-U Value UC-B Value• Improve conferencing $3,034 • Increase sales $115,909• Reduce wasted time $1,137 • Speed projects $95,000• Eliminate delays $1,005 • Lower process costs $12,880• Save toll costs $246 • Cut operational $11,875 cost• Reduce admin TCO: $43 • Drive transactions to $7,813 mobile devices
  15. 15. CDH Three Platform Choices 1 Expand, build on voice platform 2 Expand, build on desktop platform 3 Expand, build on business software applications platform
  16. 16. CDH 1 Expand, build on voice platform • High number of voice calls  • Many field, retail, or branch personnel • Conferencing is primarily meetings, not collaboration • Retail stores or services, construction,  education, field sales
  17. 17. CDH Expanding the Voice Platform*• Add Presence, IM• Add Conferencing• Add Smartphone Mobility• Add CEBP services * Assumes current release of IP/PBX
  18. 18. CDH 2 Expand, build on desktop platform • Operation based on  email and documents,  spreadsheets, word documents, presentations,  etc. • Business‐centered information and collaboration,  teams work together to deliver services • Legal, Accounting, Professional services,  HQ  staff,  Marketing, Mobile Sales,  Development,   Government, Investment  Management
  19. 19. Expanding the Desktop PlatformCDH • Add Presence, IM with click-to- communicate • Add Conferencing • Add enterprise telephony • Use native interfaces to email, office apps, collaboration
  20. 20. CDH 3 Expand, build on applications platform • Operation driven by software  applications • Work on  transactions, logistics, supply       chains, service, web‐based sales, call  centers, catalog sales, global service desks • Manufacturing, distribution, insurance,      health care, retail brokerage, logistics,  transportation
  21. 21. CDH 3 Expand, build on applications platform Embed UC functions in Application Software • Communication functions invoked by  application software • Presence, buddy lists, etc. are hidden or dynamic • Click‐to‐communicate may be available • Detailed call plans, process driven escalation  procedures • Collaboration is minimal, transaction driven
  22. 22. Expanding the Applications PlatformCDH • IM & Presence OR • Add communications to PC • CEBP LOB business application• Headset plan a must
  23. 23. CDH Headset Plan• Vendors – Plantronics – Jabra – Logitech – Motorola – AltiGEN – Sennheiser
  24. 24. CDH Pricing in $/User/Year Vendor UC Only• 2,000 users; Aastra $ 36 4 UC ‘workloads’ Alcatel-Lucent $ 48 – IM/Presence Avaya $ 35 – Conferencing Cisco $ 32 – Mobility IBM $ 28 – CEBP Interactive Intelligence $ 104 (syst) Microsoft $ 16• UC only ranges from $16 - $70/user/year Mitel $ 63 ($2 - $6/user/month) NEC $ 11 – Average down from RIM $ 41 $81 to $38/user/year ShoreTel $ 70 Siemens $ 83
  25. 25. CDH Summary • Headsets are NOT just a microphone & speaker, you NEED a headset plan • The cost of UC is driven by the number of UC services: IM, voice, video, presence, mobile, speech recognition, conferencing – Devices, integrations, professional services • UC has permanently changed the economics
  26. 26. CDH Vendor Line Up • Vendor Line Up – NEC – Siemens – Avaya – IBM – Cisco – Microsoft
  27. 27. CDHCDH NEC
  28. 28. Introducing the UC&CCDH Architecture• NEC’s software-based communications designed for dynamic, distributed Mobility environments suited to meet needs of workers tomorrow.• NEC’s UC&C Architecture Virtualization features: & Agent RIA – Standards-based services Cloud – Network agnostic services – Service-orientation – Security & scalability – Robust UC & collaboration Vertical services apps – Centralized management
  29. 29. CDH Next Generation UC Platform SV8500 & Sphericall begin to expand capabilities and interoperability in 2011 to reach common UC solution Encompasses public/private/hybrid cloud-based environments Vertical Next Gen Enhancements UC&C Platform Vertical Apps Rich Call Center Cloud Software-based Standard SIP Sphericall platform CEBP MS Lync/IBM ST Web 2.0 (RIA) •Open standard protocol Common Global •Service oriented Cloud Capacity Integrated Social Network •IT SW Architecture UC Applications •Vertical apps Virtualization Rich Media •RIA IPv6 IPv6 2011 XMPP and beyond XMPP
  30. 30. UC&C OverviewC D HAn IP-based communications solution delivered in a single, easy to deploy software platform • An integrated software- • Provides: based communications solution • Enterprise Class IP-PBX • Call recording • Virtualization • Full featured unified • Business continuity communications • Scalable • Management tools • Unified messaging I’m back from my holiday and starting up the coding  on the new UI controls for the Twitter panels today! • Easily distributed • Contact Center • Network agnostic I’m in the UK this week,  looking  forward to a good meeting with Chris  • Audio/Video from EMEA IT Solutions • Standards-based conferencing I hope you’re all spreading the word  about the cool RIA software I am  • Engineered for a Service working on! Oriented Architecture Review Meeting for RIA Development  Project (SOA) Pearson Conference Room Working hard on my Functional Spec  due in a week!
  31. 31. Extensible RIA ClientCDH Framework
  32. 32. CDH Anywhere – All the Time
  33. 33. NEC “No Customers LeftCDH Behind”• Mapping of SV8500 enhanced networking to standards based networking, allows UC&C to provide a rich array of services to existing customers as they evolve forward on their “timeframe” – Rich new services added to existing telephony infrastructure – Software portability migrates IP phones smoothly – Enables IT to carefully manage migration to new infrastructure XML RPC XML/HTML .NET Remoting Web Conf Page Server Web Conferencing  Agent  Services Services Rich Agent Session Controls  SW Audio Mixer with SIP Media Connection XML/SOAP Web Page Server Media Switching  Services Adaptive Session Initiation Protocol Jane Joe Customer Jane Jane X100 Web Conference RIA Client X200 Web Conference RIA Client Web Conference
  34. 34. CDH NEC SummaryPositives + Negatives –+ Strong Global - Hardware-based Company solutions+ Large Installed Base - Strategy Unclear+ Existing Channel - Fluff, Little substance - “No Customer Left Behind”, is that good for you?
  35. 35. CDHCDH Siemens
  36. 36. Siemens Enterprise CommunicationsCDH Company overview A growing force in a growing market  Revenues of €2.3 billion ($2.8 billion) FY-2010 (51%)  Four quarters consecutive growth; strong Q1 (49%)  Cash-flow positive/large war chest #3 market share globally #1 in Germany 6.2 million devices in USA (40%) #4 in LME VoIP #1 in Europe (19%) #1 in LAM (18%) #1 in India Source: MZA Consultants (17%) Over 1 million customers in 120 countries Optimize Transform 70% global 500 customer base Vast annuitized revenue stream
  37. 37. Open Communications ArchitectureCDH Unified communications and networking – ready for the cloud Solutions Differentiation Portfolio Highly reliable and secure, Secure Cloud OpenScape Cloud Services carrier-grade UC SaaS Full spectrum of proven, ITIL-based Managed Services multi-vendor services available globally OpenScale Services Easy, affordable, enterprise-grade OpenScape Collaboration, Video, Collaborative Applications software with deep application/social Social Media and Contact Center integrations Massively scalable, open and OpenScape Voice, Office, Unified Unified Communications virtualized software architecture Communications and Mobility Enterasys Switching & Routing, Automation, visibility and control across Automated Networks integrated wired and wireless networks Wireless, Security and Network Management Flexible deployment and consumption choices Premise Hybrid Cloud Deployment Deployment Deployment
  38. 38. OpenScape UC Server andCDH UC Suite OpenSOA OpenScape UC Suite SIP session Federated QoS Session detail Administration Availability Data center control presence management reporting and licensing management OpenScape Unified Communications Server Flexible Mature and Scalable and Most Complete Compelling Value Deployment Proven Solution Reliable Solutions Proposition Options  CAGR 124% over  Single System  Virtualized and  UC Essentials are  Lowest TCO last 6 years scales to 100,000 Cloud Ready Built-in  Sound ROI on  Over 1.2M users  Anywhere Worker  Highest Value Investment licenses sold  Carrier Grade  Survivable Branch Applications pre-  Customer  Next-Gen SW 99.999% Office integrated References Architecture Reliability
  39. 39. Introducing OpenScape Channel-CDH Only Solutions End-to-end Range of Solutions for SMB and Mid-Market Customers – All Channel Partner Ready OpenScape Cloud OpenScape Office OpenScape UC Services Version 3 Server Xpress  Comprehensive future-proof  New multi-site capabilities Optimal for 350 – 1,000 users ‘Voice and UC as a Service’ for up to eight sites  Robust carrier-grade next-  Increased scalability up Includes: gen software platform to 500 users (LX edition)  Enterprise VoIP  Security and reliability,  Social media federation  Conferencing redefined for the Cloud with Google Chat  Voicemail  Easy to acquire and use  Enhanced mobile UC  Unified Messaging  Integrated Partner calling client  Device Presence plans  Virtualization support  Contact Center New Flexible Deployment Options Premise Hybrid Cloud Deployment Deployment Deployment
  40. 40. Siemens EnterpriseCDH Communications Unified Communications and voice portfolio positioning OpenScape Cloud Solutions Number of usersLarge >2,000 OpenScape UC Server Enterprise (incl. OpenScape Voice) 1,000 HiPath 4000Mid-market Evolution OpenScape UC Server Xpress (incl. OpenScape Voice)SMB < 350 HiPath 3000 OpenScape Office Advanced UC and integration capabilities
  41. 41. OpenScape OfficeCDH Solution Overview All-in-one appliance OpenScape Office OR Server-based OpenScape Office MX OpenScape Office LX OpenScape Office HX All-In-One UC appliance solution  Pure Software UC enabling  Server-Based UC solution Supporting up to 150 users virtualization, multi-site for HiPath 3000 installations  Supporting up to 500 users  Supporting up to 500 users
  42. 42. CDH Siemens SummaryPositives + Negatives –+ Strong Global - Slow to UC market Company - Not known for+ 1M Customer Base innovative software+ Vision to the Cloud solutions+Solutions for the large - Hardware heritageenterprises >100,000 trying to move tousers cloud solutions
  43. 43. CDHCDH IBM
  44. 44. CDH 7,000,000,000 • buzz/uc-summit-2011-ibm-keynote.aspx – 1 min, 25 sec
  45. 45. Sametime makes a lot of thingsCDH easier...• Meetings – Click-to-meet• Video – Click-to-see• Integration with 3rd- party telephony systems• Integration with web applications – New web clients and Web 2.0 APIs• Telephony – Click-to-call with Sametime Unified Telephony
  46. 46. CDH Sametime key themes Improvements to the meeting experience on the Web browser Audio and video management tools to help accelerate adoption Support for new mobile platforms and new capabilities New options to simplify deployments
  47. 47. Audio and video on the WebCDH meetings client Browser plug-in installs on demand or pre- installed; also supports 3rd party video integration Call and video controls Call Controls: - Connect/disconnect List of participants - Adjust volume shows connection, - Hold/Resume presence and muted status. Moderator Controls: - Mute/unmute all - Mute another person - Lock call - End call for everyone - Hang up participant Video Controls: - Show/ hide own video - Hold/resume - Pause/resume
  48. 48. Support for new mobileCDH platforms and capabilities• Native support for Android, iPhone• Meetings client for BlackBerry, iPad
  49. 49. CDH New Sametime features • Click-to-call number in Notes and Sametime • Active speaker notification • Call initiation from Android devices • REST APIs to support mobile Web page for getting/adding/setting devices • New hardware support, OS Support, Linux, MacUpdated toolbars forad-hoc calls and meetings
  50. 50. A new SUT flavorCDH (a “lite” one...) • Simplified video and telephony integration • Basic soft phone features • SUT infrastructure not required • Uses standard SIP trunking to certified systems
  51. 51. CDH Sametime Advanced Group support for chat room access
  52. 52. CDH IBM SummaryPositives + Negatives –+ Multi-OS support - Relying on 3rd partiesLinux, Mac, Windows for Enterprise Voice+ Multi-Device support - Poor integration intoBlackberry, iPhone, non-IBM applicationsWindows 7, Android - Assumes Notes+Software based email, Webspheresolution portals+Full collaboration suite
  53. 53. CDHCDH Avaya
  54. 54. CDH Avaya New Architecture
  55. 55. CDH Popular UC Options
  56. 56. CDH Avaya Components • Foundational – Voice over IP – Presence • Options – Voice Mail Integrated – Email Integrated – Mobile Client – Fixed Mobile Convergence (FMC) – Multimedia Conferencing – Chat IM – Contact Center Integration
  57. 57. CDH Avaya FlareThe Avaya Desktop Video Device is a cost-effective video desktopcollaboration endpoint. In addition to HD video, device features includetelephone, web conferencing, social media, calendar, and schedulingfrom a single user interface on a multi-touch device. The DesktopVideo Device with the Avaya Flare® Experience can be used toconsolidate tools such as a desk phone, speaker phone and videoendpoint. It enables ad hoc, person-to-person collaboration forenterprise workers. Used as a customer service kiosk, the deviceallows customers to get information and click to communicate withcontact center experts.
  58. 58. CDH Avaya SummaryPositives + Negatives –+Extensive history with - Hardware centrictelephony solutions vision+Strong partner channel - Lacks vision for theand vendor support cloud+Innovative hardware - Confusing and broadand software solutions product line - Minimal collaborative and LOB application integration
  59. 59. CDHCDH Cisco
  60. 60. CDHMobile • -buzz/uc-summit-2011-cisco- keynote.aspx 1 min, 14 secVisualVirtual
  61. 61. MobileCFrom phone to virtual workspace DH WebEx on Cisco Android Jabber
  62. 62. SocialC D H personal productivity to business productivityFrom 2B videos viewed on YouTube every day 3.5B pieces of content shared each week on Facebook 70% of employees 1.3M Tweets sent want better social every hour media tracking tools© 2011 Cisco and/or its affiliates. All rights reserved. Cisco Confidential 62
  63. 63. Cisco Quad CIntersection of enterprise social software and UC DH Enterprise Social Software Unified Communications Directory Click to: Profile Call, IM, WebEx Accelerated Time To Resolution Blogs, Wikis, XMPP-Based Forums, Posts Presence Improved Customer Satisfaction Search Across VisualPeople & Information Voicemail Dynamic More Rapid Innovation Web Communities Communicator Microblogging Improved Workforce Competency Video Activity Feeds/ 3rd Party Notifications UC Integrations
  64. 64. Cisco SocialMinerCSocial media meets customer care DH Cisco 1. Capture SocialMiner Airline lost my luggage! 2. Analyze & Prioritize 3. Manage Workflow Customer Social Media 4. Assign & Engage Customer Care Agent© 2011 Cisco and/or its affiliates. All rights reserved. Cisco Confidential 64
  65. 65. VideoCDH From connecting devices to connecting people Video is the new voice It’s about collaboration
  66. 66. Video on Every EndpointCDH
  67. 67. CDHMobile • User ExperienceSocial • Breadth of Portfolio • Video EverywhereVisual • Bringing Social to Enterprise • Protecting InvestmentsVirtual
  68. 68. CDH Cisco SummaryPositives + Negatives –+ Leader in IP-PBX - Hardware centric+Visionary with video, vision, equipmobile & social focus provided by Cisco+Strong partner channel - Poor interoperabilityand vendor support - Integration into+Ability to execute on collaboration softwarestrategy & LOB applications - No cloud solution
  69. 69. CDHCDH Microsoft
  70. 70. Future of Communications Communications TodayCDHInstant Video Web E-mail and AudioMessaging (IM) Voice Mail Conferencing Telephony Conferencing Calendaring Conferencing Telephony Instant Unified Messaging and Voice Mail E-mail and Conferencing: Calendaring Audio, Video, Web Authentication Authentication Authentication Authentication Administration Administration Administration Administration Storage Storage Storage Storage Authentication Authentication Authentication Authentication Administration Administration Administration Storage Administration Storage Storage Storage Compliance On-Premises Hybrid In the Cloud
  71. 71. The Microsoft Integrated PlatformCDH Common ServicesService-Oriented Architecture and Business Process Application Platform User Experience Desktop, Device, and Server Management Identity and Access Management Client Capabilities Enterprise Content Enterprise Search Development Management Business Intelligence Business Productivity Infrastructure Unified Collaboration Communications Data Management Data Protection and Recovery Core Infrastructure Security and Networking
  72. 72. Microsoft Unified BusinessCDH Platform
  73. 73. CDH “This isn’t about fancy phone calls. It’s about policy based, user access to an Enterprise software architecture.” On-line Common Services On-premises Desktop, Device, and Server Management Service-Oriented Architecture and Business User Experience Identity and Access Management Client Capabilities Enterprise Development Enterprise Content Process Busines Search Manageme s Unified nt Intellige Collaborati nce Communication on s Data Management Data Protection and Recovery Security and Networking
  74. 74. CDH Microsoft SummaryPositives + Negatives –+ Leader in - Limited hardwarecollaboration suites support (iPhone, Mac,+Innovative software Linux)+Strong integration into - “Youngest” player incollab software & LOB the telephony industryapplications - Fewer enterprise+Ability to integrate into class voice customersdata center stack (> 5,000 users)
  75. 75. CDH 5 Industry Trends To Remember 1. Software over Hardware 2. Cloud Computing Strategy 3. Social Business 4. Mobile Communications 5. Interoperability
  76. 76. CDH And the winner is…….
  77. 77. CDH Thank You Royal Oak Grand Rapids 306 S. Washington Ave. 15 Ionia SW Suite 212 Suite 270 Royal Oak, MI 48067 Grand Rapids, MI 49503 p: (248) 546-1800 p: (616) 776-1600 (c) C/D/H 2007. All rights reserved