SCOM: The Unsung Hero of the System Center Suite April 24, 2013


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​System Center Operations Manager is a big deal.

On April 24th, Erik Gilreath discussed SCOM and uncovered: why SCOM is so rarely installed, why that's a mistake, easy steps to install, what you should be doing with it, and what it can do that other people's products can't.

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SCOM: The Unsung Hero of the System Center Suite April 24, 2013

  1. 1. SCOM – The Unsung Hero ofthe System Center Suite
  2. 2. Quick FactsAbout Us• 23rd Year• Grand Rapids &Royal Oak• 30 StaffApproach• VendorIndependent• Non-reseller• ProfessionalServices OnlyPartnerships• Microsoft Gold• VMwareEnterprise• Citrix Silver• Cisco Premier• Novell Gold
  3. 3. Microsoft Gold PartnerCompetenciesFour GoldEight SilverSuccessesCustomerExcellence AwardVirtual TechnicalSpecialist (VTSP)Managed PartnerNumerous PartnerAwardsPinpointMicrosoft’s officialpartner directory5-star rating
  4. 4. Expertise
  5. 5. Get Social with C/D/
  6. 6. Today’s Agenda• Brief overview of SCOM• Some real-life experiences with SCOM• Why SCOM is so rarely installed• SCOM installation tips• Setting up email alerting• Monitoring services with SCOM• Using Synthetic Transactions to monitorwebsite performance• Global Services Monitoring• System Center Advisor• Network Monitoring
  7. 7. Your PresenterErik GilreathMCSE, MCITP, CNE, CCNA, CCDA, CCA, CCEA• Consultant with C/D/H• Currently focusing on SystemCenter, infrastructure andvirtualization• Been with C/D/H since
  8. 8. What is SCOM
  9. 9. What SCOM is NOT
  10. 10. Why SCOM is so rarely installed• First iterations were less than stellar• Easy to install poorly• More complicated than it looks• Poor planning• Not understanding what SCOM really does• Bad reputation from people who did itwrong
  11. 11. Why it’s a mistake not to install:SCOM in real life• Notifications of system issues• Notifications of possible problems• Alerts of performance issues• Correct issues with the use of scripts• Generates help desk tickets
  12. 12. SCOM Installation Tips• Decide ahead of time what MPs to install– Exchange / IIS / SharePoint / SQL / etc• Install one MP at a time– Let it bake a week or two– Start with Windows Core– Create custom MP for each installed MP foroverrides– Name each custom MP with the same startingletters• Alert Monitors vs. Alert Rules
  13. 13. Email Alerting• Configure a Channel• Configure Subscribers• Configure Subscriptions– Group– Class– Severity– Specific test– Etc…
  14. 14. Monitoring Services
  15. 15. Monitoring Services
  16. 16. Synthetic Transactions• Real time actions performed on monitoredobjects– Test website responsiveness– Monitor database performance– TCP port monitoring
  17. 17. Global Service Monitoring• Azure based service that ties into SCOM• Available free to any with SoftwareAssurance• Monitors from both inside and outside– Monitor applications from 15 different locations• Two kinds of monitors– Web Application Availability– Visual Studio Web Tests
  18. 18. Global Service Monitoring -Installation• Signup for GSM:• If doing Visual Studio tests, import the AlertAttachment MP:• Import the GSM MPs into OpsMgr 2012 SP1• Configure GSM in OpsMgr 2012 SP1 withyour GSM account• Start configuring tests!
  19. 19. Web Application Availability Monitor• Test is defined as one URL from oneLocation• One test every 5 minutes is the mostfrequent interval• Total tests = # tests * # locations• Total tests cannot exceed 25 persubscription
  20. 20. Visual Studio Web Tests• Test is defined as one .webtest file• One test every 5 minutes is the mostfrequent interval• Total tests = # tests times # locations• Total tests cannot exceed 25 persubscription• Microsoft Visual Studio Ultimate 2012 orVisual Studio Ultimate 2010 required toview test results
  21. 21. System Center Advisor• Cloud-based service that examines yourMicrosoft-based installations• Available free to everyone• Alerts generated due to improperconfiguration, potential issues, missingpatches, or simply straying from bestpractices• Remediation recommendations based ona compilation of thousands of MS Supportcases
  22. 22. How System Center Advisor worksSERVERCONFIGURATIONSMicrosoft ServersBEST PRACTICES& RECOMENDATIONS
  23. 23. Network Device MonitoringWhat SCOM delivers• Out of the box discovery,monitoring, and reporting• Memory utilization, processorutilization, port traffic volume,port error analysis & portpacket analysis• Server to networkdependency discovery• Support large number ofdevice vendors
  24. 24. Royal Oak306 S. Washington Ave.Suite 212Royal Oak, MI 48067(248) 546-1800Grand Rapids15 Ionia SWSuite 270Grand Rapids, MI 49503(616) 776-1600Thank