Microsoft's Cloud OS Launch, Revisited


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In December, C/D/H extended Microsoft Cloud OS launch – so you can get the most from some of Microsoft's newest, most exciting products.

View the slide deck and find out how Windows Server 2012, Windows Azure, and Microsoft System Center 2012 can help alleviate day-to-day tasks so you can focus on what's really important and get back to work.

Here's what you can expect:

• Taking your virtualization infrastructure to the next level with Windows Server 2012, Hyper-V, and Windows Azure
• Enabling the modern work style your users are demanding with Windows Server 2012
• Management made simple with Windows Server 2012 and System Center 2012
• Windows Azure and the hybrid cloud

Don't miss this great content, and all the ways you can boost your team to the next level.

And for more information on this or other Microsoft topics, visit our blog at

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Microsoft's Cloud OS Launch, Revisited

  1. 1. CDH Cloud OS Launch EventCDH Windows Server, System Center, and Azure December 2012
  2. 2. CDH Quick FactsAbout Us Approach Partnerships• 22nd Year • Vendor • Microsoft Gold• Grand Rapids & Independent • VMware Enterprise Royal Oak • Non-reseller • Citrix Silver• 30 Staff • Professional • Novell Gold Services Only • Cisco Premier
  3. 3. CDH Microsoft Gold PartnerCompetencies Successes Pinpoint• Three Gold • Customer Excellence • Microsoft’s official• Eight Silver Award partner directory • Virtual Technical • 5-star rating Specialist (VTSP) • Managed Partner • Numerous Partner Awards
  4. 4. CDH Expertise
  5. 5. CDH Get Social with C/D/H C/D/H Talks Tech C/D/H Tweets Tech
  6. 6. CDH Meet your Presenters Jason Cooper • Lead Consultant with C/D/H • Systems Management and Virtualization • With C/D/H since 2005 MCITP:EA | MCITP:VA | MCNE | CLP | CCNA | VCP
  7. 7. CDH Meet your Presenters Mark Becker • Partner, Director of Client Services • With C/D/H since 1994 PMP | MCSE | MCNE
  8. 8. CDH Today’s Agenda • Welcome • The Power of Many Servers, the Simplicity of One • Modern Workstyle, Enabled • Every App, Any Cloud • Beyond Virtualization • Windows Azure and the Hybrid Cloud • Q&A • Networking
  9. 9. Device CloudNew proliferati Data computinapps on explosion g 10
  10. 10. Scale and secure workloads, cost-effectivelyBeyond build a privatevirtualization cloud, and securely connect to cloud servicesThe power of Efficiently manage infrastructure whilemany servers, maximizing uptimethe simplicity and minimizing failures and downtimeof oneEvery app, any Build on an open and scalable web platformcloud that supports applications across premisesModernworkstyle, Support a mobile and flexible work styleenabled 11
  11. 11. Agile IT response Budget Serviceto change limitations expectations 12
  12. 12. CONTINUOUS FLEXIBLE STORAGE MANAGEMENT EFFICIENCY AVAILABILITYDeliver performance, Preserve uptime by Automate managementefficiency, and enduring failures tasks and simplifyinnovation through without service deployment anddiverse storage choices interruption, and speed virtualization of multiple recovery when needed machines 13 13
  13. 13. Storage High- Storage virtualization performance choices and storage iSCSI target conservation Offline Data NFS Storage Spaces Transfer (ODX)Improve performance, Virtual Fibre 64 TB VHDX SMB Direct Channelavailability, and format SMB Resilient Filestorage resource Multichannel Data System (ReFS)efficiency with the deduplication BranchCache File and Storagestorage of your choice Thin provisioning Services and trim 14
  14. 14. File and Storage Services: Application data storage Improved application Hyper-V SQL data storage with the File and Storage Services role SMB Protocol NIC Teaming & Enhancements RDMA NIC Support Increased performance File System Improvemen ts Active On - Highly available— Transparent Failover endures failures transparently Easy, flexible storage provisioning Chkdsk improvem Windows Server 2012 file Depend on Windows ents Server 2012 file- server cluster based storage for Hyper-V and Microsoft SQL 15 Server workloads
  15. 15. Individual Failover Across servers clusters datacenters Minimized Active-Active file Hyper-V Replica updates server clusters with Server Core Connection to and Features on Transparent online backupProvide cost-effective, failover services Demandhighly available Minimizedservices—with Improved network updateprotection against a performance and downtime withwide range of failure uptime with NIC Cluster-Aware Updatingscenarios—for a Teamingsingle server or an Faster Chkdsk DHCP failoverentire datacenter 16
  16. 16. Active On: Enduring failures transparently File and Storage Hyper-V Services DHCP Fil Fil Failover clustering e e Cluster-Aware Updating Windows Server 2012 file server cluster Server Message Block 3.0 Protocol (SMB3) NFS (v3) iSCSI Target SMB Multichannel NIC Teaming New Technology File System (NTFS) in Windows Server 2012 17 Storage Spaces
  17. 17. Improved Centrally Automation administrator managed 2,300 Windows efficiency server roles PowerShell cmdlets Windows Roles managed PowerShell across groups of Job schedulingAutomate a broad set support in every servers with and control server role Server Managerof management tasks Workflows forand simplify the Integrated Role-specific tools reliable script Scripting directly integrated executiondeployment of server Environment withroles as you move IntelliSense Resilient Windowstoward full, lights-out Simplified syntax PowerShellautomation Improved help sessions 18
  18. 18. Windows PowerShell workflows ADMIN Server REBOOT Success ful 1 Comple tion Triggers PowerSh ell Workflo Server HARDWARE Success ful w 2 FAILURE Comple tion Remotel y Server Success ful 3 Comple tion Success Server ful Comple s… tion 19
  19. 19. Device CloudNew proliferati Data computinapps on explosion g 21
  20. 20. Scale and secure workloads, cost-effectivelyBeyond build a privatevirtualization cloud, and securely connect to cloud servicesThe power of Efficiently manage infrastructure whilemany servers, maximizing uptimethe simplicity and minimizing failures and downtimeof oneEvery app, any Build on an open and scalable web platformcloud that supports applications across premisesModernworkstyle, Support a mobile and flexible work styleenabled 22
  21. 21. Work | life Multipleblur devices More mobileTech savvy Digital generation Fast paced 23
  22. 22. Freedom to work Consistent, device- Secure environmentwhere, when, and optimized for both corporatehow I want experiences and personal data 24
  23. 23. ACCESS FROM VIRTUALLY FULL WINDOWS ENHANCED DATA SECURITYANYWHERE, ANY DEVICE EXPERIENCE ANYWHERE AND COMPLIANCE Complete Virtual Improved graphics Better information Desktop Infrastructure experience across protection and (VDI) tool set devices with RemoteFX governance DirectAccess User state virtualization Improved device security and encryption 25 25
  24. 24. Improved Easier Lower storage administrative deployment costs efficiency and updating High- Central console Simplified rollout performance that gives one of pooled and remote serverRemote Desktop point of control personal virtual message blockServices for virtual desktops (SMB)-based file machines and storage onUse this complete session host Intelligent mainstreamVDI tool set to fit servers patching hardwareyour virtualization Easier singleneeds sign-on Local virtual machine caching administration of pooled desktops using direct attached storage 26
  25. 25. Virtual desktops Pooled virtual Personal virtual Desktop sessions machines machines 1 platform | 1 experience | 3 deployment choices 27
  26. 26. Reduced Improved One deployment performance management requirements and scalability experience Inbox support for More DirectAccess and IPv4 and IPv6 simultaneous Routing andDirectAccess connections with Remote AccessMaintain Deployment lower CPU use service (RRAS)corporate wizard to configurednetwork decrease Better together with a complexity throughput on single set ofconnectivity virtualized wizardswithout serversrequiring a SimplifiedVPN DirectAccess deploymentconnection model; focus on Active Directory 28
  27. 27. DirectAccess Microsoft Exchange VPN Firewall Microsoft SharePoint DirectAcc ess Data Servers 29
  28. 28. Greater Improved Better convenience connection graphics Ability to access Automatic experience nearly any local detection of Adaptive delivery USB-based network and CPU-basedRemoteFX device in remote conditions to graphicsMake it easier to desktops optimize accelerator tovirtualize desktops experience over improve graphics WANwith a better delivery, including 3-Dexperience across Integration with and videodevices Remote Desktop Gateway for Support for the access without full Windows 8 requiring VPN touch experience 30
  29. 29. Cost efficiencies Enhanced productivity User personalization Improved logon times maintained in pooled VDI and Remote More consistent user Desktop Session Host experienceUser Profile Disk deploymentsMaintainpersonalization andapplication dataacross user logons 31
  30. 30. Enhanced data Extended information governance protection Automatic and manual Automatic Active Directory classification of files for Rights Management identifying data Services encryption forDynamic Access sensitive Microsoft OfficeControl and Active Central access policies for documents and email—can controlling access to filesDirectory Rights be applied directly as files are classifiedManagement Services Audit access forControl access with compliance reporting andidentity-based usage forensic analysispolicies and fileclassification 32
  31. 31. Dynamic Access Control andActive Directory Active Directory RightsManagement Services Rights Management Services Microsoft Persistent, identity- Exchange centric use policies and encryption embedded with the data Microsoft Windows Server 2012 SharePoint Dynamic Access Control Data governance across file servers • Control who can access Windows Server 2012 information • Audit who has accessed information 33
  32. 32. Device-specific security High-performance Associate user with a encryption primary device for Minimize impact of accessing corporate data BitLocker deployment on productivityUser device affinity If user logs on from another device, clear data leftand BitLocker Drive behind Offload cryptographic operationsEncryption to hardwareProtect data from lossor theft Enable auto-encryption based on file attributes 34
  33. 33. Device CloudNew proliferati Data computinapps on explosion g 36
  34. 34. Scale and secure workloads, cost-effectivelyBeyond build a privatevirtualization cloud, and securely connect to cloud servicesThe power of Efficiently manage infrastructure whilemany servers, maximizing uptimethe simplicity and minimizing failures and downtimeof oneEvery app, any Build on an open and scalable web platformcloud that supports applications across premisesModernworkstyle, Support a mobile and flexible work styleenabled 37
  35. 35. Build and deploy Scale webnext-generation applications andapplications manage resources Reuse developmentacross premises optimally skills and knowledge 38
  36. 36. FLEXIBLE SCALABLE AND ELASTIC OPENBuild on-premises Increase website Support openand in the cloud density standards and common and efficiency tools 39 39
  37. 37. Increased Increased IT Cloud-based productivity flexibility with and hybrid with virtual machine applications programming portability Windows Azure symmetry SDK Provision,Build hybrid and Same manage and HTML5 or XAMLsymmetrical development move VMs base for UI model betweenapplications across Windows Server between I/O operations Windows Serverpremises and Windows and Windows with isolated Azure storage Azure Common Common set of development tools for tools configuring VM Common workloads workflows and rules 40
  38. 38. Common development tools Create and deliver powerful applications Shorten On-premises datacenter development time Provide a rich and comprehensive Development framework and tools experience Use common DEVELOPER Azure workflows More easily create and Development deploy applications framework and tools that run on Windows Azure Use Metro-style development tools 41
  39. 39. Improved site Increased Simplified scalability and isolation and management of performance security of multiple sites NUMA-Aware websites Centralized SSL Scalability IIS CPU CertificateIncrease scalability Application Throttling Supportand elasticity for Initialization FTP Logon Server Namemultitenant-aware Attempt Indication Restrictionapplications and IIS Configurationwebsites Dynamic IP Editor Restriction 42
  40. 40. Centralized SSL Certificate Support Provision secure web farms elastically and on demand Server Certificate 1 store Simplify certificate management Server 1 Reduce hosting Server costs 2 Web Server 2 hosting Scale to thousands certificat of SSL certificates e store Server 3 Server 3 Server n Server n 43
  41. 41. Best platform for Open web Support for .NET Framework platform multiple .NET for Metro- Open source programming style apps software support languages New Async HTML5 support ASP.NET 4.5Build mission-critical language and WebSocket integrationapplications and take runtime support protocol support Support foradvantage of open Increased multipleframeworks, open application speed languages,source applications and startup via including .NET, background JIT PHP, Node.js, andand various compilation Pythondevelopment Many newlanguages Enhanced support features across for PHP and ASP.NET, WPF, MySQL through WCF, and WF IIS extensions 44
  42. 42. WebSocket protocol support Support standards- based WebSocket Support asynchronous operations and HTTP Polling client-driven web PERFORMANCE applications Polli ng Create rich HTML5 applications HTML5 WebSocket WebSoc ket BETTER 45
  43. 43. Device CloudNew proliferati Data computinapps on explosion g 47
  44. 44. Scale and secure workloads, cost-effectivelyBeyond build a privatevirtualization cloud, and securely connect to cloud servicesThe power of Efficiently manage infrastructure whilemany servers, maximizing uptimethe simplicity and minimizing failures and downtimeof oneEvery app, any Build on an open and scalable web platformcloud that supports applications across premisesModernworkstyle, Support a mobile and flexible work styleenabled 48
  45. 45. Respond with agility Connect datacentersto changing business Control costs and to remote sites andneeds improve efficiency clouds 49
  46. 46. COMPLETE IMPROVED SCALABILITY CONNECTING TO VIRTUALIZATION AND PERFORMANCE CLOUD SERVICES PLATFORMFully isolated, High-density, scalable Common identity andmultitenant environment managementenvironment framework 50 50
  47. 47. Increase VM Create and Ensure mobility isolate virtual resource Simultaneous networks availability live migrations Hyper-V Resource Shared-nothing Network MeteringProvide a fully live migration Virtualizationisolated, multitenant Quality of Storage live Hyper-V Serviceenvironment that migration Extensible (QoS) featuresincludes tools to help Switch Easier-to-useguarantee SLAs, administrativeenable chargebacks, toolsand support self-service delivery 51
  48. 48. Network virtualization Run multiple virtual WHAT’S REALLY HAPPENING networks on a physical network Abstract network configuration for virtual machines Remove virtual LAN (VLAN) constraints SQL SQL Storag Storag Allow flexible Server Server Web e Web e placement of virtual machines—even offsite Blue Orange sees sees Enable datacenters without boundaries SQL SQL Server Web Storage Server Web Storage Deliver multitenant security and isolation Support infrastructure as a service (IaaS) 52 scenarios
  49. 49. Scale up VMs Increase VM Improve VM 64-node Hyper- density performance V clusters Dynamic Non-Uniform 64 virtual Memory and Memory Access processors and smart paging (NUMA) supportDeliver a high- 1 TB memory 4,000 virtual Virtual Fibredensity, scalable per virtual machines per machine Channel supportenvironment that can cluster New 64 TB Hardwareadapt to perform offloading VHDX formatoptimally based onchanging needs 53
  50. 50. Dynamic Memory Increase virtual machine density Increase virtual machine memory Maximum Maximum Maximum memory memory memory resources, as needed, without Startup reboot downtime Reclaim unused virtual machine Minimum Minimum Minimum memory resources memory memory memory for reallocation Virtual Virtual Virtual machine machine machine 54
  51. 51. Federate identities for Enable secure cross- consistent security and premises connectivity ease of use Connect securely to Federate identity across hosting providers private, public, and hybrid Enable secure connectivityUse a common clouds among geographicallyidentity and Support claims-aware identity separate locationsmanagement solutions Use existing networkingframework for Provide seamless security equipment and technology with a single sign-on standardssecurity-enhanced experience Move virtual machines toand reliable cross- other sites or hosting Easily integrate with otherpremises connectivity federation platforms providers without network reconfiguration 55
  52. 52. Secure cross-premises connectivity Virtual SQL Server Machine HOSTED CLOUD Windows Server 2012 remote access site-to-site VPN servers SQL Server Web Storage Web Storage 56
  53. 53. Windows Azure Global Presence
  54. 54. Reducetimetosolution
  55. 55. PUBLIC
  56. 56. PUBLICIdentit y PRIVATE
  57. 57. Windows Azure Solutions for Databases 7 8
  58. 58. Windows Azure Staging
  59. 59. This image cannot currently be display ed.This image cannot currently be display ed.
  60. 60. ••
  62. 62.•
  63. 63. Next steps Download Windows Server 2012 RC Sign up for a trial Windows Azure account at http://windowsazure 100
  64. 64. CDH Deployment Planning Services Use your Planning Services Days with C/D/H • Do you have Microsoft Software Assurance Vouchers? – Now you can use them with C/D/H for Azure & Private Cloud Deployment Planning Services! • Windows Planning Services are structured consulting engagements designed to help customers understand what Windows Azure & System Center & Server offers their business. Use them to: – Plan your development and test environment – Architect your hybrid cloud environment – Get familiar with the products presented today • Visit your Software Assurance benefits portal today to see your SA benefits and contact C/D/H to get started.
  65. 65. CDH Thank You Royal Oak Grand Rapids 306 S. Washington Ave. 15 Ionia SW Suite 212 Suite 270 Royal Oak, MI 48067 Grand Rapids, MI 49503 p: (248) 546-1800 p: (616) 776-1600