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This month C/D/H, with partners BA Insight and Microsoft, hosted a half-day seminar on SharePoint 2010 & FAST Search for SharePoint – and using it as a single, enterprise-wide search tool.

View C/D/H’s FAST SharePoint slide deck to see real-world examples of search-driven information portals. We’ll also show you how FAST can dramatically improve end-user productivity.

And for more on Search and other topics, visit our blog at

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FAST Search for SharePoint

  1. 1. CDH Transform Enterprise Search withCDH FAST Search for SharePoint
  2. 2. CDH Quick FactsAbout Us Approach Partnerships• 22nd Year • Vendor • Microsoft Gold• Grand Rapids & Independent • VMware Enterprise Royal Oak • Non-reseller • Citrix Silver• 30 Staff • Professional • Novell Gold Services Only • Cisco Premier
  3. 3. CDH Expertise
  4. 4. CDH CDH Talks Tech
  5. 5. CDH About me David Tappan Consultant IOAp, MCITP, MCTS: SharePoint
  6. 6. CDHCDH FAST Search: Better Insight
  7. 7. CDH Agenda: Insight • How FAST increases insight • Insight into how FAST is used to solve specific business problems • Insight into what FAST Search high availability really requires
  8. 8. CDH A question What is Search, really?
  9. 9. CDH One answer “Search is the ability to find text strings in documents”
  10. 10. The Problem:CDH Hidden meaning in the searcher’s intent ”What should I know ”What should I know about selling ERP?” about implementing ERP?” - Alan Brewer, Sales Lead - Renee Lo, Consultant
  11. 11. CDH Another answer “Search is the ability to query any document property”
  12. 12. CDH
  13. 13. CDH Recommended reading •
  14. 14. CDH A better answer Search is a service that matches what you mean with what documents mean.
  15. 15. CDHCDH Cool FAST solutions How FAST Search for SharePoint enables better meaning extraction
  16. 16. CDH F4SP Architecture Basics
  17. 17. In the box:CDH Dynamic rank algorithms at query time • Query terms in title vs. body Context Query term • «Bill Gates» vs. «Bill saw the gates» proximity «Anchors» match • «...a page about Bill Gates...» query terms • Others clicked a hit for «Bill Gates» Click history match
  18. 18. Customizable Query ProcessingCDH What is someone thinking about when they perform a query?
  19. 19. CDH Search and the activity feedLooking for a knowledge management solution?!?!? Knowledge ManagementI love SharePointIt’s the best Knowledge Management Solution in the market Web Content ManagementHave you ever built an e-commerce solution on it?Our focus is knowledge management, and it just works! E-CommerceWe use it as a web content management system, and we’re so happy with itGreat for WCM, Great for KM!Just deployed for KM… so good, so far… will get back once the pilot is over!
  20. 20. CDH For the geeks…fql = xrank(string(“fast search”), or(department:or(string(“services”), string(“engineering”)), keywords:string(“knowledge management”)),  boost=10,000)
  21. 21. In the box: Static rank algorithmsCDH at content processing time Landing • Prefer shallow pages URLs • Links from other Authority pages • Boost High quality sites/documents
  22. 22. CDH Customizable content processing How to Index Content by Location?• Address, intersection, zip code, names, etc. – One Microsoft Way, Redmond, WA• Geodetic coordinates (latitude & longitude) – 47.639767, -122.129755 – Degrees, minutes, seconds • 47° 38’ 23.16” N, 122° 7’ 47.1” W• Universal Transverse Mercator (UTM) – 10N 565367 5276630• Military Grid Reference System (MGRS) – 10T ET 65367 76630 Index Schema ( Managed Properties)
  23. 23. CDH Geographic entity extraction• Requirement { name: Microsoft,  – Parse elements from text address: One Microsoft Way, Redmond,  WA 98052, – Tag documents with the individual values phone: 1‐800‐Microsoft (642‐7676), path:,  latitude: 47.639767,• Solution longitude: ‐122.129755  } – Custom regular expression extraction – Call Bing Maps API – Return latitude and longitude and store as crawled property
  24. 24. CDH How they did it Geo-coding with Bing Maps API … … Mapper Lemmatization OpenSearch Entity Extraction Format Conversion Source Language DetectionEnd Users Data Sources Federation Query Content Indexer Processor Processor Feeder Feeder Index Search Center Partition
  25. 25. CDH Geographic queries( YOUR_TERM(s)_HERE, maxlatitude:range(LOW_LAT,max), minlatitude:range(min,HIGH_LAT), maxlongitude:range(LOW_LON,max), minlongitude:range(min,HIGH_LON))e.g.and(football,maxlatitude:range(12,max),minlatitude:range(min,34), maxlongitude(56,max),minlongitude(min,78))
  26. 26. CDH Takeaways • Search ain’t beanbag • • FAST Search for SharePoint provides tools to extract MEANING from content and queries
  27. 27. CDH Scaling FAST Search:CDH What it takes
  28. 28. CDH FAST Search for SharePoint scaleout Query Scale-out multiple Volume Search and Indexing “dimensions” Query Volume Content Volume Indexing freshness Redundancy optionsQuery and Result Content Search Processing Volume Indexing Performance targets* 15M Docs/node 25 QPS/node 50 docs/secNo theoretical Crawling and Content Processingupper bounds! *Depends on content and hardware specifics
  29. 29. CDH Don’t forget SharePoint! Request crawl Web FAST Content SSA crawls Admin DB Poll request Database Admin component Content Web Log request FAST Service Content SSA Crawl DB Poll request Master Crawl comp. Crawl data Distribute work Crawl history Crawl comp. Crawl comp. Crawl queue Crawl comp. additions Document batches FAST Search
  30. 30. CDH SharePoint Search components Admin Query Index P1 Crawl Admin Crawl Props SharePoint Server Database Server All Components on one server All Databases on one Instance
  31. 31. Search deployment:CDH Query layer build out Query Query P2 Index P1 Admin Query Index P1 Crawl Admin Crawl Props SharePoint Server Database Server Query Components on Multiple Servers All Databases on one Instance Index Re-Partitioned Props
  32. 32. Search deployment:CDH Crawl layer build out Query Query Query Query Index P1 Index P2 Admin Crawl SharePoint Server Query Components on Multiple Servers Index Re-Partitioned SharePoint Server Crawl Crawl Components on Crawl Props Multiple Servers Admin Props Crawl Database Server All Databases on one Instance
  33. 33. CDH Thank You Royal Oak Grand Rapids 306 S. Washington Ave. 15 Ionia SW Suite 212 Suite 270 Royal Oak, MI 48067 Grand Rapids, MI 49503 p: (248) 546-1800 p: (616) 776-1600 (c) C/D/H 2007. All rights reserved